Explore the Alaska countryside in and around Denali National Park with a top-rated local photography guide who will take you to the best locations, find you the perfect light, and share with you the little known secrets of capturing the beauty and magnificence of Alaska's countryside in all of its glory!

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Take your photography skills to the next level with a profesionally guided photo excursion with a local professional guide who knows the area and knows the secrets to capturing Alaska's beauty in resplendent detail.

Top-rated local photography guides will take you by the hand and show you where to find the best compositions for your landscape photos, how to capture the best light, and how to make the most of every moment so that you can imortalize your Alaska vacation, not only in your memories, but in your camera as well!

These tours were designed to benefit every skill level and appetite. Whether you are a seasoned professional shooting with professional equipment or a budding newbie shooting with an iPhone, you will grow from and appreciate the local expertise and area-specific knowledge that you will gain from these toprated Alaskan photographer guides!

All tours are private or semi-private, with a maximum of 4 guests, so you will be able to immerse yourself in the stunning wilderness of Alaska.

Beginers will benefit from learning new techniques and guidance for making the most of their equipment as well as taking advantage of the nuances of the weather and lighting that mother nature decides to deliver in the moment.

Experienced experts will appreciate being guided and chaffured to the best locations in an unfamiliar landscape so that they can optimize every moment and capture the best of Alaska and Denali National Park!

There are three distinct photo tours available for you to choose from. In addition, Denali Photo Tours also offers custom, private tours, please contact us to inquire.

The Denali Photo Excursion - providing opportunities to capture the Alaska range in the best light as well as scenic water reflection compsitions and ideal Mt. Denali photos when the mountain is visible.

Midnight Sun Photo Excursion - Discover the phenomenon of Alaska's midnight sun and you will quickly see how it can turn any photo enthusiast into a giddy child on Christmas morning. The seemingly endless opportunities to capture Alaska's breathtaking scenery under the warm gaze of golden-hour sunlight is like a photographers dream come true and your expert denali photo guides will help you be at the right place at the right time while providing tips and tricks for capturing the best images in every moment and every situation.

Backcountry Photo Excursion - To capture the hidden gems of the Alaska and Denali backcountry you are going to have to leave the roads behind and take to the air. Only 10% of Alaska is accessible by road, and some of the best and most scenic spots to photograph are hidden from view. This Backcountry Photo Excursion will get you off the blacktop and gravel roads and away from the crowds and provide some unique opportunities to capture stunning Alaskan panoramas and vistas that few others have ever seen or photographed.


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  • Personalized instruction offered on all tours
  • All tours are private or semi-private, with a maximum of 4 guests
  • Take home awe-inspiring photos of Alaska
  • Be at the right place at the right time to capture premium photos
  • You'll be chauffeured in a luxury truck to the best locations without having to rent a car or scout the vast, unfamiliar landscape on your own.
  • Receive expert guidance to get the most from your equipment
  • Tours will accommodate any skill level
  • Your expert photographer guide will help you get amazing photos with whatever equipment you have whether it's a smart phone or a professional set-up


Denali Photo Excursion
Summary:A personalized photography experience that features panoramic landscapes, breathtaking mountain vistas and beautiful reflection ponds.
Duration:3 hours 15 minutes
Start times & available dates:8:00 am start time - Available May 14 - Sept. 10
2:00 pm start time - Available May 14 - Aug. 24
6:30 pm start time - Available May. 14 - Aug. 24
12:30 pm start time - Available Aug 25 - Sept. 10
5:00 pm start time - Available Aug. 25 - Sept. 10
Price:Adults (13 and up) - $199
Children (age 8 to 12) - $139
Private Tours (up to 4 people) - $677
Midnight Sun Photo Excursion
Summary:A personalized photography experience that makes the most of the prolonged 'golden-hour' revel in the eye-candy alpenglow and jaw-dropping cloudscapes painted in a kalidescope of sunset colors!
Duration:3 hours 30 minutes
Start times & available dates:8:00 pm start time - Available May 14-19 and July 25-31
8:30 pm start time - Available May 20-31 and July 15-24
9:00 pm start time - Available June 1 - July 14
Price:Adults (13 and up) - $255
Children (age 8 to 12) - $185
Private Tours (up to 4 people) - $867
Backcountry Photo Excursion
Summary:Alaska is big...and wild...and with only 10% of the entire state able to be accessed by road, that leaves a lot of beautiful scenery and hidden gems inaccessbile unless you are willing to leave the roads behind and explore the backcountry by air. That is what this photo excursion is all about. Discover the hidden treasures of Alaska and Denali National Park with your local photography guide.
Duration:3.5 hours - includes round trip flight time of approximately 15 minutes and pre-trip safety briefing and gear assessment
Start times & available dates:10:35 am - Safety briefing
11:20 am Take off, 1:55 pm return landing - May 10 - Sept. 13 *
*Times may be changed/adjusted for optimal conditions.
Price:Adults (13 and up) - $650
Private Tours (up to 4 people) - $1950


