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Great place to stay near Glacier
User: FrSu from: Georgia
Published Date: Aug, 15, 2019
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2019
Rating: 5
We were quite pleased with the cleanliness of the cabins and the location was perfect for exploring the Glacier Park area. It is midway between the West Glacier Entrance and the West Glacier Entrance and the drive to Many Glacier was not far. The staff was very welcoming and knowledgeable about the area, giving good advice on hiking and fishing. An added touch was the Cafe/Bar. They have live music on some nights and the food was very tasty. I felt like the staff enjoying making everyone happy. I think this is a perfect place for families, hikers, singles and anyone who is interested in spending time in the Glacier Park area.

Cozy Cabin Fun
User: Nikkysiobhan from:
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Jul, 21, 2019
Travel Date: Jul, 1, 2019
Rating: 5
Stayed 3 nights on our recent trip to Glacier National Park. The cabins were cozy and comfortable. We stayed in the double deluxe cabin with two beds and private bathroom/shower. Perfect for our stay. Staff, who I believe are new management, were wonderful, friendly, and very accommodating. It’s a short drive to the park, but far enough out to give you that quiet cabin in the woods feel. Also affordable when comparing accommodations right in Glacier. Favorite part was sitting around the fire at night where we met visitors from all over the map. Would definitely recommend

Avoid this Dump at all costs!
User: TravisD339 from:
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Jul, 8, 2019
Travel Date: Jul, 1, 2019
Rating: 1
Travelers beware! This place is a dump! That might be an understatement. We booked one night on July 4 in a Deluxe Cabin. These cabins are far from deluxe except have a private bathroom. However unless you are a child you cannot sit on the toilet properly and have to sit sideways. The private showers are operated on very small water heaters. By small I mean expect 2-3 minutes of hot water tops before pure cold water. Now let’s get into the facility. This place is solely a local hangout which is fine. I’m all about supporting local Montana establishments except when locals drinking bud lights and cheap mixed drinks take over the place. We had dinner at the main lodge. Menu is simple few sandwich options and couple fried food options. During our meal a local was speaking very inappropriately. It never offended us at all but clearly offended another woman who was with her husband having dinner but nobody working said anything to the gentleman who was speaking inappropriately. So we booked this property to get our dog out of city limits to avoid fireworks. I called and spoke to the property directly a couple of times before arriving in addition to check in and never once was it mentioned plan to have a firework show the evening we were staying. In addition, they had a live band playing literally 20 feet outside our front door of cabin until 10:30pm and fireworks went till nearly midnight. Never did we know any of this was going to happen until it started. I would have loved to complain to facility the next morning but nobody was at main office at 8:45am when we checked in. However, the fireworks from night before were still all over along side the main road in addition to some beer bottles and empty glasses. Again I’m all about having a good time and supporting local business. This place turned a establishment usually geared towards hosting travelers into a loud local party when if that’s what they wanted they should have shut down reservations

Read ALL reviews before booking!
User: bobbieb959 from: Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Published Date: Sep, 4, 2018
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2018
Rating: 1
Don’t take my word for it, instead read all of the 3 star and under reviews to get a good idea of what you’ll be dealing with. Prior to booking here, I found a price online for $99 per night. Since I would be checking in very late, I contacted the hotel to let them know I’d be late and to see if they’d match the price online. Vicki told me yes she could match that but the only room they had left was a deluxe so she’d upgrade us for no charge. As for the late check in, they’d leave a key for us in an agreed upon space. Deal. We arrived at quarter to 11 at night and the key was nowhere to be found. Seemingly no one on premises. We walked around every door/window looking for the key. Nothing. We could see ambient light from a television in an upstairs bedroom so we knocked and waited, knocked and waited. We were about 30 minutes out of town at 11 at night in the mountains with no reception. Finally, at a little after 11 my boyfriend took a flashlight to see if we could find anyone to help us and he found a garage with a light on and noise coming from within. When he opened the door he found a couple guys working under a car who claimed they never heard anyone. Sure, that may be true. One of the men (Mitch?) came out to help and locked my boyfriend out of the bar while he “looked for the key.” Apparently he couldn’t find the key or record of us booking. When he went back in after talking to my boyfriend, Travis followed him in and pointed to the piece of paper right on top of the desk that had our booking info on it. What is happening here?!? This was finally just past MIDNIGHT and we were finally getting to check into our room. Problems don’t end here. We checked into our “cabin” which looks like a cabin from the outside but inside is a rickety pre-fab plyboard unit. The bed was rickety and uncomfortable. No deadbolts on the door and no adequate curtain to block light from the street light from coming into our cabin. NO BATHROOM in a deluxe cabin? We tried to figure out what was deluxe exactly about this? The communal guys. It’s bad. It is bad. We are use to staying in shabby hotels. We do it all the time. We rough it. I camp. In a tent. I hike. We like fancy too, but we are not afraid of living without a lot of things. The bathroom doors are not locked so ANYONE can come into then. There were cigarette ashes in both the sink AND the shower. Remember to bring the towels from your room if you do use the shower (we didn’t) because there are none in the bathroom. The men’s and women’s bathrooms are adjoined by a (very dirty) laundry room. At 5am, my boyfriend went to use the restroom and there was a very drunk/high man sleeping against a wall. When Travis opened the door the guy says “oh I’m just here because I got sprayed by bear spray.” How do you get sprayed by bear spray, dude? He couldn’t even Use the bathroom and not 10 minutes before I was in the women’s side by myself. This could easily be a very bad situation for women. This epic experience cost us $108. We’ve stayed in motels for far, far less that have been way more safe, accommodating, and a far better overall value. We were going to stay here 2 nights but we were able to book that morning at East Glacier Motel & Cabins for $105. You can see my review for them by clicking on my name. I’ve never stayed anywhere and had such a horrific experience. I strongly recommend you find another place to stay, you are better off sleeping in your car. Contrary to Mitch’s narcissistic beliefs, there are many other places to stay near Glacier with comparable pricing where you will be far more comfortable and safe.

Clean and basic.
User: Lynette V from: Saint Cloud, Minnesota
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Aug, 22, 2018
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2018
Rating: 3
The cabin was clean and we would stay again, but only in a cabin with a bathroom. The shared facilities a single toilet and shower for all to use...inconvenient! You have to be ok with some highway and train noise. Employees were a bit disorganized but the price was right.

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