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Grant Grove Cabins
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Clean and tidy but freezing!
User: 620garethd from: Belfast, United Kingdom
Trip Type: Friends getaway
Published Date: Oct, 16, 2022
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2022
Rating: 4
We stayed in the tent cabin rather than the wooden lodge type Cabins as that was all there was available. The cabin was clean and tidy and bug free. It felt secure albeit there are no lights or electrical sockets so be prepared with power packs and lamps. Check in/out was completed at The John Muir Lodge nearby and the staff were very friendly and helpful. They advised we were free to hang out at the lodge and charge devices etc. it was obvious a lot of people availed of this offer but we checked in late and headed straight to our cabin. Now as transatlantic travellers well past our backpacking stage we didn’t bring a sleeping bag or any other sensible piece of equipment thinking September in California couldn’t be that cold. Let me tell you high up at that altitude do not make the same mistake we did. It was freezing!!!!!! Literally the coldest night I have ever put in in my life. 🥶 🥶. The cabins did have a summer duvet and an extra blanket but these were pretty useless to be honest. Anyhoo do as I say not as I do. We were aware it was unheated and we thought a few extra layers of clothing would suffice. It did. I mean we didn’t get hypothermia but believe me it was genuinely freezing. The toilet and shower block were nearby and they were clean and tidy and the showers were piping hot which was amazing. The breakfast at the village was grand considering the location and offerings. Anyway I can recommend the cabins without a shadow of a doubt but if you’re going on shoulder season be prepared to be very cold potentially and bring a sleeping bag if your luggage allowance permits. 🤣🤣

Simple, rustic cabin with comfy bed
User: kandrad2022 from:
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Oct, 13, 2022
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2022
Rating: 3
My husband and I stayed in a double cabin with bathroom for 2 nights when we visited Kings Canyon/Sequoia NP. We loved that we were able to stay in the park. The General Grant tree is a short drive from here. Gift shop had weekend hours only, but the general store and restaurant were open and the food we purchased was great! The room was rustic - the cabin built somewhere in the 40's-50's. Please hear me - these are rustic.... not farmhouse rustic - just rustic. I knew they would be because I had done my research, but they were NOT horrible. The room was clean - well lit and fairly well appointed, including a night stand, 2 double beds, a closet, towels, wall mounted shower gel and shampoo in the shower, a dresser, table with coffee maker and a private bath. The beds were clean and very comfortable - much more than I expected them to be. There is no A/C but we visited in October so we opened the windows for a breeze and as soon as the sun went down in cooled off a great deal. (There is a wall heater.) Please note that there is no refrigerator. However, the main (John Muir) Lodge was close by. We checked in there and went back over several times for ice to keep our lunch makings cool in our cooler. The front desk associates were very helpful and suggested some great hikes to take while visiting the parks. Over all a great stay - would stay again!

Worst stay in a national park
User: Krr1975 from: Sevierville, Tennessee
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Sep, 26, 2022
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2022
Rating: 2
We've not stayed a lot in national parks but this was our worst stay. The cabin are very rustic. Fortunately, we were only here for one night. We did have our own private bath but we happen to visit during the historic heat wave. The cabin was very hot inside with only a fan. Had to have the windows open for air but then people could see you and everything you were doing in the cabin. The worst part was as soon as it started to get dark the flying bugs were drawn into the lights inside of the cabin. The beds and other furniture looked very old, felt dirty and were not comfortable. Also, had to use a wagon to get our luggage from the parking lot to the cabin. No fridge in the cabin and the ice at the store was almost $4 a bag! This was definately not worth the almost $200 price we had to pay to stay here! Would not stay here again and would not recommend.

Lovely couple days
User: M L from:
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Aug, 27, 2022
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2022
Rating: 5
It was super easy, the tent cabins were really nice. Tons of space but bring batteries and lights if you’re electricity oriented. Our cabin was super close to the showers and bathrooms. It was also a short walk to the lodge/food ordering area. You can grab ice at the hotel and hang out in the lounge area to access wifi.

Simple, rustic cabin served its purpose
User: Jill S from: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Jul, 6, 2022
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2022
Rating: 4
My family stayed in the rustic cabins w/ bath as a break between camping in Yosemite and Sequoia. As others have noted, it was a bit rough around the edges and in need of some renovation (tighter screens, pinecone sap getting tracked in, older furniture, etc.) but the beds were comfortable, the bathroom provided everything we needed, the cabin area was quiet, and the people at the John Muir Lodge desk were very nice. One note: overnight it was a little windy and some pinecones from the sugar pines nearby landed on the roof of the cabin. They are enormous and so the noise they created was intense and almost frightening until we figured out what they were. So if you hear some crashes overhead, no worries -- just cones from the sugar pines. Also, it's about a mile or more walk to the Grant Tree from the cabins. The way it was worded in the park newspaper made it seem closer than that -- just in case you're thinking of walking there too. Would recommend the cabins overall -- just don't have your expectations too high.

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