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Lodge at Whitefish Lake
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Great stay... but not near the park
User: TeeTimeOrNot from: Blacksburg, Virginia
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: May, 6, 2020
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2019
Rating: 4
TLDR: Full disclosure, this place is really cool with top notch facilities in a really cool town. But unless you're ok with driving an hour+ to get to Glacier, you may want to check out somewhere in the park. 10/10 Facilities, especially the condo style set-up. Super comfortable mattress, actually great towels for a hotel, air conditioning, Big TV, kitchen AND free laundry. The lake is also 10/10 with some really cool lounge activities for the summer. Pool bar cocktails are a little limited but still really good - 8/10. Town of Whitefish gets an 8/10. It's kinda like a beach town in Montana which I guess makes sense since it's near a lake. Shopping is meh but there some pretty rad food options, including a totally lit crepe place that gets a rare 11/10. Also a brewing company if you're into that. Parking sucks to be honest. Night life is alright, but the town goes to sleep at like 10 pm. 7/10. But the big kicker here is that you're like an hour away from the park. If you're going to do a Glacier trip with a family or if you're an older guy or gal (be honest with yourself), this is the place for you. If you want to do some serious kick butt kicking in Glacier and that's all you're there for, would much rather stay on the park.

Disappointing all round
User: Logan051 from: Calgary, Canada
Published Date: Mar, 18, 2020
Travel Date: Mar, 1, 2020
Rating: 2
Our room was grungy - bathroom had dust on the baseboards, shower floor and walls were soap stained, the carpet in the room was dirty, and what was supposed to be a king bed was actually a queen. We could have fixed the bed size, but that wasn't a major issue. They advertise a "beer and burgers" nite - I called from Canada to make a reservation and was told it wasn't needed, we'd get looked after. When we arrived in the dining room, we were told they were full and would have a 40 minute wait. Two seats opened at the bar so we jumped on them. Two tables behind us had RESERVED signs on them, and sat empty for the whole 90 minutes we sat at the bar, despite being told there were no reservations in that area. The server working behind the bar took our order, very indifferent and seemed to not want to be there. People beside us had burgers with sides on their plate so we assumed ours would have the same sides. Our burgers arrived with no sides so we ordered sides to complement our meal, but wondered why the server didn't ask if we wanted sides when we ordered our meals. Granted this is a lovely location on the lake and at one time was a premium lodging option, but it is badly in need of a refresh, or at least proper cleaning. Concierge staff is friendly and attentive - the bar staff seemed overwhelmed or indifferent. We'll look for other options next visit.

Great Trip
User: 491maxw from: Carthage, Tennessee
Published Date: Mar, 11, 2020
Travel Date: Mar, 1, 2020
Rating: 5
We spent 4 nights at the Logde while Snowmobiling, Dog Sledding and Hiking. The Lodge is wonderful. Great service, conveniently located and great ammenitiews. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I will definitely return.

Skiing with Italians
User: Deb R from: Cannon Beach, Oregon
Trip Type: Friends getaway
Published Date: Mar, 5, 2020
Travel Date: Feb, 1, 2020
Rating: 5
I stayed at the Lodge while the Italians stayed with local friends. We skied a few days and had a great mix of conditions. This ski area is long lift lines, nicely groomed slopes, amazing views and wonderful friendly people. The Lodge has very nice rooms with some overlooking the lake. There are fireplaces n the rooms and large soaking tubs. The staff are all friendly and the food in the hotel restaurants is excellent. There are shuttles to town and the ski area. The spa was one of the best I’ve ever encountered. The facial was the very best (ask for Sherry).....I will definitely be back. Montana hospitality is the best and the Lodge at Whitefish Lake must have written the book in it!

Very nice place but transportation issues abound
User: Adam Y from: Tampa, Florida
Published Date: Mar, 1, 2020
Travel Date: Feb, 1, 2020
Rating: 3
We recently took a ski club trip to Whitefish along with about 70 other people. We were there for 7 nights and skied 5 days. Due to some travel problems coming out of our airport, we ended up 10 hrs after our scheduled departure. Despite this, the Lodge team came to Kalispell after midnight, and shuttled us in and got us to bed around 1am. We ate breakfast there every day (part of the package) and it was in my opinion tremendous. Most of our other trips had this option but nowhere near the number of hot food items that LAWL provided. A few folks complained about the eggs being cold, but I never experienced that and I candidly looked forward to this breakfast every day. It was actually my favorite part of the trip as we all gathered together between 7-8am, ate and hung out planning our ski adventures for the day. We also had several other evening events at the Lodge, and those were all well planned. Since they were buffets it wasn't fine dining (go into town for that) but it was suitable, fast and we didn't have to leave the property. After a day of skiing, that can be a very good thing. Now, onto our accommodations. We had what was called a 'studio king' room. It was advertised as around 600 square feet, but I am not sure how accurate that is and even if it is in the ball park, the way our room was set up, at least 30-40 percent was wasted space. The bed was very nice, and it had a fireplace that went on with a flick of a switch. We had a balcony and just enough drawer space to handle our needs. It also came with a safe. Onto the negative, while there is a flat screen TV, it was all Standard Definition with just basic cable. No streaming options at all, and no HD or UHD available. After a long day, to end up watching films on our ipad's was a bit disappointing. There is also a kitchen area, but while there are plenty of cabinets, the Lodge provides two glasses, NO plates or silverware which candidly is a joke. We asked one of the cleaning crew for a spoon/fork and got the latter. This is ridiculous and needs to be addressed. There are two grocery stores in town, and the room has a very small fridge where you could store items, but there is no point at all to buy anything. Adjacent to the 'kitchen' is an entry way with slate tile, but no place to sit down. The entire front area of our room was just wasted space (the last few days we did move the bench in front of our bed to the entry way, and it was a huge improvement from a functional and aesthetic view. The transportation getting into town is terrific. They will take you and pick you up at any time. Excellent staff. However, the same cannot be said for getting to the ski area. The entire system for getting to the mountain is haphazard and ineffective. The Lodge will take you to the ski area from 8:30-10:30 and even brought in large coaches to handle our group. But after 10:30, you essentially are on your own and have to rely on walking down to a SNOW bus system that is candidly terrible. You may get a white van, you may get a kids school bus. It may be on time, it may come early, it may come late. Getting back to the Lodge from Whitefish mountain is even worse. A few days I actually just gave up and called an Uber. I would rather pay $20 than wait 45-60 minutes because I missed one of their infrequent busses (BTW, if you did have to take a SNOW bus back, they would pick you up, drive to another stop and sit for 15 minutes waiting for essentially no one. And depending on the time, they often refused to stop at the Lodge, so we'd have to walk back in ski boots about a half mile. TERRIBLE) The bed is great. We slept very well. The bathroom is huge with a very nice soaking tub. But the shower area is tiny and it barely fit one person comfortably. A poor design and after skiing it was a drag to have to fit into that small space. It's a very nice place, and the rate was good. But I did it once and wouldn't go back. The skiing can be really good, but most days it was fogged in at the top of the mountain and extremely dangerous.

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