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The Lodge at Mammoth Cave
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Great value for the price
User: benaventures from: McKinney, Texas
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Apr, 23, 2022
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2022
Rating: 5
First of all, some of these reviews are completely unreasonable. This is a cabin in the woods not the ritz. The cabin is located within walking distance of the camp store and the national park visitor center, as well as hiking trails. The parking is feet away from the room so you don’t have to carry your things far. The room was clean, safe, and quiet. The bed was incredibly comfortable and the white bedding was pristine. There were plenty of clean sod towels and the bathroom was very clean. Pretty much everything you need for a nice stay at the park. My family loved it and we will definitely be staying again.

Sunset Terrace Room
User: CDTrip72 from: Arlington Heights, Illinois
Published Date: Apr, 15, 2022
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2022
Rating: 4
With the main lodge being closed, we were lucky to get a sunset terrace room as there are only around 20 of them. We’ve gone to many national parks and compared to a place you would stay at Yellowstone, it’s unreal in terms of creature comforts. You get things like satellite tv (no broadcast networks), AC and heat, wireless, refrigerator, and a microwave. They still give you old fashioned keys (why?), and one funny thing they give you a sheet if you need to contact the staff they have the word ‘emergecy’ in there so that didn’t give me much confidence. Now for the drawbacks … the wireless doesn’t work well and I actually got better coverage (I have Verizon) when I turned it off. The room design isn’t good, as there isn’t a closet or even a bar you can put your coat on. In the bathroom, there is only one small shelf and it’s right above the toilet (and the toilet is not fully covered), so I was afraid to put much up there as I was afraid it would fall into the toilet. We ended up getting an ADA room and there is only a small bar to get into the shower. Even with the shower curtain, the water got way too easily out of the shower and into the room so we had to use multiple towels to clean up the mess (at the very least, add a drain in the bathroom). Finally, there was only one vending machine and it was completely out of soda. Now having said all that, we still were happy to be there because the goal is enjoy the area and it was just a quick 10 minute walk to the visitors center. There are also some nice quick trails you can take right off the parking lot, including seeing the memorial for one of the most famous tour guides. So despite the annoyances with the room, we would stay there again.

Quiet stay
User: Rebecca_Oregon from: Questa, New Mexico
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Nov, 15, 2021
Travel Date: Nov, 1, 2021
Rating: 5
Stayed in November. Few kids at Sunset Terrace rooms so it was very quiet. Rooms had updated bedding and thick, soft towels. Bathroom had mid century tiles - loved it! Stayed in room 302, third from far left and closer to the cave. Quick and easy walk to tours. Back wall of windows faced a wooded area. Close parking to rooms. Staff were very nice nice and helpful.

Aged, But Not That Bad
User: urbanguy from: Richmond, Virginia
Published Date: Oct, 25, 2021
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2021
Rating: 4
The Sunset Terrace Rooms are a short drive from the Visitor Center and the place where you check-in. Check-in was swift and pleasant. We drove down to our room. The rooms are far enough away to give you the feeling that you are out in the "middle of nowhere" (except you're right next to another room). The room is not large and the bathroom is small. But, I knew it wasn't a Hilton, Hyatt, etc. And, that was fine with me. The beds were comfortable. Spotted a deer outside the back window in the early evening. In the morning, I placed a beautiful katydid outside, obviously having come in from the cold for the night. And, that was fine with me.

my first stay in a 1 star hotel
User: nancym290 from: Weymouth
Published Date: Oct, 6, 2021
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2021
Rating: 1
This was my first stay in a 1 star hotel. The staff was rude and not helpful. The room had a strange odor and a large hole in the ceiling. There were a number of rusty things in the bathroom. Thankfully the bed was clean and comfortable. The sink and shower were clean. We stayed (and in all honesty would stay again) because choices are limited in the park. The Lodge was a footbridge away from the Visitor's Center and we had an 8:45 am tour. In a pinch, this hotel will do but do not expect much.

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