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Izaak Walton Inn
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Winter Paradise!!! Perfect Family Getaway!!
User: SpokFam84 from: Spokane, Washington
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Mar, 28, 2021
Travel Date: Feb, 1, 2021
Rating: 5
We just love this place!! We visit every Summer and every Winter!! We have been visiting for the past 5 years! The Red Caboose is our favorite and sits up on the hill across from the main hotel. We have stayed in almost each different accommodation the hotel has to offer. During the winter, it's ski in, ski out and you have to park at the Hotel parking lot and the wonderful staff brings you and your family and all of the luggage and coolers up to the caboose! You are not able to drive on the Ski trails at all as it is a Forest Service restriction and posted on the road/trail. But, the staff is very helpful with assisting. We look forward to this every Winter as our family getaway! The kiddos love skiing and we even did a snowshoe trip this year with Glacier Treks and it was so much fun! We visited during the Summer numerous times too just so we could take a nice break from our busy lives and go enjoy the beauty of Glacier and the surrounding recreation areas! During the Summer, you can drive up the Forest Service road and get parking right in front of your caboose! You can also start a great day hike right from the caboose once you arrive. There are firepits for BBQs and S'mores and the staff will always bring up firewood when you request it! Every time we have visited it is so fun to see all the returning staff and get to meet any staff that is new. So many times we have shared stories with the staff from visits before and everyone remembers! Our family highly recommends this as a must do for anyone looking for a unique and family friendly getaway! See you this Summer at the Izaak! Can't wait! Be there in July!

Life is difficult. Vacations shouldn't be.
User: cpalawSpokane from: Spokane, Washington
Published Date: Mar, 24, 2021
Travel Date: Feb, 1, 2021
Rating: 2
We recently completed our second stay in the Blue Caboose. We had enjoyed the uniqueness of the Caboose in October and wanted to come back when there was snow so we could cross country ski. We checked in late afternoon, received our keys and started the drive to the Caboose. While the Caboose is located within view of the the Inn it is about 400 yards up the "Hill" on the other side of the railroad tracks. To reach by car involves a 2 mile trip back down the highway, across the railroad tracks and then up a dirt road.. Shortly after turning off the highway we became stuck in the snow. Fortunately for us a couple of skiers who were staying at the Inn came by. They offered to ski back to the Inn and inform them of our predicament. After more than an hour and no signs of help I decided to walk back to the Inn. (Really, there is no cell phone service in the area.) The front desk person was not the one who had checked us in. He was however aware of our plight and very surprised that we were still stranded. He used his hand held radio to reach whomever with no results and then offered to take me back to the car so that we could at least get our personal belongings into the Caboose. Unfortunately we had barely left the Inn when he was called back to check in arriving guests. Eventually he made contact with someone and we made it into our Caboose before darkness fell. We were surprised and disappointed that no one from management reached out to us during the remainder of our 3 night stay. Upon returning home I started an email exchange with the Izaak Walton Companies General Manager. They have now implemented a policy with the staff that no guests will be allowed to drive (in the wintertime) if they are staying in a Caboose on the "Hill". Assistance will be provided by the Inn in such cases as needed for individuals and their personal belongings. We are still in the dark as to what procedures are or were put into place when we needed to be "rescued" after being stuck. We have no idea if or when someone would have come to assist us if I had not walked back to the Inn. The General Manager stated that the person responsible for and who eventually assisted us is in fact an independent contractor of the Izaak Walton Inn. We still are not sure why this information should have an impact on us as guests of the Inn. I think our experience was best summarized by an employee who commented that thank goodness this wasn't a medical emergency.

Snowmobiling hotel
User: AEROSMOOTHE117 from:
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Feb, 13, 2021
Travel Date: Feb, 1, 2021
Rating: 5
This place has a very festive atmosphere my grandson loved every minute. The staff and service were excellent all needs were met quickly. The restaurant's menu has something for even the pickiest eaters. Snowmobiling, horseback riding, and Seadoo just a few activities easy access.

Week days were GREAT, weekends were not.
User: Go551488 from:
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Jan, 23, 2021
Travel Date: Jan, 1, 2021
Rating: 3
The staff is super nice and helpful. The area is gorgeous and the cross country skiing was fun and beautiful. By Friday 1/2 the guest wore masks (like us) and the other 1/2 didn’t and seemed ready to argue with you if you asked them where their mask was. It became very uncomfortable in the lodge and we couldn’t wait to leave. Some of the staff didn’t wear masks either?? I took a pic of one of the wait staff serving food without a mask to guests not wearing masks because they were dining. Not sure of her excuse?? I’m glad she didn’t serve us!! I complained to the front desk about a whole family running around the lodge without masks, she said she can’t enforce it. I said it is inappropriate of them and what does the sign mean that’s posted everywhere in the lodge? I hope my hubby and I don’t get covid after our visit to this tiny remote town with a lot of weekend guests.

very surprising upgrade
User: toy4cannon from: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Published Date: Dec, 21, 2020
Travel Date: Dec, 1, 2020
Rating: 4
We had reserved the x215 caboose for our recent stay but when we checked in discovered that this option was having plumbing problems and we were upgraded to the luxury loco. Overall the loco was very cozy and comfortable with a couple of large windows overlooking the tracks and mountains. Also nice having a very short walk to the restaurant and not needing to bundle up. The loco was suffering from some deferred maintenance and frankly I'm not sure what tasks were done over the several weeks that the inn was closed. Minor stuff but still this unit is $400 per night. The staff without exception were all extremely friendly and helpful including the servers in the restaurant.

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