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Lewis Mountain Cabins
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Planning to stay there again
User: BillR1322 from:
Published Date: Jun, 24, 2022
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2021
Rating: 4
Remember folks, this is RUSTIC. Read the other reviews. Compare this to a tent, and you will come out positive. Not a resort! We had no problems other than check-in being a bit inconvenient. Staff was not welcoming (did not explain the process - you had to figure it out yourself) and timing was a bit tricky. We got there early and had to go down the road and have a picnic while we waited. We did use the bear box for our food - taking it out of our car. Talked to a couple of employees that evening and saw recent photos of bears nearby. Nice covered outdoor picnic table where we set up our camp stove. Fire ring where we had a nice fire that evening. Bed was fine. Shower was fine. Beats a tent!! Nice little porch. Parking was across the road, but you could park "on the street" to unload your stuff. We did not see any mice. Very near the Appalachian Trail (just a few yards away through the woods with access in the nearby campground), so I walked about a mile in both directions. Stopped and talked to the tent/camping area host and that person was very friendly and helpful. We will be back, hopefully with friends to explore the AT in both directions.

Prepare for Rustic
User: Shawn H from: Washington DC, District of Columbia
Published Date: Nov, 27, 2021
Travel Date: Nov, 1, 2021
Rating: 3
We booked two nights in cabin 7, but only ended up staying the night for one the last week the area was open. The cabin (half a duplex) was small, with a tiny shower/bathroom and bedroom with smallish bed. It was pretty rustic, there was heat, but not very good until you pull the electric heater out of the closet and plug that in as well. During the one night we stayed there, we noticed mice in the room. The next morning, there was no water for the sink or toilet, which seemed to be a common issue and maintenance people were there to fix it. Even with the water going, water temperature in the shower was hit or miss and there was only a trickle of water coming out of the sink. The cabin had a little patio area with picnic table and chairs with a fire pit, but it was not a very private space across from the store and the neighboring cabin. They sold firewood for $7.50 a cord in the store and we managed to burn two, though the cold wind blowing through the site made it pretty tough to get the fire going. At night, the noise of the wind blowing through the cabin and shaking the door and the mice made it somewhat difficult to sleep. The cabins are arrayed around a camp store, which is well stocked with essential camping supplies, food, drinks, and small souvenirs. Front desk staff was there for check-ins and check outs, but had a sign up saying to ring the doorbell of a nearby cabin in case of late check-in. If you are going to stay here, think of it as a slightly more comfortable alternative to tent camping, rather than a bad hotel.

Great check-in, and friendly help getting settled in. Help after we left an item in our room.
User: terryhC3000MW from:
Published Date: Nov, 23, 2021
Travel Date: Nov, 1, 2021
Rating: 5
We spent 1 night and were happy with the bed and unit. We enjoyed a nice camp fire out back of our cabin. We have a small dog and everything worked well for him. We liked the location but were not able to explore it as much as we would have liked to. After we left in the morning we realized we had left our Ipad on the floor in our room. We called the store manager and he helped to reach out and contact the facilities manager (Brandon) who went to great lengths to help locate the item and facilitate the return to us back in Indiana. Two park rangers were also involved in the retrieval and we felt they went way beyond what we expected. Great Job! We would stay here again if were back in the Park. T&T Hand

Cabin 7: nice sunset, mouse issue
User: 521jf from: Houston
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Nov, 17, 2021
Travel Date: Nov, 1, 2021
Rating: 2
Our stay was originally for 2 nights in Cabin 7 but we left after the first night. Everything was wonderful until 3:00 AM when we woke up to a mouse in the bed with us! We had come prepared knowing rodents are active this time of year, but YIKES! Packed up and left in the morning. Workers were super nice and said they wouldn’t charge us for our second night. We will explore the park another time. I would avoid Cabin 7 as it seems like this might be a long term problem.

The least - at best - of your options for Shenandoah
User: SeniorTravelerTF from: Fort Atkinson
Published Date: Nov, 2, 2021
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2021
Rating: 2
We arrived after 8:00 p.m. and found no signs or direction on where or how to register. We ended up at the campground host who angrily told us to go to the store - where we had first stopped but it was closed. Went back to the store and saw someone inside and knocked, who said "well we have a sign" - a dinky 8x11 sheet of paper on a door filled with other notices we were supposed to see in the dark. That was a portent of things to come. Fortunately we reserved both "sides" to the cabin because there was a shared bathroom in the middle with a door that would not close all the way on one side. And given the thin board making up the door any bathroom activity would not have been private. And it takes forever for hot water to come, and when it does in the shower the head leaked spraying the wall or outside the cubicle. No comfortable place to sit, only wood hard-backed chairs. I had read about mice in reviews before we arrived, and we heard them shuffling around at night but did not have any damage or droppings. The electricity must have been put during the Roosevelt administration because plugging in the portable heater provided knocked out the electricity for both sides of the cabin. We were able to reset it once, but not a second time and resigned ourselves to dressing in a cold cabin on the day we checked out. But take flashlights and an extra blanket in case this happens at night. It rained during our stay so we had a dry place to stay and there is a covered picnic table in back to use. Good location for exploring the south central area of Shenandoah. But be aware of the limitations.

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