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Asilomar State Beach

Asilomar Beach State Park... Read More

Asilomar Beach State Park... Read More

Asilomar Beach State Park... Read More

Asilomar Beach State Park... Read More

68º F
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H: 70º
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H: 72º
L: 55º

Asilomar State Beach - California

Asilomar State Beach truly delivers on its moniker’s promise. Asilomar is an English adaptation of two Spanish words and directly translates to refuge by the sea. Read more...

The beach itself is a one-mile long shoreline of rocky coves, sand dunes, and sandy beach. The rocks are home to tens of thousands of species of life from the smallest plankton to the most impressive spiny sea stars. As a marine sanctuary, disturbing the wildlife is strictly prohibited, so look and touch if your curiosity insists, but don’t remove anything.
The water is rather cold due to the beach’s proximity to the open ocean at the end of the bay and the continuous influx of deep water from the Monterey Canyon, an 11,000-foot trench that is less explored than space. In the water dwell all manner of creatures including many species of surfperch, rockfish, striped bass, salmon, crab, and halibut. Great white sharks do inhabit these waters, but beach sightings are well advertised and infrequent. The water’s most popular and cutest inhabitants are the Monterey Bay sea otters. These playful creatures put on a show whenever possible, diving for the marine invertebrates they feed on, cracking them open on their stomachs, and playing with each other endlessly.