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Grant Grove Cabins
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Rustic cabin with issues so can’t recommend
User: ttiottn1 from: Ohio
Published Date: Oct, 9, 2021
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2021
Rating: 2
We’ve stayed in many cabins in many national parks; the Grants Grove “timber” cabins are very rustic even by national park standards with issues so I don’t recommend staying in one. We stayed 2 nights in a “duplex cabin with bath”;. The windows are a bit tricky to work; they have screens but many of ours would not shut tight. There is no A/C and no fans available (we asked at the front desk); lucky for us the nights did get cold enough to allow for sleep. In fact we’d have to close the windows half way thru the eve. The bed and sheets were comfortable and allowed for a good night’s sleep. Everything else looked worn out. The 2 chairs had fabric on the seats that were so stained we did not dare sit on them without covering them with towels. The cabin had 2 beds but IMHO was way too small for a family of four; it was tight with just 2 adults. The bathroom was tiny and the toilet flushed so hard it sprayed water on the floor. And the water pressure for the shower was way too high; luckily it was adjustable at the faucet to not hurt you. The bulb in the closet had no cover and was janky; the bulb outside the cabin also had no cover. The pine trees left extremely sticky clear sap on everything outside the cabin. It was all over the stairs and deck leading to the cabin so there was no way to not track it into the cabin. Somehow miraculously we were able to keep our suitcases clean. The table and chairs on the deck would have been nice had they not been covered in the sticky sap too. A simple awning (rather than cutting down the trees) would fix this situation but alas there was none. I even got the sap on one of my shorts and it won’t come out, e.g., the shorts are now ruined. The ice is up at the John Muir lodge which is a hike and there is no ice bucket; they give you a plastic garbage bag to put it in. But not before sternly warning you to NOT fill ANY coolers. The woman working the front desk was rude about that fact when she could have been nicer about it; “Are you SURE you are NOT going to fill a cooler?” She was NOT pleasant at all. When I asked her about a fan she acted like I was asking for something completely unreasonable. I’m usually fine with rustic accommodations in the park but I won’t stay here again; too many issues and at $160 a night including all taxes & fees not worth it.

Not sure any marriage would survive the honeymoon cabin. You might as well camp, or stay in John Muir
User: SeniorTravelerTF from: Fort Atkinson
Published Date: Sep, 6, 2021
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2021
Rating: 2
We stayed in both the tent cabin and one of the furnished units, supposedly the "honeymoon cabin". The tent cabin was very clean, well cared for and furnished with beds, a hardback chair, a bureau and some hangers. There is no heat or electricity, so bring your own light. There are also no extra blankets available, so bring warm with you because even in August it gets cool at night. And the bathroom is a separate building, as is the shower. Shower kind of gross, but after hiking it isn't optional. While showers were a bit gross, bathrooms were spotless. We thought we were taking a big step up when we moved to a cabin that was described to us as "the honeymoon cabin". While it was nice to have a bathroom and electricity and a comfortable chair - the concessionaire has not put any money into the cabin in years. It had paint peeling inside and out. The outside light, important coming back at night, did not work. The bathroom window was caked with mold. There were several examples of screw or nail holes in the cabin where they had not bothered to spackle or repaint. A doorknob was added and paint, not matching, slapped on. There was an ancient electrical switch on the wall that we did not touch it looked so antiquated. The front door did not open all the way because of warping, but to "solve" the problem they had shaved the door so it had gaps all the way around to let in light, heat and bugs. The bed was a mattress only, no box spring, so it was not supportive and very low to the floor. There was a light and clock plugged into an outlet that did not work, only to discover two days in that the outlet was controlled by a switch on the wall. Who does that? We borrowed an extension cord and maintenance never checked with us. Keep in mind that this was "the honeymoon cabin", but I would not bet the other cabins have any more attention or care.

Reservation Blues
User: soulgirl9296 from: Laramie Wyoming
Published Date: Jun, 6, 2021
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2021
Rating: 2
I was way excited to stay here, arrives here had lunch and went to check in. The reservation was cancelled. The manager gave me the date it had been cancelled, I explained that I had not cancelled. Told the manager I contacted someone three times possible to move to the main lodge, assigned cabins and confirmation. I was a hotel manager in my time and this was handled poorly. She did find us a room at another lodge but we had to pay almost $300.00 dollars, no apology about the mixup. We drove from Laramie Wyoming 2 driving days, why would I be standing at the lodging desk to check in? We travel everywhere, Europe as well. Never encountered this behavior. We checked our archives for emails about the cancellation, there was none, we should of received a robo call, there was none. I have worked for 35 years at the University of Wyoming 7 faculty and advising students and managing an office with a few staff I have supervised, Things happen, I may have made a mistake cancelling, how I don’t know but to be treated not as a customer is beyond my compass. I wasn’t rude or yelling, I answered the question politely.. only thing I couldn’t remember which credit card we used. The place we stayed at last night was fine but we are staying in Fresno tonight. I would not say to avoid the lodge but people skills need improvement and be careful with your reservations.

Just needed a cheap bed...nothing more!
User: kevan j from: Norman, Oklahoma
Published Date: Aug, 19, 2020
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2020
Rating: 3
Stayed in a tent cabin here one night when hiking in the park. It served all its purposes. Cheap, protection from the bugs, close to the action, and a good bed. It did get cold at night, but I was aware from other reviews of this so I brought a sleeping bag and slept very well. The staff at the lodge where you check in were also very nice. I will stay here again next time I come to the park.

Location, location, location.
User: slambert502018 from: Los Angeles, California
Published Date: Mar, 5, 2020
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2019
Rating: 4
The cabins I've stayed in are not as attractive as the photo but they are clean and warm. The bathroom facility functioned properly. The setting outside the cabin often includes roads and parked cars. What's so good about the cabins? They are close to one of the last natural areas that host Giant Sequoia groves. Excellent hiking trails are within two miles of the cabins. Decent park restaurants, groceries, souvenir shops and the Grant Grove visitors centers are all with walking distance of the cabins. The lodge is nicer but it quickly fills and costs twice the price. The rustic cabins have no electricity and you must hike to the shared bathrooms. The cabins are probably the best value, if the price doesn't rise next season.

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