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Waterton Glacier Suites
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating: 414 reviews
The Best!!
User: travel60_62 from: Calgary
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: May, 9, 2019
Travel Date: May, 1, 2019
Rating: 5
We stay here regularly, the most recent was May 2/3 2019. The suites are spacious, clean, and well appointed. Red Rock Bistro is a gem of a dining room; very good Italian menu and very good meals. I had the veal chop and its was as good as you will find anywhere at a reasonable price. The service is prompt, professional and friendly.

Super Staff - Beautiful Area
User: Lori H from: Mesa, Arizona
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: May, 8, 2019
Travel Date: May, 1, 2019
Rating: 4
The property itself was ok, nothing amazing, however we enjoyed our stay in this beautiful setting. The young man at the front desk was very nice and helpful and even went the extra mile to bring us hot chocolate to our room. We only had time to stay the one night but would like to go back and check out more of this beautiful area, even though it still has scars from the forest fire from 2-3 years ago, it was magnificent. One thing to note, it was very windy which we hear is typical there.

Beyond Amazing
User: Compass82295 from:
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Apr, 30, 2019
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2019
Rating: 5
What a great little gem in the heart of the mountains. Not just a holiday, but an experience that everyone should partake in at least once. Even though there were still snow banks, it is a beautiful, peaceful place to be in April. Cameron Falls was flowing at this time of year into the Lake which was mostly ice covered. It was refreshing to walk along the shore. The views are spectacular. Our stay at the Waterton Glacier Suites was beyond spectacular. Nico and Pat are amazing staff. The food at the Red Rock Trattoria is outstanding. Every dish we tried was full of flavour. The food is prepared by what we would consider a world class chef. We look forward to our next visit.

User: Miche L from:
Trip Type: Friends getaway
Published Date: Mar, 31, 2019
Travel Date: Mar, 1, 2019
Rating: 5
Our room was spacious, extremely clean and the decor was warm and welcoming. Since we were travelling in March, winter rates applied, which made the room incredibly affordable. Having 2 bathrooms was a huge plus, as it gave us privacy and our own space.

Ski Trip - Winter Break Getaway...
User: CalgaryConnie from: Calgary, Canada
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Jan, 15, 2019
Travel Date: Dec, 1, 2018
Rating: 2
The hotel was very clean. The staff were friendly. The rooms are individually heated by gas fireplaces. There is NO Front Desk staff from 10:00pm until 9:00am. Very quiet and not many amenities open during the winter break time frame. Only 1 of the 2 fireplaces were working in our end unit #107. The fireplace in the common area was not working and we couldn't figure out how to get it working. The fireplace in the master bedroom was on and blasting heat. The thermostat registered 27 degrees Celsius. We turned off the fireplace and went out to swim and enjoy an evening walk. Back to the room, and ready for bed. The room was still a warm 21 degrees Celsius. Up at 2:30am the room is getting cold. My husband turns on the fireplace. Then it goes out. Turns it on again... back to bed, a few minutes later it goes out. And repeat. Back to bed, fireplace is on. Back to sleep. Up again at 4:00am - no heat and the temperature is dropping. Pilot light is out on the gas fireplace. Smell of fuel. Husband is a firefighter. (He wasn't in a deep sleep - part of the career choice is bad sleep). He tried to get the unit going again. It will not stay lit. Turn off the pilot light, shut off the gas, something is wrong with the fireplace. No carbon monoxide detector in the room that we could find. (life threatening situation perhaps) The thermostat now reads 10 degrees Celsius. DO WE WAKE THE SLEEPING DRAGONS? (aka Kids) - NO!! They can have the extra blanket, keep them sleeping and cozy. Who can we call? Found the handbook in the top drawer in the dresser of the front room. Called the Guest Services Number. If this is an emergency press "0"... ??? It's now 4:45 in the morning. The two of us are awake and shivering. Do we press "0" and wake the kids? Will they move us rooms? To move rooms all the doors are outside access, and there is a wind warning, it is minus 20 degrees Celsius outside. We are already freezing. If we do call… We talk on the phone to explain what is going on and that wakes the kids anyways… = 15min +/- Wait for staff to arrive = 15min +/- Staff will try to fix the fireplace = 30min +/- ok - we can not get it working = would you like to move rooms? = 10min +/- Pack up and move everyone in our pj's in -20 with major wind warnings = 45min =+/- The calculated risk assessment adds up to at least a 90 minute plus ordeal and we would all be exhausted. We would have cranky, freezing kids, and it would be near 7:00am in the morning and we wouldn't be going back to sleep. Checkout is 9:00am. We have to start packing up by 8:00am anyways. NOPE - do not call. We might still get to ski if the weather improves and do a little sight seeing – Let them sleep. It’s almost 5:00am, shiver, cuddle, add a few layers of clothes and go back to a shiver sleep. Emailed sent to the front desk at 8:00am - We still have not received a reply to our email to date. Upon checkout at 9:00am - Pat the Front Desk Manager stated it was "too bad" that we didn't press "0" and move rooms. He was aware of who I was ... Ohhh... you are "xxxx". Yes that is me, you received my email. No offer of a refund. When we asked for a refund? We were advised that "We haven't been paid by Groupon, therefore we can not offer you a refund." No offer of a complimentary night stay at another time. The offer should state that there may not be heat in your room when purchasing - therefore the buyer is aware. We used a voucher with groupon - the buyer should be aware of the disclosure upon redeeming the voucher. - DO NOT expect help or resolution if you booked with GroupOn... Yuly B., Jan 16, 2019 Hi Connie, I'm sorry that your experience with this Groupon Getaways trip didn't go well. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. I regret to inform you it has been decided to refuse this request because we did reached out to the hotel and request a cancellation for this reservation. However, it got declined. Your comments regarding the matter have been noted. This decision was already been taken by the hotel. No further consideration will be given to this claim for refund. Yuly B. Groupon Getaways Resolutions Team A 48 hour resolution with Groupon took than 9 days to provide me the same offer the customer representative offered on January 02, 2019 of $54.00 groupon dollars to spend. I did advise a girlfriend who also purchased this groupon regarding the unexpected challenges we had with our heat and the fact that there has been no reply to my email regarding the carbon monoxide detectors (life threatening?). I have not received a followup from Groupon or the Lodge regarding this concern. It is a health and safety concern for any family staying here. A unique situation all around, but it could happen to you? and it could have been awful situation if my husband didn't wake up to the smell of gas.

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