Mothership Trips provide possibly the best multi-day paddling adventure available in Kenai Fjords National Park. Enjoy private lodging on the water in the best locations with customized daily itinerary!

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Kayak Adventures has partnered with two of the private charter captains in the Seward area, Catain Mike Brittain and Captain John Maniscalco, to bring you a custom, on the water lodging, kayaking and exploration adventure experience unlike any other!

This plush, multi-day adventure experience will put you on board one of two charter vessels, either the DORA or the STARR, where you will have a virtual condominium on the water for several days of exploring the best locations that Kenai Fjord National Park has to offer!

Your accommodations on the ship will provide you with the highest level of comfort with cozy comfortable beds, hot showers, flushing toilets, and comfortable living and dining space where you can gather with your guide, captain and fellow adventurers each day for good food and fellowship, and to recap each days adventure!

The beauty of these trips is not only in the level of comfort on-board the ship that you will enjoy, but also in the level of customization and unique experiences that each trip provides. On these unique custom adventures, your captain will not just scurry from one point to the next as with other standardized tours and conventional water taxis. These Mothership Trips allow you the flexibility to explore at your leisure and adapt each day’s adventures to where the weather is best, where the wildlife is hanging out, and wherever your wanderlust is leading you.

These trips provide the greatest versatility and flexibility to experience and explore the best parts of Kenai Fjord National Park in comfort and style, on your timeline and according to your own spirit of adventure!

The Starr Vessel

The Starr is a luxurious steel workhorse vessel that has been serving the Alaskan tourism market since 1988! She is 62-feet long by 17-feet wide and features comfortable amenities such as a full galley, washer/dryer, dedicated shower, multiple bathrooms, and a spacious main saloon paneled in driftwood where you will be relaxing with your fellow crew members for food, drinks and good times talking about your days adventures and what tomorrow holds in store! The Starr is also equipped with an inflatable dinghy that makes remote shore excursions possible, as well as easier entrance and exit from your kayaks for each of your days paddling adventures.

The Dora Vessel

The Dorah has sailed the Alaskan waters for more than 3 decades as a fishery, a scientific research boat, and most recently an exploration and adventure boat carrying enthusiastic kayak explorers to rugged and remote location in Kenai Fjord National Park for some of the best experiences that can be found! The Dorah doesn’t offer quite the level of luxury that the Starr affords, but she is a workhorse capable of taking hardy explorers to some of the finest locations while still providing more comfort and amenities then you would get from a typical camping experience. With a huge back deck, walk-around viewing platforms and a spacious flybridge, the Dorah is a fantastic option for exploring the scenic beauty of Kenai’s picturesque fjords and rugged coastlines. The 45ft by 14ft vessel offers ample interior space for passengers and crew along with her twin-engine reliability and as well as an inflatable 12.5ft rigid hull available to take adventurers ashore for exploration and excursions up small coastal inlets.


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  • Custom itineraries based on optimal weather conditions and your preferences
  • Wildlife Boat Tour
  • Aialik Glacier
  • Pederson Lagoon & Glacier
  • Abra Cove
  • Holgate Arm & Glacier
  • Quicksand Cove
  • Coleman Bay
  • Northwestern Glacier
  • Ojive Glacier
  • Anchor Glacier
  • Southwestern Glacier
  • Warm, Healthy, Made from Scratch Meals
  • Snacks, Coffee and Hot Drinks
  • High Quality Rain Gear (if needed)
  • Small groups capped at 6 guests.
  • Meet other like-minded adventurers


Available: May 19th through September 7th
Departure:6:45 a.m. morning of departure
Return:5:00 p.m. evening of return
eg: Trip length:3 to 7 Days
Mandatory pre-trip meeting the night before departure 7 p.m.


2 people3 days: $2500/person
4 days: $3220/person
5 days: $3945/person
6 days: $4770/person
7 days: $5700/person
3 people3 days: $1910/person
4 days: $2475/person
5 days: $3040/person
6 days: $3710/person
7 days: $4380/person
4 people3 days: $1750/person
4 days: $2150/person
5 days: $2650/person
6 days: $3315/person
7 days: $3830/person
5 people3 days: $1460/person
4 days: $1930/person
5 days: $2440/person
6 days: $3085/person
7 days: $3490/person
6 people3 days: $1355/person
4 days: $1795/person
5 days: $2355/person
6 days: $2875/person
7 days: $3260/person

Terms & Policies

Trips run rain or shine! This is a coastal rainforest and thus there is a lot of rainy days. Weather cancellations are rare and made only when conditions are considered unsafe for paddling. Please remember that these are outdoor activities, and Mother Nature is always the one in charge.

Trips may be delayed or cancelled due to rough seas or strong winds. It is recommend that you leave extra days both before and after your scheduled trip in case the weather does not cooperate.

If your trip has a delayed start time or an early pick-up time due to weather, but the trip still runs on the dates planned, there will be no refund or pro-rated cost. Trips will not be cancelled solely on account of rain, so please be prepared for that.

At the time of booking, a 50% deposit is required to secure your Mothership Trip. For all Mothership trips, guests will receive a full refund for cancellations made prior to April 1, 2021. After April 1, guests will receive a 90% refund for all cancellations made at least 1 month prior to your trip date. Within 1 month of your trip date, guests will receive a 50% refund for all cancellations made at least 2 weeks prior to your trip date. Any cancellations made within 2 weeks of your trip date will incur full charges.Mothership trips involve more logistics and limited availability, so while our Mothership refund policy is generous, it reflects these limitations.

If you decide to cancel your trip with us, please consider transferring your payment to a gift card. That way you can join us in the future, whether it’s this summer or a future season, providing an easy way to postpone your vacation plans while continuing to support our small, locally-owned business.

Travel insurance is strongly suggested for all guests, to ensure protection against cancellation penalties and many other unforeseeable circumstances, such as an emergency medical evacuation. The weather in Alaska can sometimes delay trips for a couple of days, and it’s worth being financially covered for any changes to your itinerary.

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