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Curry Village
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating: 4245 reviews
Comfortable, great location, affordable, good atmosphere
User: 172malh from:
Published Date: Jun, 22, 2024
Travel Date: May, 1, 2024
Rating: 4
Stayed in a tent cabin (no heating) June 2024. Coming from Aus I was so unsure what to expect. The beds are comfy, linen clean and I was surprised how warm they were, I got cold around 3am but slept fine until then with one blanket. The bathrooms are average campsite bathrooms, the shower block got cleaned regularly but the toilet block could have been serviced more. I was surprised how affordable the small grocery store was, get an esky and daily ice for your breakfasts and lunches and bring some groceries (you store esky in bear box outside) and buy dinner - tacos were really reasonable, pizzas $25-30USD. Note one night the queue for pizza was 45mins and then the wait for pizza another 30mins so go early! I would for sure return if we're ever back in the US. Yosemite is a sight to see!!! You truly do want to start your days in the valley so book early to get lodging here :) Waking up surrounded by the granite is just incredible.

Curry Village Cabin With Bath was acceptable; we’d stay again
User: ttiottn1 from: Ohio
Published Date: Jun, 16, 2024
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2024
Rating: 4
Rented a “hard sided” cabin with bath and it was totally worth it but know what you are getting in to. We knew they are expensive and bare bones because we’ve stayed in them before. Did not need the room heater but did need to use the oscillating fan provided (no A/C and no ceiling fan). Highs got to 96/97 deg F but it cools down at night so we were ok with the fan. Lots of cobwebs but otherwise clean. I had to call for housekeeping our 1st 2 days but after that they came and did a good job. Bathroom was very small, the door hit the toilet, but had an on demand hot water heater so our much needed showers were great. It’s far from the canvas tents and way less cramped and very very quiet. We even had a cabin where we could here the seasonal waterfall! All in all well worth it for us because we are not interested in staying at the lodge/hotel across the valley or the cabins without private baths.

I would stay in a less crowded area of the park and make this a day trip.
User: maui315 from: Kihei, Hawaii
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Jun, 13, 2024
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2024
Rating: 3
We stayed in the tents - they were ok. We love national parks but the crowds, trash around, difficulty parking (even as a hotel guest) and hour long + waits for any type of food were difficult. I would not stay in Curry village again but the beauty of the park itself was amazing.

Beautiful nature, horrible service!
User: HerbertHoehn from: Montabaur, Germany
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: May, 10, 2024
Travel Date: May, 1, 2024
Rating: 1
What a dirty and filthy place!!! We booked a tent on special request of our daughter. The pictures on the homepage looked really nice. What a surprise! Old and dirty tents, extremely crowded and loud! We had to wait more than one hour in a queue just to order a pizza. There wasn’t even enough seating capacity for the guests to have a meal. In Europe a place like this would have been shut down within hours. Never again!

Curry Village is a rip off!!!
User: ChantGav from: Caloundra, Australia
Published Date: Apr, 30, 2024
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2024
Rating: 2
Unbelievably overpriced accomodation. Check in was listed as 4pm…we were casually told to come back “around 5.30pm …your room won’t be ready at 4”. No apology, no double checking with housekeeping just a “tough luck” attitude. Clearly there are very few accom options…so service is dreadful. We did then ask for a refund since in our view the contract we agreed to was to have a room by 4pm…which is late anyway…and after a day of driving, and hiking we wanted a hot shower and bed. At that point the manager grudgingly checked with housekeeping and wouldn’t you know it….there WAS a room ready! Our room had a window jammed OPEN (it was freezing) and one of the blankets was full of holes. The toilet blocked after one flush and in all it was a hideous experience for waaaay too much money. Food was extortionately expensive and service appalling too. Yosemite is absolutely gorgeous…so I guess they will continue to treat guests this way…because people will always want to visit this amazing National Park.

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