For guests who want to fully immerse themselves into Kenai Fjords National Park, a customized outfitted camping trip could be the perfect adventure that you are looking for.

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These fully-outfitted, multi-day trips are ideal for people who are traveling light but still want to enjoy a few days of epic adventure camping in the Alaska wilderness, as well as those who just want to leave the details to someone else, like setting up and tearing down camp, and making coffee in the morning.

These 3 to 6 day tours are geared towards smaller groups of 6 or less adults (age 14+) and your trip length and adventuring choices can be customized to suite your needs and desires.

There are 3 basic outfitted adventures to select from (with plenty of customization mixed into each).

Aialik Bay Adventure

Weather you are looking for an unmatched tidewater glacier experience, wildlife exposure, or day adventures along some of the most beautiful coastal beaches and forests you will find anywhere, the Aialik Bay area is hard to beat. Here you will have opportunities to explore impressive fjords, watch the massive tidewater glacier as it calves into the bay. Explore a maze of glacial lagoons. Paddle beneath thundering waterfalls, explore dark forests and so much more. Plus, Aialik’s relatively close location to the Seward staring point makes this adventure one of the most economical options you can choose.

Northwestern Fjord Adventure

If your goal is to get away for a few days, to lose the crowds, and to explore a little more remote and rugged Alaskan landscape then you might consider the Northwestern Fjord Adventure. The raw and rugged landscape of the Northwestern Fjord provides a fresh and unique adventure for enthusiastic explorers. This narrow fjord has only recently been exposed from the retreating glacier. An underwater gravel bar stretches along the moraine, a remnant of the glacier, which makes it nearly impossible for larger vessels to enter the fjord. As a result this area offers much more solitude and isolation.

Aialik / Northwestern Combo Tour

Can’t decide between all these great Alaskan adventure options? Want to experience it all? The Aialik & Northwestern Combo Tour allows you to experience the best of both areas! This 6-day guided tour gives you the time and opportunity to spend a few days exploring the most popular attractions at both of these popular Kenia Fjord destinations. Why choose just one if you can have it all!


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  • Wildlife Boat Tour
  • Aialik Glacier
  • Pederson Lagoon & Glacier
  • Abra Cove
  • Holgate Arm & Glacier
  • Quicksand Cove
  • Coleman Bay
  • Northwestern Glacier
  • Ojive Glacier
  • Anchor Glacier
  • Southwestern Glacier
  • Warm, Healthy, Made from Scratch Meals
  • Snacks, Coffee and Hot Drinks
  • High Quality Rain Gear (if needed)
  • Camping Gear Included: (4-season Mountaineering Hilleberg Tents, Kitchen Tarp, Mess Kit & Coffee Mug - Note: You will need to provide your own sleeping bag and pad, or you can rent those items for an additional fee of $25 per person)
  • All Kayaking Gear Included: (Personal Floatation Device, Spray Skirt, Neoprene Mitts, 10 Liter Dry Bag, Stable Double Kayak & Paddle)
  • Small groups capped at 6 guests.
  • Tours are limited to adults, ages 14+
  • Meet other like-minded adventurers


Availability: May 19th through September 7th
Trip departure:7 a.m. morning of departure
Return:5:45 p.m. evening of return
Trip length:3 to 6 Days
Mandatory pre-trip meeting the night before departure 7 p.m.


Aialik Bay Trip
2 people3 days: $2525/person
4 days: $2975/person
5 days: $3475/person
3 people3 days: $1875/person
4 days: $2200/person
5 days: $2525/person
4+ people3 days: $1550/person
4 days: $1800/person
5 days: $2050/person
Northwestern Fjord Trip
4+ people3 days: $1875/person
4 days: $2125/person
5 days: $2375/person
Aialik & Northwestern Combo Tour
4+ people6 days: $2880/person

Terms & Policies

Trips run rain or shine! This is a coastal rainforest and thus there is a lot of rainy days. Weather cancellations are rare and made only when conditions are considered unsafe for paddling. Please remember that these are outdoor activities, and Mother Nature is always the one in charge.

Trips may be delayed or cancelled due to rough seas or strong winds. It is recommend that you leave extra days both before and after your scheduled trip in case the weather does not cooperate.

If your trip has a delayed start time or an early pick-up time due to weather, but the trip still runs on the dates planned, there will be no refund or pro-rated cost. Trips will not be cancelled solely on account of rain, so please be prepared for that.

For all tours without a water taxi (Resurrection Bay Half Day Tours and Caines Head Day Trips), guests will receive a full refund for cancellations made more than 1 week prior to your trip date. Within 1 week, your trip fees are nonrefundable.

If you decide to cancel your trip with us, please consider transferring your payment to a gift card. That way you can join us in the future, whether it’s this summer or a future season, providing an easy way to postpone your vacation plans while continuing to support our small, locally-owned business.

Travel insurance is strongly suggested for all guests, to ensure protection against cancellation penalties and many other unforeseeable circumstances, such as an emergency medical evacuation. The weather in Alaska can sometimes delay trips for a couple of days, and it’s worth being financially covered for any changes to your itinerary.

*Full refunds include: trip fees, add ons, and taxes & fees, minus $10 per person booking fees for all half & full day trips & $25 per person booking fees for multi-day trips*


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