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Saguaro National Park is located in Ariz... Read More

Saguaro National Park is located in Ariz... Read More

Saguaro National Park is located in Ariz... Read More

Saguaro National Park is located in Ariz... Read More

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Saguaro National Park - Arizona

Amidst a stunning Arizona, desert background stands a forest of giant, Saguaro Cacti surrounding the city of Tucson. The Saguaro Cactus has long been an iconic symbol of the southwestern frontier and this majestic plant only grows in a small portion of the United States, protected by the Saguaro National Park. Visitors have the chance to see breathtaking desert sunsets silhouetting the awe-inspiring cacti and at night a blanket of dazzling stars can be admired above. Read more...

Separated into two districts on the east and west side of Tucson, the Saguaro National Park offers two diverse areas of the park. The Tucson Mountain District on the west is lower in elevation ranging from 2,180 to 4,687 feet and features desert scrub and grassland areas with common sightings of coyote, quail and desert tortoise. The Rincon Mountain District on the east is considerably higher in elevation featuring a more diverse ecosystem. This region ranges from 2,670 to 8,666 feet in elevation and features desert scrub and grassland as well as pine-oak woodland and forest areas. Wildlife in this region is also more diverse including species seen on the west side as well as black bear, Mexican spotted owls, Arizona mountain king snakes and white-tailed deer at higher elevations. The Saguaro National Park is also home to many unusual species, some found only in Arizona, including roadrunners, horned lizards, Gila monsters and kangaroo rats. Amidst the iconic Saguaro cacti, many other species can also be found including various other cacti and many other plants that can lay dormant for extended periods of time like the ocotillo plant. After a rainfall, these adaptive species will turn from a handful of dead sticks and spring to life, flourishing green branches and leaves just 48 hours after a rainfall.

The Loop Drive in the Rincon Mountain District (East) in the park is a perfect way to take a tour through the Saguaro forest and see the gigantic cacti. The paved 8-mile drive features several trailheads, scenic vistas, and pullouts. Visitors can also ride bicycles on the Loop Drive or two trails within the park and hiking within the park's east side is also plentiful. Hiking trails range from short, beginner trails to more advanced, strenuous trails with rewarding sunset vistas. In addition to hiking and biking, the Visitor Center is open year round and ranger-led and Junior Ranger programs are offered during most seasons.