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Grant Grove Cabins
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Great customer service
User: S9045PPmikes from: San Diego, California
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Jan, 24, 2019
Travel Date: Jan, 1, 2019
Rating: 5
We had a great experience, came here for the first time the customer service was amazing. We had planned to stay a full week but because of the snow the road between the parks was closed. We were able to cut our stay short at Grant grove cabins and drive to Sequoia and get a couple of days on this side of the Forest. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

Comfortable and lovely old style cabins
User: pieter851 from: The Hague, The Netherlands
Trip Type: Solo travel
Published Date: Dec, 23, 2018
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2018
Rating: 5
I spent two nights in the Grant Grove Cabins (nr. 4, which was at the front) and had a lovely experience here. - Two big beds, can sleep four people - Flush toilets, hot shower that can be used as a small bathtub as well - Electricity and free Wifi (although not too fast) - Porch to sit on and cook with my gas stove (no cooking inside!) - Picnic table outside - Very quiet: the cabins are built as two cabins together, so you share one wall. But I did not hear a sound of my neighbours, although they had two small children. - Walking distance to visitors center, market, restaurant and post office of Grant Grove - Parking space very close, just in front of the cabins. This cabin has really great style and character, without any problem with comfort. Yes they are "old": the Cabins' wooden shingles are visibly affected by age and so are the door and the windows. The bathroom is mostly what I presume to be original from the 1960's. But I really hope that these cabins will never be renovated, because I have had enough of the standard plastic motel windows and furniture. My advice for the owners is: do not ever modernize the cabins. This it exactly like it should be. The beds are brand new and sleep great. The cabin was very clean, the sheets were clean and nice, there was hot water and a shower, and there were more bath towels than I could use. On the downside I can only think of the lack of a small table on the porch (I used a chair) a the garbage can which was way too small (but I must admit that I had a lot of food packaging to throw away, preparing for a thru-hike). I used the cabin for the first days of preparation for a 8 day hike in the National park. Coming from Europe, I drove from San Francisco Airport to Grant Grove in one afternoon, on the day of arrival. That took me 5:15 hrs with a few short breaks. Grant Grove was not very busy (late august) although when I came back about 9 days later, it was a weekend and just a bit more crowded. As compared to for instance Yosemity, I definitely prefer Kings Canyon, because it is smaller, more quiet and it will give you a more natural expeirence. Visiting the Grant Grove giant trees though, I would recommend to go early (I went at 6 am and had the entire forest for myself). Compared to camping the cabin is of course expensive, but for the first two nights I could afford the price (about $ 150 for 2 nights) and certainly got value for money.

Great location to tourist sites, hiking trails, and gift shops
User: Rosie316 from:
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Dec, 15, 2018
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2018
Rating: 3
My family of 6 rented a 3 bed, no bathroom cabin for 2 nights. The cabin was a good size, the beds were full size and ok on comfort. The wall heater didn't do much of anything for the room. There was a plug in heater that we used but there was only one outlet and the 3rd bed couldn't feel the heat at all. There is no insulation in the walls so whatever temp it is outside, that's what you feel inside, so we were pretty cold at night. However, they do put a lot of warm layers on the beds, sheets, blanket and a quilt that worked pretty well. There is a wood stove, but it is outside for some reason, you can't cook with it so don't expect to use it as a form of oven/stove. We brought a plug in skillet and used that inside on the one outlet we had. The location of the cabins was perfect, a few miles from the General Grant tree, Panoramic Point, and great trails. There is a grant grove restaurant, gift shop, market, post office and an information building within walking distance of all cabins. The lodge is very nice, we will probably stay there next time. There was no bathroom in our cabin but we were only 2 cabins away from the communal bathrooms/showers. The showers were freezing cold night one, they were warmer the 2nd day. The bathrooms were clean.

Rustic Cabins
User: Evelyn C from: Byhalia, Mississippi
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Oct, 27, 2018
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2018
Rating: 2
We spent two nights in the cabin with a bath. The setting is lovely and the location is convenient for visiting the parks. However, the cabin does not look like the pictures online. The cabin is very small with the two beds pushed against the walls, and there is little room to move around. The covering on the bed was old and actually had a big hole right in the center; we expected more for $125 a night.

Could Be Better with Some Minor Changes
User: BradJ92103 from: San Diego, California
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Oct, 13, 2018
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2018
Rating: 4
We'd stayed at Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone and the Half Dome Village in Yosemite where we stayed in a cabin but had to walk outdoors to the toilets/showers. We had the same sort of accommodations at the Grant Grove Cabins and the overall experience was the same. The cabin was basic, without running water but quite spacious, with a deck and outdoor fireplace. All in all, great accommodations. That said, I have a few minor complaints that bothered us but other travelers might not care about, so I suppose they're directed more at management but might also be caveats to potential guests. The wall heater didn't seem to work (or we couldn't find a way to use it) and the space heater used one of the two outlets near the beds, the other outlet being used by the bedside lamp. The wattage of the bedside lamp's bulb should be increased. (I warned you that I was going to get petty!) We couldn't read. If the overhead light was on it was blinding, but the bedside lamp's bulb alone was so low as to be non-effective. The showers, the showers . . . The room was impeccably clean and there were enough showers for everybody. For a shared facility, this ranks really high. But for all their self-promoting claims of water-savings in drought-stricken California they fail big-time and I say this as someone who lives in drought-stricken Southern California. When checking in, each guest is given a token allowing her to one six-minute shower per day. Fine. The problem is that one you stick the token in: 1) You cannot adjust the temperature of the shower 2) You cannot adjust the direction of the spray of the shower, so some of your clothes will get wet 3) You cannot shut the shower off, either while washing or when done. It just runs for six minutes, even if you're done in three. The water, in drought-stricken California, just runs and runs and runs until the allotted six minutes is up. You cannot shut it off, even when you're trying to dry. Yes, I'm being nit-picky, but these minor things bothered me: low in-room lighting, shower water spraying everywhere uncontrollably, wasting water while proclaiming to be water-wise. Would I stay here again? Yes. Do I wish they'd make some fixes? Yes.

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