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Luxury Cabin experience in Denali
User: supernova74 from: Atlanta, Georgia
Published Date: Oct, 12, 2019
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2019
Rating: 5
After you found the driveway (read the instructions!) you will arrive at a luxury cabin experience. The staff is super friendly and helpful, the cabins are superb and the breakfast is top notch. The beds are so comfy, I have never slept better in my whole life. The little oven in the cabin helps with chilly mornings! For the traveler that wants the cabin experience with a little extra.

User: Maverick2818 from:
Published Date: Oct, 11, 2019
Travel Date: Jul, 1, 2019
Rating: 5
This was an amazing place. The staff goes beyond and its worth it. If you love dogs and sweet people then this is the only place to go. The ladies are so down to earth and just have a sweet sprite about each and everyone of them. Watching thee dogs workout was so cool. Great spot to relax.

They wrote asking me to write a review......after I sent them two emails saying how disappointed I was.
User: Sarah H from: Chicago, Illinois
Trip Type: Business
Published Date: Sep, 23, 2019
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2019
Rating: 1
"The 9th is the last day we are open this summer" We stayed on the 11th. "While you are staying here you need to bring all the groceries that you might need with you, as there are no stores nearby and the restaurants in the area are mostly closed already for the season. "You'll have access to the fully equipped kitchen." I didn't know a coffee maker was unusual. Our first night I was looking for one to set up as we had to catch the 6:30 AM tour bus the owner Donna suggested, as I looking for one a man came into the kitchen. I asked if he was a guest he said no, that was it. I did ask for a coffee maker. He showed me a filter and a tea pot. We never did find out who he was, as we were told when we checked in there was no staff. He did not say. I tried to use the filter and tea pot. It did not work. I had brought my own coffee as directed. I paid 20.00 on the way there as I was told no stores were open. The filter and teapot were not working! The next night we came back after dinner out. The restaurants were not closed yet, but open. Her and her friends were sitting around talking. I asked again for a coffee maker she said "I had a Maleta (the filter and tea pot) but it must have been your coffee wasn't ground correctly. " She (Donna the owner) pulled out a pot from a closet and said look it has water and a filter in it. "I did not get your message until 10:00 as there is no staff." We were tired and hoped to get to bed early as we were leaving as early as possible the next day. next day. We had to listen to her and her friends talk loudly and negatively about all the employees. The next morning she was up at 7:00AM, I didn't need to see her in her too much information bathrobe. The funny thing is I received an email today asking me to write a review. I wrote two emails complaining and got a generated email asking for a review. That should tell anyone a lot. For the record the winter discounted price of 180.00 plus tax a night for a shared shower and no coffee, that is not my idea of good or even average. Any one star motel will give you a cheap coffee maker.

Outstanding cabins!
User: tneve57 from:
Published Date: Sep, 18, 2019
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2019
Rating: 5
The cabins were clean, comfortable, quiet and the location excellent except you have to keep your eyes open for the turn off from the highway. I was impressed with the attention to detail and totally impressed with the art work made by the owner. I didn't want to leave.

Loved it
User: Karen P from:
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Sep, 9, 2019
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2019
Rating: 5
We are locals and decided to break up our drive to anchorage. The drive was super with the fall colors. Lovely place, lovely people. Also about one mile from Parks 229- a great dining experience. . Thanks to Donna Gates and her staff. We would stay there again.

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