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Curry Village
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Nothing is working at Curry Village!
User: KnowsHowToTravel from: San Francisco Bay area
Published Date: May, 3, 2021
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2021
Rating: 2
We stayed in a cabin with fireplace at Curry Village. It should have been special, but nothing was working!!! Read on. Our first negative experience was with the person in registration (I think his name was Tom). He must have had a very bad day. He was short with me when I asked questions. And his priority seemed to be to warn us that we had to be out by 10am (usually it's 11am) - or else!. I was still nice to him, but he didn't deserve it. Then, we were disappointed that the fireplace has been converted to gas and no one told us! It's a nice gas fireplace, but you don't get the smell of the burning wood or the crackling of the fire. This information should be given to NPR/Aramark, so guests know what to expect. When I booked, I was told it was still a "wood-burning" fireplace. We've stayed in this cabin before. THEN - It was Oscars night and we planned to watch the show on one of the 2 wide screen TVs. We brought champagne and this was our plan for the evening. After both of us tried to get the TV to work (spending a half hour), we called the front desk and was told that the TVs haven't worked since a storm in January (someone else told me it has been since July 2020). Still not fixed!!! And when he tried to hook up his computer to the TV to stream the Oscars (my husband is good at IT), we found out that the Wi-Fi was also down! And the Housekeeping was bad! It was filthy along the baseboards in the bedroom - a layer of dust AND mouse droppings! All this for $400 a night? And even the ice machine wasn't working. So we had to go to the store and buy our own ice! The Food Court was closed, but the pizza place was pretty good. And the people at Peet's Coffee were very nice. But for the price, I will stay somewhere else next time. OK, that's all the bad stuff. Once we made resigned ourselves to the problems with things not working, we had a great time. Yosemite is beautiful in the Spring and Curry Village is filled with blooming dogwood trees. And we found the trail to Staircase Falls at the back of Curry Village. It is quite steep! More of a climb. But it is short and was worth it. You get good views of Upper Yosemite Falls and Half Dome when you reach the Falls. Until Curry Village gets its act together, I can't recommend staying here.

Stoneman House Rustic Rooms - is $300 per night worth it?
User: Venture289632 from:
Published Date: May, 1, 2021
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2021
Rating: 2
We booked last minute and were just happy to find a non-tent option in the park. Start w/ the good: obviously location is killer, the grounds are gorgeous, great food options on the property (including a Peet's coffee!), hot shower, heating, And the not so great: We expected rustic but still clean and "nice". In reality, the room looked like it hadn't been updated since maybe 1970 and I wished I'd brought my own cleaning supplies to give the room a once over before touching anything. Bedding was like sand paper and the blankets look VERY used. Charging $300/night it seems like they could invest some of those funds into updating the rooms: replace the gross, sticky carpet with vinyl flooring, get new bathroom counters, shower and decor. Book in advance and stay at the Yosemite Valley Lodge for just $30 more a night!

Stoneman House Rustic Rooms (not tent cabins) Curry Village
User: tulipani2000 from: California
Published Date: Oct, 7, 2020
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2020
Rating: 4
in Curry Village, is Stoneman House, a wood building of 18 rooms with private baths, wrap around verandas & Adirondack chairs. My room 817 faced east. Parking is 130 steps away, so no car noise. It is 1 minute walk to the Front Desk (Registration), Guest Lounge, Meadow Grill, Bike Rental, gift & grocery store. I barely heard any neighbors. There is: ice bucket, ceiling fan, two full beds, dresser. mirror, artwork, bed table & lamp, 2 chairs, hair dryer, room heater. Front door also has a screen door. No table inside. Guests sit outside the room & eat sitting in the chairs.. Guests garner outdoor chairs not in use, so chairs come 'n go..There is NO: fridge, coffee maker, shower cap, TV, small toiletries, table, microwave. The ice machine, is between room 814 and 815. . There is: Very nice decor, alarm clock, 2 wood chairs, shampoo & soap dispensers in the shower on the wall (eco friendly) and the sink, six wood hangers, hair dryer, thick white towels, quilt spreads, carpet, ceiling fan, window shade, 1 luggage rack. It is a 1 minute walk to the Front Desk ( open 24 hrs), Guest Lounge slow internet. The Wood Cabins are quite a distance away from the Front Desk area, as is parking for them. To find the "Registration, Front Desk, from SouthSide Drive, turn right onto Curry Village Dr. When you see the sign, in my photo, make a hard right turn onto a driveway & parking area while registering. Front Desk ph.# is 209 372-8333. Meadow Grill & Pizza place were closed for the season.

Curry Village Cabins
User: Alan J from: Carlsbad, California
Published Date: Sep, 17, 2020
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2020
Rating: 5
We spent 4 nights in a Curry Village cabin, our first time to do so. The "cabins" are separate units in either a 2-plex or 4-plex that are spread out in a wooded area 25-50 yards from a parking lot. Concrete pathways lead to some but not all of the units, so don't count on rolling your luggage from your car to the cabin. We stayed in a 2-plex cabin that shared one wall with the other unit. The other 3 walls had windows that opened to the outdoors. The common wall bordered the bathroom and walk-in closet. We did not hear any sounds from our neighbors. The cabin was furnished with bedding, towels, hand soap, shower gel and shampoo, one double bed and one single bed, a bedside stand with lamp, full size chest of drawers, built-in desk, 2 chairs, tabletop oscillating fan, wall heater, and extra blankets. There was a ceiling light, one over the desk and one in the closet. There were many unused electrical outlets. The living area was carpeted and the bathroom had vinyl flooring. The shower stall was tiled. All the windows had curtains that could be drawn. We were instructed to close the windows while we slept or were away in order to prevent squirrels from getting in. The cabin was clean and comfortable. Everything was in working order. The beds might be too short for anyone over 6 feet tall. We enjoyed our stay and would stay at the Curry Village cabins again.

Mini Getaway Wedding Anniversary
User: Kathy T from: Los Angeles, California
Published Date: Sep, 12, 2020
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2020
Rating: 3
Our wedding anniversary was coming up. The only place we can think doing something outdoor. So we deiced to go to Yosemite. Since they only allow 50% reservation. We booked Curry Village and stay in canvas tent cabin. We got our tent and it was #747. When you first get your cabin make sure to open the door, let the heat out before getting inside. Wait about 10min or you will get heat stroke.. Thats what happen to me. The cabin where we stay is near the trail hike Vernal Fall and Nevada fall. You do not need to drive. There are no outlet in the cabin, if you wish to have outlet you need to book cabin with heater. Outside your cabin there a bear proof storage. It is big enough for your ice chest. (FYI must bring). During the time we where there, the dinning pavilion was remodel. The only food was Meadow Grill and two food trucks. Meadow Grill food was overprice and does not taste good at all. The food truck was good but overprice. There is a mini market or you get drive to the Village grocery store if you want more selection. There is a HOT food area where you can get ribs or chicken for your lunch or dinner. Things you must bring during your stays. Ice chest snacks for hiking water bottles or water backpack wear comfortable clothes (workout/yoga clothes) hiking shoes (must) sleeping bags bugs repletent sun screen sun hat/cap light jacket for night time shoes for shower caddy to hold your shampoo and etc... woman (bring a summer dress with you) it is easier for take off and on when you head to shower. sanitizer wipes mask

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