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Pleasure Cove Resort at Lake Berryessa
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating: 25 reviews
User: S9421FAjenniferk from: Benicia, California
Trip Type: Friends getaway
Published Date: Jul, 29, 2018
Travel Date: Jul, 1, 2018
Rating: 2
Arrived... very slow check in. Poor customer service. Not friendly. Only allows 2 cars per site. Will not even allow another car to drive in to unload and then park in overflow. No beach, VERY steep to get to the water. Bathrooms are disgusting and not enough of them.. portable bathrooms were horrible!!!! Worst of all there was an evacuation for a wild fire and the lack of organization was very disturbing. The only positive thing I can say is they refunded my money back immediately.

Not a Pleasure at all.
User: JdHplay from: Grass Valley, California
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Jul, 7, 2017
Travel Date: Jul, 1, 2017
Rating: 1
We had full hook ups, our view was the dumpsters. We continually had a whiff of the bathroom. They worked on it the first morning we were there at 8 AM. Then later that week an alarm went off. When I walked to the store to report the alarm and the smell I was told...."We sent someone". About the smell...."Don't let the guys use the bathroom". If this was a joke she said it with a straight face. There is NO beach, and only one access to the water. The old dock which is barricaded with two large pieces of concrete. You either squeeze by the side or step over the concrete. It is steep and muddy by the water. The only enjoyable thing about this trip was the the people we were with. For the price of full hook ups and the cost to keep our boat in the water, I would have expected more.

Long review but worth the read...
User: Courtney D from: Suisun City
Trip Type: Friends getaway
Published Date: Aug, 24, 2016
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2016
Rating: 1
I am not sure where to begin. Came with a group of friends and family. We had a total of 3 campsites all along side one another. The wait to get into the camping grounds is ridiculous. This place really should re-evaluate their check-in process. Also, there were two ladies working the check-in gate. One really young lady / girl and an older mean lady. Just mean and flat out rude to say the least. After a long and drawn out check-in process, we head off to our campsite to set up shop. After about 5 mins, security comes down to advise that the ladies at the gate requests that I return. I ask why (they don't know) and if it can wait (bc I am in the process of setting up my tents, etc.) and I am informed it is urgent and I need to come quick! Now the gate isnt walking distance so I have to get back in my car and go back up there. Why? Bc they sent me on my way to my campsite but failed to return my card to me. I guess that couldnt wait - and I guess it was too much of an inconvenience for someone to bring it down to me – after all, the sun was setting and I only had so much time left to set up shop. The final addition to our party arrives and she is having trouble checking-in – no surprise right? The campsite allows two cars per site and we have 3 campsite and 5 cars…how many more cars are we allowed, for $100 please? Ummm 1? Ding, ding, diiiiiiiinnnggggg!!!! So I again, return to the check-in gate after the security demands that I come back up to resolve the issue. Where I go back and forth with the mean lady who finally understands that we are all together and that we only have 5 cars as opposed to the maximum of 6 (2 per campsite). About 30 mins of my life wasted (and camping experience) that I can never get back simply bc of someone’s resistance to use common sense. The remainder of the night went well. We were eating and having a good time. So much that visitors from other campsites came down to see what the good time was all about! And here comes security – to warn us to turn the music off – but get this, there was no music playing!!!! We had turned the music off about 5-10 prior to security paying us a visit. It is worth noting that other campsites – to the right and left of us – were too playing music. Sometime after their visit, we decided to call it a night (about midnight). Myself and 3 other ladies wake up to get breakfast started for the group at about 7-7:30 am. Around 8 am some lady walks down and stands outside of the parking to advise that we (our campsite) had various complaints and we would need to leave within the hour. This was Saturday morning. We arrived Friday and were staying until Monday. We all were at a loss as to: 1) the lady’s delivery / approach 2) why We were harassed from check-in to being kicked out. When further explanation was sought, it was conveyed there were “too many complaints”. I find that hard to believe bc: 1) other campsites, next to and adjacent to ours were playing music, laughing and just having a grand ole time; 2) guest from other campsite came by expressing empathy and frustration as to the situation: the consensus being that the staff was flat out unprofessional and rude. (There were even a couple folks that made reference to our party being “different” as in regard to how ‘diverse’ our group was). Upon check-out, I demanded that our money be refunded. Although she ultimately agreed, the manager (Teri) was rude and combative, both in speech and body language. I simply stated that I was not looking to argue with her and that I only had one goal: to get our money back. Needless to say, we will not be going back here and will advise any and every one to take their business elsewhere.

Boat rental at Pleasure Cove Marina
User: Stephanie C from:
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Aug, 20, 2016
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2016
Rating: 4
We had a great time renting a boat on Lake Berryessa! We had recently been out on the San Pablo reservoir, but wanted to try a bigger lake and a faster boat. We rented the 17' fishing boat (I think it was a crestliner?) just to cruise around and see the lake. It looked just like the pictures online with 2 captains chairs behind a center console with a windshield and a top for shade. There were more seats towards the front of the boat and you could definitely fit 4 people, but only the two main ones were under the top and in the shade (after a while on the lake this really matters). The website said it would be a 60hp motor, but it was actually 90hp and on a boat that size it was pretty fast. We cruised around for about 6 hours, saw the whole lake, drove up the little canyons and under the bridges, went swimming, and parked in the middle for lunch. We stayed at top speed most of the time and used about $85 in gas (paid at the end based on how much you use). Everyone we dealt with was friendly and seemed to know what they were doing. If you want to go boating but don't care about watersports (this boat can't pull skiers, tubes, etc.) this was a pretty good deal. We will definitely go back.

Just do not understand a few things.
User: Kenneth C from: Reedley, California, Usa
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Apr, 11, 2016
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2016
Rating: 3
First time to lake Berryessa. Booked the cabin, then arrived April 8 2016. Cabin worked as what was expected. Bed slept well. Small is small, for the cabin, yet ok. Cabin looked clean but spiders and webs everywhere. We beat those up. Now it says " Absolut no cooking in the cabin". It was raining outside, so now what? No place to eat, in the compound. Gate closes at 8 pm. You can leave but cannot drive back. We left to go eat figuring we would park outside the gate then walk to our cabin. Informed no real place to park as all around is private land. What to do? We left, went to town, came back parked on private land and walked to our cabin about 3/4th a mile. Was up at dawn to fetch my truck. Area was ok, store was ok having Ice along with other items you may need. The dock was clean. We rented a slip for two night to moor the boat. Was well lit. I just do not understand closing and locking the gate, trapping you.

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