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Outstanding Stay!
User: JohnZ49 from: Orlando, Florida
Published Date: Apr, 21, 2021
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2021
Rating: 5
This is a rustic hotel which adds to its charm. This is not your brand name hotel so do not use them as a comparison. Skyand is unqiue unto its self. Loved our stay here. We stayed in Fells cabin. Which predates the park. Awesome views. This is a great place to disconnect from the outside world . No phones, TV or internet ( we did have cell service). This is one of the reasons we chose to stay there. Front desk staff was friendly and took the time to tell us a little of the history of the cabin. We had both dinner and breakfast in the dining room. Large portions and tasty. Trout was amazing for dinner. Note: where was a wait at dinner time. I am a professional hotel photographer and have photographed over 500 hotels. For the record, I did not photograph this hotels as I never comment on a hotels that I photograph. Fells Cabin is one of my personal all time favorites.

Nice layover for lunch
User: Jim H from: Hagerstown, Maryland
Published Date: Apr, 18, 2021
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2021
Rating: 4
Hit the Lodge right at lunchtime. They didn't open till noon. Quite a line but quickly moved to seats. Limited menu but nice selection. Very attentive staff and quick turnaround from order to bringing it to table. Large portions and very tasty

Pretty bad
User: 167LindaE from: Denville, New Jersey
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Apr, 14, 2021
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2021
Rating: 1
If you are looking for nice accommodations and dining, you will find the rooms sparse and the dining dismal. And since there is no housekeeping due to Covid, you must call the office for everything that is missing. Our room lacked a blanket, shampoo, sufficient toilet paper and towels for a two night stay. Also, no coffee maker or refrigerator. Loud heater. No hairdryer. When one was requested, it didn’t work so I had to borrow one from a neighbor. TV had about 10 channels. Bathroom shower didn’t have any grab bars or safe flooring on tub. No toilet cover. Small vanity space and no where to put toiletries. And this was a premium room. Dining room is like a cafeteria with a great view. Plastic utensils and paper plates. Plastic cups. They are operating on Covid protocol of a year ago. Food fair at best and menu reads more like one for a college dorm- a very cheap dorm but with high prices. Cocktails with hardly any liquor. Killed a few bugs at the table. Nice sitting area with WiFi. No WiFi in the room. Staff very nice. If more attention was given to guests comfort and less to having a fully stocked gift shop it would feel nicer. A room anywhere else, in a place without the views, and for half the price, would have 10x the amenities. It’s like you are a captive audience so they offer the bare minimum.

With Senior discount price is relatively reasonable.
User: smerk44 from: Leesburg, Virginia
Trip Type: Solo travel
Published Date: Apr, 13, 2021
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2021
Rating: 3
With the Senior Discount the price is relatively reasonable but some things could be improved. There are no extra blankets in the rooms but there is no sign which says to get one in the office. In fact there is no info in the room at all about check out time, hours of restaurant, etc. Heater is very noisy. No Internet in rooms, no phone. Walls are paper thin. Units are very spread out which provides good views but you must drive to office, restaurant, etc. Restaurant food is nothing to brag about. Since there are only 2 choices for lodging in the park and other alternatives require quite a drive, I guess they have you captive.

Skyland cabin and food
User: H2667DXpetero from:
Published Date: Apr, 11, 2021
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2021
Rating: 2
We stayed a couple nights in a two-bedroom cabin. I get that the cabins are rustic and in the woods and old and all, but they seem to get minimal care and upkeep. There were mice droppings in the nightstand, and we were awakened the first night by nibbling sounds. Note that the cabins at Skyland do not have fire pits, so ignore all the marketing hype about making s'mores. (Lewis Mountain cabins do have them.) The mice, however, do enjoy nibbling loudly at graham-cracker packages. Both electric heaters were functional but just barely. One had a hole where the Off button was supposed to be, and the other was not fully attached to the wall. The bathroom latch didn’t keep the door shut fully. One bedroom had a table lamp; the other had only the single-bulb ceiling fixture, which is no match for the dark wood walls and ceiling and the dark carpet. There is no porch lighting, so watch your step. The wifi was wonky even where it was supposed to work. The nearest ice machine to our cabin was inoperative. And this is at the beginning of the season, when they've had a few months to address maintenance issues. Tips if you stay soon: At check-in, we were told it was not possible to walk from the cabin to the lodge, but in fact it just required a slight detour due to closure of part of the path. We did not feel comfortable dining inside during COVID, and is no outdoor seating. Take-out was a better choice for us, with generous portions and reasonable prices, but check your order before you head back to your room/cabin - we were missing several things from one order. Drive up for the sunset, but stay somewhere else.

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