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Chisos Mountains Lodge
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating: 915 reviews
Wasted $500 - had to sleep in our car to stay warm - Valarie the GM was rude and should be fired.
User: Anthony M from:
Published Date: Mar, 26, 2023
Travel Date: Mar, 1, 2023
Rating: 1
We stayed 2 nights at the lodge - we had the expensive cottage room. We were there this past week when it was snowing and very cold (approx 30 degrees F). Our heat did not work the first night. The person who collected garbage on the property was kind enough to try and help (no maintenance people on the grounds at that time) - he brought 2 portable heaters. They blew the circuit and now we had no electricity AND no heat. We slept in the car all night to stay warm. The next day (almost noon), Valarie the GM came to our room to see the status. Valarie the GM had no interest in hearing about the horrible sleepless night we just went through. The room has mold growing on the ceilings, no heat, no electricity, the bathroom was a mess with a ceiling falling down, crud growing in the tub and walls, and many other issues. (We have pix and video). Valarie was very unprofessional, rude and didnt care about any of these issues and basically told us to "like it or leave it" while waving her arms and raising her voice yelling at us hysterically. We didnt hear anything else from the lodge or Valarie who said she would give us a 20% discount - but that did not happen. Valarie should find a new line of work and should not be in the hospitality business. I suggest you do not book here simply because the rooms are horrible and disgusting - but certainly not if Valarie is still working there - she will ruin your vacation.

Spend As Little Time As Possible At The Lodge
User: ShortStack12 from: Hope, New Jersey
Published Date: Mar, 19, 2023
Travel Date: Dec, 1, 2022
Rating: 3
The location is fantastic. The facilities are yuk. The food is yuk (dinner was better than breakfast). You can't blame the management for the facilities, but you can blame them for the food. Breakfast was really disappointing. But we would return in a heartbeat. We don't camp and we had to stay somewhere. Also, all our time was spent elsewhere in the park. If you are thinking of going, go in 2023. We were told that the facilities are being removed and rebuilt starting in 2024.

Be prepared for power outages and really old rooms
User: 7536180 from: Rochester, Minnesota
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Feb, 24, 2023
Travel Date: Feb, 1, 2023
Rating: 2
We spent three nites here in one of the motel rooms. The first nite the power went out for 5 hrs from about 3 or 4 am to 8 am. Fortunately came on by time we got up. Second day it was out when we got back late afternoon from hiking and came back on around 9 pm but there was no possibility for a hot meal. Restaurant served wraps and salads. The third nite power went out around 4 pm and never came back on even by the next morning, and there was no food at all in the restaurant, it was closed due to lack of power. The shower was cold that day too, so no hot water for at Least 12 hrs. The woman in the lodge store told us that power outages are a regular occurrence there. The rooms are as described in other reviews, dated from 50’s, windows dirty, curtains falling off the rods, blankets super thin ( like old thin chenille), pillows uncomfortable and beds old. The room itself seemed to be clean but used as noted. Granted this is a National park lodge, but they could either get generators or inform people on their website that power is unreliable so you can be prepared. It is the only place to stay unless you want to camp or stay 45-60 min outside the park.

Neglected hotel with nice views.
User: NYCTravelPal from: New York City, New York
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Feb, 23, 2023
Travel Date: Feb, 1, 2023
Rating: 2
The hotel is situated at a beautiful site within big bend park. However, the rooms are neglected, and the staff seems uncaring as they have a monopoly on the only hotel in the park. Our room had peeling paint on the bathroom, no outlet easily available near the bed and was dusty and felt not particularly clean. There might be some “old” charm in the hotel in its simplicity but it’s priced high and doesn’t provide the service. We arrived and there was no electricity at the hotel- meaning no refrigerator to store food, limited hot water and no lights. Despite this no accommodation was provided in the high rate. The park’s authority should consider a new vendor.

A favorable experience in February
User: SusanY163 from: Denver, Colorado
Published Date: Feb, 17, 2023
Travel Date: Feb, 1, 2023
Rating: 4
We stayed in Cottage 100 and Cottage 110 .....#100 is more comfortable due to increased space and kitchen nook, drawers for clothing. They were "clean" but could use a deep clean, some cobweb removal, under the bed cleaning and screens could use some attention. Saying that, I would stay again without hesitation. Good parking.

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