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Sierra Lodge
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User: Redflame55 from:
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Sep, 14, 2021
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2021
Rating: 1
Desk clerk sleepy, no greeting, just asked for card and ID. upstairs room, broken down stairs..stunk like bug killer, bathtub for infants only .brick walls inside room paint falling off, throat hurts..went back to clerk .gave us another room. Stunk worse. Bugs flying and on bed, fridge unplugged, spider webs, and for a bonus we opened sliding glass door for balcony..4 huge septic tanks as our view and for free the smell..we stood a total of 20 minutes..told clerk have asthma and now throat scratchy, headache, breathing difficulty .clerk said that's your problem. We don't refund..over 300.00 and to top it off a fire and we're gonna close Sequoia and no mention of that while booking day before .Don't make mistake .. DRIVE AWAY!!!..TOXIC..

Shabby hotel
User: Y2753ZOsandrac from:
Published Date: Jul, 30, 2021
Travel Date: Jul, 1, 2021
Rating: 1
Just returned from a week long trip in California. Thank goodness only one night was spent at this hotel! One of the worst rooms for the price. The best thing I can say about this hotel is that it was close to Sequoia National Park which is why I chose it. Air conditioner worked well but super loud and would cut off randomly and then come back on which disrupted our sleep. Used bars of soap found in both shower and bathroom sink....gross. Hair left behind in shower drain.....needless to say I did not take a shower. I spent the same amount of money in South San Francisco and it was a 5 star hotel. Very outdated!

Clean, Comfortable, good value, but also pretty shabby
User: charlesbY5083YF from:
Published Date: Jul, 24, 2021
Travel Date: Jul, 1, 2021
Rating: 3
Ok, if you’re expecting to stay at someplace comparable to the Ritz, you will be sadly disappointed. No marble walls, no TV in the tub, no mints or complimentary after dinner drinks on your pillow. But, for the price it was good. First, the negatives. It’s old. The outside is pretty shabby. Safe, but shabby. Parking was available but a bit tight. I was glad I wasn’t driving a full sized pickup truck on this trip. I’m not sure when the place was built, but I’m guessing before 1960. The rooms are dated, except for the cable flat screen TV. The drains in my room ran slow, both the sink and the shower. My quick shower was gradually becoming a bath. I don’t think much has been updated since it was first built. There was no table to use my computer and the only chairs were kitchen or dining room type chairs which were fine for putting on shoes or socks, but not terribly comfortable. There were a few cellophane wrapped pastries and some cereal for breakfast. Don’t expect to find an omelet bar. On the other hand, my room was clean, the bed was very comfortable, there was a refrigerator and a microwave in the room, and it was quiet. Let’s be honest, you probably aren’t coming to Three Rivers to do work and stuff on your computer anyways or spending time in your room. There was WiFi and it worked fine. It’s also only 4 miles from the entrance to the Sequoia National Park and fairly convenient to many of the local restaurants. Not necessarily walking distance, but easy to get to and still not very far away. There was construction going on at the complex, so I suspect that perhaps some of the rooms are being updated. If you want new, there was a Comfort Inn a couple miles further from the park entrance that looked pretty new. But expect to pay at least 50% more for a room. There are also some lodges in the park there are much nicer and modern, but you’ll pay double or even quadruple for the convenience. Let’s face it, most people that come to Three Rivers are there to go to Sequoia NP and aren’t going to be spending much time in their room. The place was clean, comfortable, reasonably priced, and convenient. If I come back, I’ll likely stay there again.

Poor maintenance and housekeeping, junk fees
User: cqfp123 from: Los Angeles, California
Published Date: Jul, 2, 2021
Travel Date: Jul, 1, 2021
Rating: 2
This place is in serious need of upkeep and maintenance, not to mention better housekeeping. It also seems to have plumbing issues. The water flow in the sink was always sputtering and irregular, as when there is air in the water line after a water shutoff. When I was ready to take a shower after 11 pm, I realized there was no running water at all in the sink or shower. I had to walk to the front desk, where the owner (or manager) checked on it and indicated the water would be back in a couple of minutes. He offered no explanation, but it seemed like it was a known issue. The water did come back, but water pressure in the shower was very low, and the shower head partially clogged. The shower tray was badly stained and discolored. The sink was missing the drain stopper. The room was otherwise reasonably spacious, with comfortable bed and pillows. Amenities included refrigerator and microwave. There was a coffee maker with coffee pods but no cups. The coffee maker had a used pod inside, and clearly had not been cleaned. Finally, I reserved the room on, but the hotel charged $1 more than agreed upon as a "processing fee", i.e. a 100% junk fee. Wifi was adequate (there is no mobile phone reception). A very poor value for the price paid.

Simply the worst ever
User: FroggyHiker from:
Published Date: Jun, 28, 2021
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2021
Rating: 1
No room service: Do your own bed and pay for it. Loud works on the property. Parking spot occupied by storage. Poor electrical installations. Gravel falling from the ceiling to the bed. Worst experience I had, at 45, among any hotel in the world, at this Sierra Lodge of Three Rivers, CA.

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