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Curry Village
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Wonderful location, camping vibe, but the for the price, it needs an update already
User: teds027 from: San Francisco, California
Published Date: Jul, 3, 2022
Travel Date: Jul, 1, 2022
Rating: 3
I've stayed at most every possible hotel and campsite around Yosemite during my 40 years on this planet and Curry Village certainly brings a lot of nostalgia from childhood trips and the location just can't be beat. It's rustic, it's perfect to bring the family or a group, it's got everything right nearby, and did I mention the location? Unfortunately and despite a great staff trying to keep up, the place looks its age while the price suggests something with actual doors and maybe a bathroom you wouldn't mind being barefoot in (and this coming from someone who has spent plenty of nights choosing to sleep on the side of a mountain). Overall, curry gets 3/5 for me as it is certainly in need of a major clean-up or a price that reflects what it is. Pros: - The staff. While 2022 has made it hard for Yosemite to find enough people anywhere, everyone I interacted with at Curry or around the place was awesome, just come with a bit of patience, they are busy! - The location. Once you park (see below), you don't need to move your car to get anywhere in the main valley circuit. 5 minute walk to Half Dome views, 5 minute shuttle to the village or the Mist Trail, etc - The community vibe. This isn't a hotel and doesn't come off like one so whether you're at the community center building or hanging outside your tent cabin, it's easy to connect with others, get tips on a trail, chat with people around the world. Cons - While there have been a few updates lately (mainly to the beds), everything basically the same and while that's aesthetically fine, the wear & tear is really showing and while they clean hard, the dirt is part of the foundation now. - Climate change also means that unless you opt for a fancy cabin with AC, many days are far hotter than they should be and you bake inside. Fans are not included (but upgraded blankets are). - It's crowded. With other parts of Yosemite under construction and even with reservation rules, a lot of day use visitors end up in Curry, parking and dining, so expect a line. - It's loud. This has always been the case but for whatever reason, it's just notably rougher here now than I recall, certainly a lot louder than any campground in the valley at 12 or 6. Tips: - The keys are easy to lose and don't have a keychain slot. Bring a ziplock bag or put them into a small pouch if you don't have a purse. - The main showers by the store are usually the cleanest, but bring your own shampoo, what they provide tends to run out, and your own towel if you're at all picky on those - Speaking of things to bring: A small fan in summer (there's power inside), a flashlight (any time of year), flip flops (for the shower / cabin floors), and headphones to help with noise. - Cell & wifi is limited, it's a park afterall, but you can connect at the community center and if you don't have luck there, go to the main village or tunnel view. - Say hi to your neighbors. It's nice to connect and you're basically sharing a room anyways, canvas doesn't keep much out.

Cabin stay in the valley
User: 974marianw from: Uckfield, United Kingdom
Published Date: Jun, 20, 2022
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2022
Rating: 5
We had a lovely time at Curry Village in one of their cabins. The beds are quite small but they're comfortable and it was great having our own shower & toilet. Our cabin was perfectly positioned with nice open space out the front and spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. We did have some noisy ladies staying in the next cabin to us who thought it was okay to talk really loudly and make lots of noise at 4am but that was the only issue. The cabins are in a great location with easy access to lots of hikes whether by foot or by shuttle. We loved our stay there and would chose a cabin again if we were to go back. It's worth it just to wake up in such amazing surroundings and so much easier than having to drive in and out of the park if staying elsewhere.

Decent stay in a beautiful place
User: 841ew from:
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Jun, 18, 2022
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2022
Rating: 5
We stayed in one of their cabins for 3 nights in June. The cabin had all the essentials: comfortable enough beds, toilet, and shower. We found Curry Village itself a great area to stay as they are really in the middle of Yosemite Valley and it’s a mile walk to several great trails (we did Mist Trail and Mirror Lake Trail.) They also had bike rentals and rafting when we went. There was decent breakfast available on site and a pizza place and bar type food for dinner. We couldn’t get wifi the entire stay, even in the lounge, but that didn’t bother us much. It was also way cheaper then the other places in the area.

Curry Village. Yosemite National Park
User: 146jkd from:
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Jun, 13, 2022
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2022
Rating: 3
Accommodations were as described, tents were clean, and showers/rest rooms clean. The access (using the shuttles )to the spectacular sites in the park is the reason to stay here. Bike and raft rentals conveniently available at Curry, parking close by, depending on when you arrive. We weren't too far from our tent. The registration was easy, staff was friendly and helpful throughout Curry. The pool is cracked, maybe will get repaired before the 2022 season is over. The food available year is very disappointing. If you are coming, consider bringing some food you can store in the bear lockers. We were able to keep our cooler iced from the store. We only planned to do our own breakfast, could have done more if we knew the options were limited. The pizza is overpriced and not too good. ($35 for 12 slice large, crust is a pre-made base, not much flavor). The dining room is not serving dinner, the only other option is bar food. Two sliders or 2 fish tacos for $14. Not that tasty, another overpriced meal option. We didn't try the wings or overpriced kale salad. When we were there the Lodge was not serving dinner, maybe that will change. The lunch options at the Lodge were ok if you get there as soon as they open @11:30, when we arrived @12:05, a lot of items were sold out. The shuttle buses weren't as frequent this season, wasted an hour waiting for a bus. They are short staffed, so expect delays. Hopefully they will resolve the issues, it is a beautiful park, many activities for all levels to enjoy nature. The camp environment in Curry is great for families.

Curry Village is a great place to stay
User: michealp648 from: Mason, Ohio
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Jun, 6, 2022
Travel Date: May, 1, 2022
Rating: 5
Staying in the heart of the Valley was great! We stayed in a heated tent at Curry Village and really liked it. (Heat only available until Memorial Day Weekend.) We’d read reports of itchy wool blankets. I’m happy to report they have been replaced with nice sleeping bag type blankets and were great! The registration staff was super friendly and well staffed. (Having said that, they are hiring if you’re looking for a job!) There are shower houses with running water and flush toilets within an easy walk. My daughter and I found the shower house to be one of the nicest, cleanest we’d experienced. My wife said there wasn’t enough room for all her (too much) stuff. Each shower has a shower plus a small changing area. There are six hooks to hold toiletries, clothes, and other items you may have. Shampoo and gel soap are also provided. The showers do close for an hour a few times a day for cleaning, but once you know they times you can plan accordingly. Eating options are readily available. The grab and go store has good options as well as the Pizza Deck. In the morning there is a great breakfast available at reasonable prices. In the afternoon and evening the pavilion area is open so seating so it’s really nice. You do need to make reservations a year in advance, but I would recommend Curry Village to anyone.

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