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Crater Lake Lodge
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Can't beat the location!!
User: SelinaCee from: Cauldon Low, United Kingdom
Published Date: Mar, 7, 2020
Travel Date: May, 1, 2019
Rating: 4
This was our second stay at the lodge (last stayed in 2014) and it had recently been taken over from Xanterra by a new company (it was literally their first few days of their first season). You can book online in advance (although it’s a bit of a lottery as to what will be available & when – just keep trying frequently on the website is my advice – we normally start looking as soon as the rooms become available about a year in advance, and if our preferred room is not available on our desired day, we book another basic room & keep checking for cancellations to be able to upgrade nearer to the stay). There were a couple of teething problems with their new systems etc, and we had a little issue with check-in (in that the last person had taken our room keys home with them!) which resulted in us having to wait for a while – but the staff were helpful, apologetic & doing their very best to assist us in getting checked in (they had someone drive down to the nearest town to get new keys cut from the master key – and if you’ve been to Crater Lake, you know that’s not a 5 minute task!). We spent a fair bit of time in the large lobby, but there are comfy sofas, great views & they even helped us out with a couple of coffees (there isn’t a café/coffee shop other than the main restaurant & as it was past lunchtime serving in there, there would normally be no place to grab one, but the very helpful manager brought us a couple of to-go cups from the back). Anyway, onto the main reasons we chose to stay here again…’s right on the rim of Crater Lake, the rooms are large & comfortable, the food is good in the in-house restaurant, oh and did I mention it’s right on the rim of Crater Lake?! 😊 You’re paying for the location & views here, hence the higher pricing, but it’s the standard in the National Parks and is worth every penny to be able to spend more time at your chosen spot (rather than driving back down to a nearby town to save money on lodging). On both of our visits, we’ve paid for the lake view rooms (although this time, we got one on the end of the hotel & the view wasn’t quite as spectacular from our room as on our last stay when we were front & centre, but it was still beautiful & you’ve only got to go downstairs & step outside for an unobstructed view), and have been happy with the quality on both occasions. They’re spacious, have comfy beds, a nice desk area, fly screens on the windows (so you can open the windows year-round) & a small clean bathroom. We enjoyed a fabulous meal later on, a short drive as far as we could go around the rim to take in the marvellous views (the rim road was closed due to snow as it was early in the season (end of May) and you always run the risk it may be closed at that time), and a great nights’ sleep. It was a different experience than our last stay (September ’14) as there were forest fires back then & we were able to travel the entire rim road, but this time around there was snow as far as the eye could see & a real nip in the air which made it feel like a whole new destination for us. The snow did make it magical & we got lucky again with clear skies to be able to see the lake in its entirety. I’d certainly recommend the hotel & have had good experiences both times.

A very expensive and disappointing Lodge
User: retiredguy2015 from: Richmond, Canada
Published Date: Feb, 15, 2020
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2019
Rating: 2
My wife and I decided to spend more than usual and stay at the Crater Lake Lodge for two nights. It was a beautiful day when we arrived and we were able to stop and take pictures as we drove around the rim road to the lodge. However, checking in was the beginning of the disappointments. There was no key available for our "Deluxe Lake View" room. We had to wait in the lobby for an hour for a new key to be made. When we got to the room the door would not unlock. I returned to the front desk and was told this was an old door and I would have to hit it with my shoulder as I turned the key. It worked but it was disappointing to actually see the room. It was very small with little room to move around the beds, no place for luggage and a very small place to hang up clothes. The room was not equipped with drinking glasses, soap, Kleenex or shampoo. Dinner in the dining room was not good the fish was overcooked but they did take something odd the bill. Returning to the room it was again not possible to open the door. A very pleasant man was sent and he could see how the door jam was split and the screws were not able to hold the door in place. The next morning I was pleased that they allowed us to leave and we would be refunded the $293 for the second night. My suggestion is to stay at one of the private establishments out of the park and travel to Crater Lake for day trips.

Enjoyed the Retro Feel at the Lodge
User: Laula_couple from: Fairfax, Virginia
Published Date: Feb, 9, 2020
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2019
Rating: 5
We spend a few days during the last week of the season and had a wonderful time. This was my second visit, though the first visit was decades ago as child. So refreshing to sit by the large fireplace or enjoy a hot cup of coffee to watch the sunrise over the rim. And the restaurant offerings were surprisingly good for a government facility. Just be sure to make a reservation there upon arrival or before you arrive since folks from the surrounding overnight options tend to compete for seats with the lodge residents.

worth a look even if not staying there
User: Michelle N from: Gotha, Florida
Published Date: Jan, 18, 2020
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2019
Rating: 5
We were not staying here but sat on the back porch and had a drink. The rocking chairs overlook the lake. The day we were here there was a storm rolling in and we watched the clouds come up the hill and over the edge of the caldera. It was fascinating to watch them roll across the lake. There was a large fireplace in the lobby to keep us warm as the temp drastically dropped and started to rain.

just beautiful
User: tracy12240828 from: Dresden, Canada
Published Date: Dec, 10, 2019
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2019
Rating: 5
this is absolutely beautiful - we didn't stay here but I toured the hotel in the lobby and actually peeked into some of the rooms that were open. Each one was different. No TV's but most of them were very spacious. the restaurant had a great looking menu as well.

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