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Chateau du Sureau
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating: 333 reviews
Fabulous boutique hotel close to Yosemite
User: Maps17951596678 from: Laerdal Municipality, Norway
Published Date: Jun, 18, 2024
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2024
Rating: 5
Fabulous boutique hotel. So full of character and charm , completely one of a kind. Rani made our stay memorable and the staff were first class. We'd just come from hiking and camping in the back country of Yosemite and it was heaven to have a shower and collapse into the softest bed I have felt.

Luxury at the South End of Yosemite
User: Maria B from: Sandy, Utah
Published Date: May, 23, 2024
Travel Date: May, 1, 2024
Rating: 5
This gem is located just over 90 minutes from the central Yosemite Valley. It provides all the comforts of the best B&Bs, like in room welcome wine & treats, comfortable beds, great dining, and exceptional service. We enjoyed a delicious dinner and great service at the intimate Cellar restaurant.

Exactly what I was looking for, would return and recommend to all
User: SLA4532 from: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: May, 4, 2024
Travel Date: May, 1, 2024
Rating: 5
One of the best lodging experiences I have ever had. The grounds and rooms are gorgeous, the staff are in tune, welcoming, kind, accommodating. If you’ve found this place, and deserve to treat yourself - look no further. The 5 course tasting at Elderberry worth it for an evening.

Overall lovely, but has some issues
User: 690marleens from:
Published Date: Mar, 18, 2024
Travel Date: Mar, 1, 2024
Rating: 4
We enjoyed our stay. The chateau is beautifully decorated and I loved most things about it. However, it had some issues. We dined at the Elderberry House. The food was great and the dining room ambience is lovely - except for the music. The space is very quiet and intimate, and we sat by the fireplace to celebrate my birthday on a Saturday night. They were playing upbeat Motown, which was all wrong for the space, in my humble opinion. The music wasn't blasting at full disco volume, but it was loud enough to be intrusive. I asked one of our servers politely, "could you please change the music?" Without missing a beat, she proceeded to deliver a lecture about how music at "fine dining" establishments had "changed" over the last few years, and that even the French Laundry, which is a "three star Michelin restaurant" (in case I somehow was unaware) was now playing this kind of music, which has been determined to be "more accessible." (Not sure how background piano jazz would be considered "inaccessible," but whatever.) She went on and on, completely oblivious to how patronizing and condescending she was being, and not giving two hoots about the concern of the patron who obviously did not appreciate either the music, or her speech. Then there was checkout, which was really poor. There is no reception area, so we had to look around to find somebody to let them know we were leaving and ask for help with our bags. (We were on the second floor and there are a lot of steps.) We waited. And waited. Finally, I dragged my own bag downstairs and let them know we were still waiting. All I got was some blank faces and somebody saying, "Oh, somebody should be there soon." Finally, my husband got fed up and went to the kitchen to again repeat that we were waiting for help with our bags. The woman from the kitchen then went upstairs to grab the bags and bring them down to the car. Nobody said goodbye or thank you for staying with us. The stay therefore ended on a decidedly sour note. The spa was wonderful. Loved the OTT art deco decor. The pool was unheated and therefore not usable. Very disappointing. The room itself had a couple of issues as well. The toilet kept running and flushed only sporadically. When I made mention of this, I was told that the toilet was just that way and I'd have to deal with it. We used the fireplace and it smoked up the room. Other than that, room was lovely. Special shout out to the staff member who also played his improvisational pieces on the piano and was super friendly.

Fall from grace
User: Odyssey06934685210 from:
Published Date: Oct, 1, 2023
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2023
Rating: 1
Stayed here and booked our reception for our wedding this last weekend. I'd like to start of by saying MOST of the staff was pretty wonderful and attentive. They are NOT my complaint... My issues lie as follows: 1.) Stayed in the saffron room. Considering what they charged us per night (700$ or so?), you would assume the mattress would be at least tolerable? No, both my wife and I are still trying to recover from the bent out of shape box we slept on. I had to sleep on the floor because my t-spine went out. HORRENDOUS mattress. 2.) Absolutely no water pressure in the showers upstairs. I had to either wait 3-5 minutes for hot water, or try to shake what water did come out from the shower head. Rinsing you hair out isn't even a possibility. Tried 3 different family members rooms on the second floor, issue reigned true in all three. 3.) HANDS DOWN my biggest issue. There is a little shrewd man with glasses and a pretty heavy accent that runs the event planning for the facility. On the night of our reception, around 1145-1200, I bumped in to him on my way to the restroom. Keep in mind I am the groom, and also paying the hefty price for this place. Casually, I asked what time they would need us to start packing out. This pretentious little weasel looks at his watch and says, "Well, it's midnight, so......." And then glares at me. I, along with multiple guests noticed him hovering at the windows glaring at us during the reception. I don't quite understand what that's all about, but if you feel inconvenienced by guests, get into a new line of work. That dude was trash. 4.) 45 minute wait time for the main course during the reception. 5.) you were told weeks in advance there would be 3 children under three at the reception, but made no effort to have more than two high chairs. With what you get paid, the lack of effort is astounding. My 6 month old had to lap surf during dinner? No, absurdly large failure on your part as a restaurant. 6.) pretty petty, but all is fair. I was told I had a specific spot because my truck was large and packed for the valley most of the trip. My spot was given away and no effort was made to remedy. 7.) when leaving, we asked for a few minutes to finished packing 2 hours before check out. Some blonde kid with a mustache said, " I'll set my time for 3 minutes." Like he was trying to rush us out. Over all, I'm sorry, but you claim to be a five diamond location. If you show that off, you had better step your game up. And most certainly when patrons spend multiple thousands of dollars on your location. I appreciate the bottles of wine, prompt cleaning, and breakfasts. I appreciate the wonderful woman who welcomed us and was so gracious. The stars are for that. The chateau itself is clever and beautiful, but as previously stated, you DESPERATELY need to remedy the other issues. 10/10 would not return, 10/10 think the snobby little event planner should be fired, 10/10 think the pushy blonde kid should be reprimanded, 10/10 would not recommend.

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