Denali Photo Excursion:Adults (13+) - $199 // Children (8 - 12) - $139 // Private Tour (up to 4 people) - $677
Midnight Sun Photo Excursion:Adults (13+) - $255 // Children (8 - 12) - $185 // Private Tour (up to 4 people) - $867
Backcountry Photo Excursion:Adults (13+) - $650 // Private Tour (up to 4 people) - $1950
Camera Rental:
Cameras and lenses (suitable for landscape photography) are also available for rent. Rental includes one 8GB SD card that guests can keep. If you prefer to rent equipment to use during your photo tour please let us know at time of booking so that arrangements can be made for your arrival. Gear rental payments can either be made at time of booking your tour, or you can pay your guide with cash or credit card when you arrive, however advanced notice is required for any gear rental requests.
Camera rental: $25.00
Additional memory card: $15.00

Terms & Policies


The activity level is easy on all options with the exception of the helicopter tour (easy to moderate) and the walking tour (guests determine their own activity level). All guests should come prepared with a mask or face covering. Weather can change quickly in Denali so bring an extra layer and a raincoat. Guests should bring their camera, lenses, and extra batteries (unless they are renting a camera). Professional tripods & filters are provided.

Cancellation Policies:

Reservations may be cancelled up to 3 days (72 hours) in advance and will be fully refunded. Reservations cancelled with less than 3 days (72 hours) advance notice will not be refunded. Tours may be rescheduled up to 12 hours in advance based on availability. Changes made with less than 3 days (72 hours) advance notice will be subject to a 20% change fee. Extenuating circumstances will be considered on an individual basis. Weather cancellations are at the discretion of Denali Photo Guides.

Weather Policy:

Actual weather conditions vary greatly from weather forecasts and conditions change rapidly in Denali. Storms move in and out very quickly and the weather is likely to change several times over the duration of your tour. This can be really exciting and can provide some great opportunities for cloudscapes and dynamic lighting on the mountain range.

Denali phot excursions rarely need to be cancelled on account of weather, but in the case of a weather cancellation, participants who cannot reschedule will receive a full refund. Weather cancellations are at the discretion of Denali Photo Guides. We do not make decisions based on weather prior to the day of the tour, and we usually cannot make the call until right before the tour starts. Typically, your guide will meet you at the start of the tour to discuss the current conditions, your skill level & expectations, and determine the best option for each guest. Safety and quality of experience are our top priorities.


There is no minimum to book, but we do have a two-person minimum for a tour to run. In the rare case the minimum is not met one day prior to the reservation, we will try to reschedule or issue a refund.

Maximum weight: 300 lbs.

Minimum age: 8 years old. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Alaska State Law requires use of a car seat or booster seat for children under 4’9″ or less than 65 pounds. Guests are responsible for providing their own safety seats if needed. Denali Photo Guides does not provide safety seats. Guests should refer to this website for more information: http://www.carseatsak.org/Links/index.cfm?fuseaction=AlaskaLaw

Special Needs

In most cases, guests with limited mobility can be accommodated. Individuals requiring wheelchairs can take one of the driving tours (Denali Photo Excursion and Midnight Sun Excursion) if they are able to get in and out of a vehicle at least once (at pick-up and drop-off) either on their own or with assistance from a companion. Guides may not be able to provide assistance. Individuals requiring wheelchairs should not take the Backcountry Photo Excursion. Please provide advanced notice about any specific needs before booking so that you can be paired with a tour that is suitable for you.


Denali Photo Guides reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who does not follow safety instructions given by their guide. There are many risk factors in Alaska that visitors are not accustomed to and therefore must follow the guide’s directions. Guests who choose not to follow the guide’s directions will be removed from the tour.

Guest Discounts:

Sometimes a guest has a companion who is not a photographer but wants to join the tour to enjoy the opportunity to see more of the Denali area. Because the maximum capacity on these tours is limited to only 4 guests, discounted rates are not available.


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