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Banff Caribou Lodge & Spa
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating: 2451 reviews
User: 67terrib67 from: Edmonton, Canada
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Aug, 1, 2020
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2020
Rating: 2
Hotttt and small... I get that you might not have AC in Banff but when you don’t have screens in the windows and no ceiling fans it gets very hot in a small room with 4 people. We left the hotel room door open so we could get some AC from the hall, 30 degrees and no cooling feature other than a small desk fan was no fun. Beds were comfortable, bathrooms were nice however the washing dispensers were not stocked, only body wash or conditioner. You would think that during Covid and no housekeeping you would at least make sure there were enough toiletries. All in all decent location and a hot place to sleep but great hiking and activities in Banff

Not what it used to be
User: MissRillo from: Edmonton, Canada
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Jul, 5, 2020
Travel Date: Jul, 1, 2020
Rating: 3
We have stayed at this hotel several times over the past 5 years, first few stays were great, but this time was flat out not worth the price. Given the times (COVID), the room was not up to par on cleanliness...especially since they are only cleaning between guests and NOT during your stay. I feel like not cleaning during your stay makes zero sense - it should not be an issue if proper protocols are followed, I have stayed at 3 other hotels during COVID and not one of them used it as an excuse not to clean. The chairs and tables in the room were visibly dirty and we had to clean them ourselves with wet wipes. The bed was ok, however the duvet desperately needs to be replaced - lumpy bumpy and pretty much useless. It would have been nice to know that coffee machines have been removed from the room as well. On a positive note, check in and out was quick and seamless. We will be staying elsewhere our next trip to Banff.

Canada day in Banff
User: tourguideraph from: Vancouver, Canada
Trip Type: Friends getaway
Published Date: Jul, 5, 2020
Travel Date: Jul, 1, 2020
Rating: 3
Seen a few complaints in over reviews before I booked this like “no balcony” or “really long walk into town” or “front desk didn’t have ski passes available to purchase”... All of which are things you would’ve known in advance or could’ve found out very easily... Only complaint is the room was tiny for the price and super dark without light on, but impeccably cleaned and great private bathroom. I can see people complaining about the 1-1.5km walk into town in the dead of winter, but in the summertime it’s nice walking, riding or driving a little bit into town and avoiding the hustle-bustle? Location is fine, having a The Keg downstairs is super convenient and most importantly - staff were great. Huge shout out to Jacob at the front desk - could tell he was doing his best in a busy/strange/stressful time to work in a hotel.

Overpriced for the rooms
User: amberw609 from: Moose Jaw, Canada
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Feb, 22, 2020
Travel Date: Feb, 1, 2020
Rating: 3
We stayed 2 nights in February. None of the staff, front desk or anyone staff that crosses paths in the hallways were indifferent. No one was friendly. We were standing outside of the keg doors looking at weather sheet on the counter and looking in the restaurant. When one of the staff seen us he came over and very loudly, while looking at us, without a word moved chairs in front of the entrance. Ya, we got it, you are closed. The rooms are very small. Very small. For the price of the hotel I was surprised at the size of the room. We had planned on purchasing our lift passes from the front desk to save money and time on the hill. However, we told that they did not have any kids passes. They only have what the hill drops off....but them proceeded to tell us they would “order more”. Went the next morning, same story. So we had to wait in line at the hill. Maybe a small thing, but for a ski town I would have expected the hotel to have the passes like every other hotel has when we have been there. The entire hotel smells like campfire. Which is great, unless your son has asthma and the smoke is just too much after 2 days. It would have been nice to know ahead of time so we could have made alternate arrangements. The lobby and pool area are nice and clean. The next time we are in Banff we will definitely book somewhere else.

"Nice" Hotel
User: alisabinhope from: Rotorua, New Zealand
Published Date: Feb, 20, 2020
Travel Date: Feb, 1, 2020
Rating: 4
Stayed for two weeks, housekeeping was a problem, but after two complaints the issues were rectified. Rooms "nice", in fact, everything about the hotel is "nice" not great and not bad, just nice. one thing which was very odd, we had 5 people in our party in 3 rooms and all said they had freaky dreams, pretty much every night whilst staying at the hotel. The spa pool was extremely over-chlorinated, making it unpleasant, also the pool needed a good clean as the tiles were black with grease. The showers n the spa pool never had soap in the continers and the drain was clogged with hair and grease.

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