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Explorer Cabins at Yellowstone
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Clean but overpriced
User: JaymeeH_13 from: Denton, Texas, United States
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: May, 5, 2021
Travel Date: May, 1, 2021
Rating: 2
Quaint cabins but really expensive for what you get. It was essentially a double wide trailer with a separation wall. We could hear everything through the wall. Not much difference from a hotel in that regard—- much more expensive than our accommodations at a four-star hotel in Jackson Hole. Disappointed.

Ridiculously expensive for what you get
User: MHN4121 from: Salt Lake City, Utah
Published Date: Apr, 26, 2021
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2021
Rating: 1
We've always wanted to stay here, but their prices have always been double what we were paying over at the Kelly Inn. Although we love the Kelly Inn, we thought we would give this one a chance because it had lower off-season pricing (which still ended up being $176.38 for just a small two queen beds and nothing fancy). What a HUGE mistake this was! We will NEVER be staying here again and will most likely not stay at any properties managed by this place. First, when we went to check in, the room was not very clean. I'm not a germaphobe and really don't even freak out about traveling during Covid, but when I opened the fridge, it stunk and had food that had splattered on the inside. I called the office and they sent over a nice gal to clean the fridge again. She was the only saving grace and bright spot during our stay. I should note that the fridge they show in the photos is not what you actually get. The fridge we got was so small for having a place with a kitchenette. It wasn't any larger than what we get at other area hotels. I expected more for an overpriced cabin with a kitchenette. We proceeded to put the food in the fridge and then left for the park. When we came back several hours later, the fridge wasn't even cool although it was turned almost all the way up. We ended up throwing out some lunch meat and mayonnaise because I was worried it had been left too long without proper cooling. The fridge was turned almost all the way up, so there wasn't much I could do. I cranked it as high as it could go and the fridge was finally cold by the second morning as we were about ready to checkout and leave. Unfortunately, because we chose one of the smaller cabins without the separate bedrooms, there was a shared wall with another unit. You could hear every regular conversation from the other side of the wall as well as the barking dog. You could also hear all outside noise as well. They give you smores kits, but only turn on the fire pits at night. Because you are sharing a fire pit with about 10 cabins, getting even a second where there aren't loads of people around them is almost impossible. We thought one morning we would go out and drink our coffee around the fire pit, and no such luck because they don't turn them on in the morning or afternoon. Because of Covid restrictions, they will only allow you to use the amenities by appointment only. They never had any appointments available, even when we called by early afternoon. So, we were never able to use any of the amenities we were charged for. Since we weren't able to go swimming or to the hot tub on the afternoon where it was raining, we thought we might stay in to play some card games. That proved to be difficult as well. They have NO TABLE in the cabin. They have TV tray stands, but don't give you any more than one chair in the entire place... so... are you supposed to stand to use them? So, we ended up trying to crowd on a bed and play cards. After two games, we gave up and tried to turn on the tv... only to find they have 12 channels. Most hotels don't have many channels, so not a surprise, but when you have no table to play games, can't use any amenities because they are full even though you are being charged for them, and it's a downpour outside... it makes an already bad cabin worse. I'm at least grateful we had a fun day in the park and even saw a grizzly bear before we had to hunker down in this cabin. Now for the beds... they were like sleeping on concrete. I am a side sleeper and don't generally have too much trouble in hotel rooms. For whatever reason, these beds were so hard that I would wake up all night long with my shoulders aching. The furnace works well and keeps you toasty, but the fan had a high pitched scream to it that would start up for no reason and was loud enough to wake us up and we are both pretty deep sleepers, once asleep. Not necessarily completely the fault of the property management, but because there are pets allowed, there were quite a few piles of dog feces that just sat there for multiple days. It's really frustrating that pet owners don't make the effort to clean up after their pets and wreck it for those of us that do. On top of the pet owners not being responsible, the property management didn't seem to clean up either. Besides the very nice gal from Missouri that came to help clean the fridge, there was one other positive thing and that is that they didn't have the small shampoo and conditioner bottles. They instead had large bottles. This is always so much more convenient instead of trying to get shampoo the size of a pea out of a tiny bottle. So, at least they did one thing right. All-in-all... I'm grateful we tried this place during off-season rates. I would have been even more furious than I already am for wasting my money on this awful place. We're really sad we didn't just book at Kelly Inn like we usually do. We could have gotten two king sized beds for less than we paid for two queen sized beds and the only thing we would have been lacking was a cooktop and dishwasher, which we never ended up using because we didn't dare put food in a fridge that couldn't keep food cold enough. We learned our lesson... we've never had a single bad stay at Kelly Inn and we frequent West Yellowstone about 4 to 5 times each year. We will shift our business back there.

Cute cabin, horrible check-in and poor parking
User: tloco1979 from: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Published Date: Apr, 18, 2021
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2021
Rating: 3
Stayed in a two queen bed cabin. Very cute exterior, inside it is a glorified hotel room. Small kitchenette but only one chair. Loved the smore kits and coffee supplies. Very clean. Fire pit right out the front door. The parking situation was terrible. The cabins are right on the road. Designated parking for the cabins is behind them but the snow makes it inaccessible. Check-in was a nightmare. The cabins do not have a check-in office of their own. There is a hotel that has the cabin logo on it... sign on door says to go to another hotel. Go to that hotel, there is another sign on the door saying to go to another hotel. Finally after going to the third hotel I was able to check-in.

Fabulous weekend
User: Vacation236145 from:
Trip Type: Friends getaway
Published Date: Feb, 22, 2021
Travel Date: Feb, 1, 2021
Rating: 5
The internet pictures do not do these cabins justice. This cabin was so charming. It was perfect. Clean and cozy and more than we expected. The bathroom was spacious and the living room had plenty of space for us to hang out at the end of the day. We will be coming back again!

Excellent stay!
User: luvNY94 from: California
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Oct, 20, 2020
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2020
Rating: 5
This is our first visit to Yellowstone, so I can’t say much about the other entrances, but the location of Explorer Cabins at West Yellowstone was perfect! Conveniently, there are several restaurants, souvenir and grocery stores here, but the cabins are far enough away to make it all still feel outdoorsy. And the park entrance was less than a five-minute drive. My husband and I stayed in a Yellowstone Cabin (two bedrooms, one with a king bed, the other with a bunk bed), and the beds and pillows were very comfortable. The kitchenette, with dishes, a pan and a small pot (perfect for soup on those cold nights!) completed our perfect stay. The whole cabin was extremely clean (an important point, especially in today’s times), spacious, and comfortable! A quick note was when our fireplace had stopped working — they came to fix it right away, and that was much appreciated. The bonfire in front of our cabins was a great touch too, but we didn’t get to take advantage of it as we spent full days inside the park. We absolutely loved our visit to Yellowstone, and having Explorer Cabins as our home base was the cherry on top!

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