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Yellowstone National Park - Idaho / Montana / Wyoming

When visitors step into Yellowstone National Park, they are stepping into the world’s first national park, a bold, beautiful, and ancient landscape shaped by millions of years of geological activity. Read more...

Yellowstone National Park’s boundaries are in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. It sits on North America’s largest supervolcano: The Yellowstone Caldera. Witness the ancient grandeur of her geysers Old Faithful, Beehive, or the world's largest: Steamboat. Eruptions of superheated water from 1200+ formations beginning deep beneath the earth’s surface have occurred regularly for millions of years, and 400 geysers put on a show for visitors each year.
Flora and fauna are abundant, ranging in size from the microscopic archaea to large and beautiful Engelmann spruce trees. Petrified forests give yet another witness of just how long this landscape has supported wide-ranging biodiversity. There are many options for touring Yellowstone National Park, some easy and others ambitious. Take a walk guided by park rangers to see the geysers, animals, and plants that populate the park, a private bus tour to easily cover a lot of ground, or a winter snow machine tour to see ranging bison. Come whenever and however you can to journey through time, and discover the ancient treasures of Yellowstone National Park.