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Togwotee Mountain Lodge
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Not worth the money
User: Connie L from: Waterbury Center, Vermont
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Sep, 15, 2021
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2021
Rating: 2
The sheets on the bed were a very poor quality as they were very pilly and felt like sandpaper. I asked for new sheets from house keeping and was told they were low on inventory and couldn’t give me any new ones. I ended up taking the top sheet off and covering the bottom sheet. The arms on the sofa were grimy. The metal baseboard heater in bathroom juts out by entrance of door. My husband sliced his toe when entering in the middle of the night. Should have some protection on it. It’s a haul from the National Park to the lodge. Wifi was inconsistent. I would not recommend the Togwatee Mountain Lodge.

Lies about services provides
User: SKnight80 from: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Sep, 14, 2021
Travel Date: Jul, 1, 2021
Rating: 1
My daughter and I were signed up for a 2 hour horse ride that was canceled last minute due to thunder and fear of horses being spooked. We were understanding and instead went to the stable and stood in the rain to watch the horses for a few minutes to satisfy my daughter’s disappointment. We were told the money would be refunded and we should see the refund in the next few days. 6 weeks later still refund and they are claiming the ride took place and refusing to refund our $140.

Terrible experience even worse customer service, be warned, stay elsewhere, would give 0 rating if I could.
User: snsmoore from:
Published Date: Sep, 12, 2021
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2021
Rating: 1
Booked a cabin at Togwotee Mountain Lodge for the weekend for a family wedding at another lodge on the mountain. Upon check-in was informed the rooms were not ready due to low staff. Also informed that the 24-hour cancellation policy quoted when booked would not be honored when I asked to cancel the 3rd night of our stay. We were charged in full for all 3 nights even though we only stayed 2 nights. We were informed that what is quoted over the phone is not the same as what the lodge will honor in person. Others in the lobby overheard this and commented on it to us later. Our room had cobwebs and dust on the lighting fixtures, the pictures, and walls (everywhere). The room was filthy – bathroom was terrible, old dirty toilet and sink, grime in the tub, a dead roach in the bathroom, fuzz on the carpets. The first-floor room had a broken window latch that wouldn't allow the bedroom window to lock. There was no remote to the TV in the bedroom and it would not turn on at all. The phone in the room blinked message but we couldn't connect the phone to retrieve the message. The Wi-Fi in the room did not work - couldn't use the internet, text or Wi-Fi call and there was no cellular service there. Nobody staffing after 10PM so we had to live with the issues. We spoke to a manger in the morning named Bre who was very rude an escalated the conversation and was embarrassingly condescending - making a scene in the lobby in front of others when we politely and quietly listed out our concerns about the room. We asked for a refund for Sunday because we were within the 24-hour cancellation policy quoted by the reservation service Aramark that they use. Bre insisted she would have to pull and listen to the call first. She also said they would not be able to clean the room and that we should not be concerned about the window not locking because they never have issues. I was persistent and even offered to get something in town to secure the window to which she threatened that we would be charged for damage if we touched it ourselves. We asked again on Sunday when we checked out for the refund and Bre said we would not get a refund and that we are paying for all 3 nights even though we only stayed 2. When we called back to speak to Aramark about a refund they said it should be no issue, we should be refunded, but the lodge manager refused again so no refund. In summary, the rooms are dated, they are filthy, the lighting is so dim that my wife had to do her makeup in the car with sunlight. The Wi-Fi did not work, the TV did not work, the manager Bre is confrontational and condescending and will elevate her voice and escalate and argue no matter what your concern is. Bre even hung up on me when I called back later to discuss. The lodge is short staffed, the customer service is horrible, the restaurant was closed, miles to nearest food, there was no air conditioning and another family member had a poor experience in their lodge room as well. You will spend hours on the phone if trying to call customer service. Their roads are not well maintained, would be hard on a car and they are far out of the way if hoping to see national parks or Jackson. I do not recommend and would advise you to seriously consider Hatchett or Turpin Meadow for your stay on the mountain - even the Old Faithfull lodge inside the park is a better (and much more affordable) option with great customer service which is truly what usually matters most of all. The management refuses to credit or refund even when it is justified and warranted by their own policies. Absolutely worst lodging experience ever.

Dated and not very clean
User: jet1011 from: Atlanta, Georgia
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Sep, 10, 2021
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2021
Rating: 2
This place is ok. Contrary to other reviews we found a helpful staff. The beds were clean and comfortable. We stayed in it because on our last day we had a very long drive and staying in Jackson Hole would have added an hour. It's about 20 minutes to GTNP and a beautiful drive. We didn't try their restaurant. The place is dated and my wife complained of the traffic (very few cars but noisy). The toilet looks very old and has scratches and so is the sink. The hallway was always a little dirty. But what made me give it 3 stars was that under one of the seats there was a woman's panty that was left there by a previous guest. Not encouraging as far as cleanliness is concerned. That's unacceptable! That's why it gets 2 stars from me.

Worst customer service!
User: 131akanksham from:
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Sep, 7, 2021
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2021
Rating: 1
The stay at Togwotee Lodge was not as we expected. We had booked a package for 2-night stay and rafting. Our rafting got cancelled and we received an email prior to our arrival also mentioning that we would get a refund for the cancellation. Instead of just cancelling the rafting, they cancelled our stay which we got to know about while we were checking in. We then requested for a refund for Rafting and spoke to the Lodge Manager (Breanna) and she had come up with a total of about $608 which was only $20 less than our package with Rafting. We requested her to work with us and provide a refund but she was very adamant about not providing any refund and instead argued with us that rafting for two was not more than $20 and offered us a 10% off showing us that she was doing us a favor which she was clearly not and was just very rude person. She argued with us at a very high-pitch being totally unreasonable about the inconvenience she had caused. From what it sounded like, she definitely didn't care about her customers. The rooms were okay, not great and there were ants. When we brought that up, she was like that's very normal and we should expect that in mountains which was again her way of being rude. What about the shower handle that was coming off, is that also what we should expect in mountains when we pay $300 per night? We had a terrible experience at the lodge and will never visit again!

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