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Under Canvas Zion
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating: 80 reviews
Why didn't I think of this camping concept?!!! Absolutely Amazing!
User: jameswD3167JN from: Las Vegas, Nevada
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Mar, 20, 2019
Travel Date: Mar, 1, 2019
Rating: 5
What an experience! I've been car camping, beach camping, tent camping and RV camping in some of the most beautiful state parks, and on the East and West Coast! All great experiences, but this unlike any experience I've ever had! The glampground sits near the top of a mountain in Virgin, Utah. The glamp sites are situated so you are above or below your neighbors. Privacy is not an issue. The tents are extremely spacious! Our tent included a very comfortable King Size bed, a lamp table on each side of the bed, two chairs at the foot of the bed, a small stand/table between the chairs, a coat hanger, and a wood burning stove. The stove heats up the tent within minutes. The interior of the tent is high enough so that you can walk throughout the entire tent without worrying about bumping your head on the canvas lol! Oh and the floor is carpeted. There are two more additional chairs and a table just outside the tent, beneath an overhead cover. So, you have your own little covered patio! We spent some time here enjoying the beautiful view of the landscape with some wine. Please see the attached pics. Let's talk about accomodations. Guests can literally order room service, seriously! We ordered morning coffee for $25. That morning, we woke up to a pot of coffee outside our tent. Kind of nice, although it did not come with milk or cream, so I had to walk to the main dining tent to get milk for the coffee. By the way, coffee in the main dining tent is free. My advice, don't pay $25 to have a pot of coffee delivered to your glamp site. The main dining tent pretty cool! The staff are extremely friendly and attentive. There is a full menu, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is prepared onsite and is truthfully delicious. The presentation is excellent! We tried the Trout, Charcuterie Board, Oatmeal and Fruit, and the Egg and Cheese Sandwich during our stay. There may have been a couple of other items as well. There is a sunken fire pit in the dining tent that is very cozy and a perfect spot to have a glass of wine. We met a very friendly group of fellow clampers while eating dinner and drinking wine in the fire pit. So much fun! Okay let's talk about the bathrooms. Very up to date, regarding decor, very clean, and heated. Yes, they provide towels, body wash and shampoo! Just a side note, the shower head is activated by a pull chain to conserve water. My girlfriend gave her approval on the bathrooms and showers, so it's safe to say that they're top notch! You can't go camping/glamping and skip out on the campfire. Staff members lite up a campfire in front of the reception area every night. There is another at the top of the mountain! Finally, what is a campfire without smores?!!! They provide all the ingredients and the utensils to roast your marshmellows and indulge in some smores while sitting next to the fire. And "Yes" it's All You Can Eat! Lol! In summary, whomever thought of this concept is a genius outdoorsy type person! There were people of all ages here! Everyone was happy! Zion is a 20 minute drive away, so you're never bored! The view from every Glampsite is phenomenal! The overall atmosphere is very relaxing. The Stars are abundant and bright! Should I go on?!!! If I don't go back, my girlfriend will certainly go without me! Can't wait for the next trip to Under Canvas Zion!

Fun way to camp
User: shibbyu18 from: Phoenix, Arizona
Trip Type: Friends getaway
Published Date: Mar, 19, 2019
Travel Date: Mar, 1, 2019
Rating: 4
A girlfriend and I stayed 4 nights here and had a blast. We definitely over packed as we were unsure what to bring with! We were in the tent with no bathroom, which was fine but on the cold nights it was miserable when you had to go pee! If it’s summer months I would suggest this tent but if it’s still cold I would get a tent with a bathroom. The wood burning furnace only lasts about an hour just enough time for you to pass out and then wake up freezing. That was a major downfall, we got told with the bigger tents that it takes longer to heat those up as well. Again in summer time this wouldn’t be an issue it was just still cold when we went. I would advise to bring extra blankets if still cold out. Some staff was helpful and informative of Zion but not all were. When we asked staff about hikes a lot of them had no suggestions or had never explored the area. When signing up for other activities staff also didn’t really know much information. Honestly if you wanted to outside activities I would sign up directly through those places and not go through under canvas. The meals we had here were all really good, lots of vegetarian options, and different nightly specials. Free s’mores every night. We didn’t bring any food to cook our selves but we did see some people cooking using the top of their furnace. For lunches you can order bag lunches through the restaurant the night prior and pick up that am. The showers were not too bad but best time would be in the afternoon when the sun is out. In the am the water was still freezing! Overall we had a good experience we just wished the staff was more personable and knew more information about the tents and area. I would probably stay again but no more than 3 nights, by the 4th night we were kind of over it. My friend had cell reception the whole time (Verizon) but I did not (sprint). The tent had 2 battery packs to plug in USB so you could charge your phones. Bathrooms had outlets if you wanted to bring a blow dryer or anything like that. They supply the bathroom towels, shampoo, and soap. They also have filtered water at the restaurant that you could refill your water bottles with. Free coffee, teas and hot chocolate as well. The restaurant did serve beer and wine, no hard liquor though but you can bring in outside alcohol.

Magnificent experience
User: daenen1 from: Bozeman, Montana
Trip Type: Solo travel
Published Date: Mar, 17, 2019
Travel Date: Mar, 1, 2019
Rating: 5
I loved staying here, the views and accommodations are spectacular , and I recommend staying at a suite or deluxe. Very friendly staff (Kerry, Gabbi and Racheal) Can’t wait to explore other camps with Under Canvas

not worth the money
User: Matthias E from:
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Nov, 14, 2018
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2018
Rating: 1
We spent 3 nights as a family (2 adult, 14y and 16y kids) and booked a VIP-Pass. Tent far to small for a family with 4. Very uncomfortable bedsofa, daughter spent three nights on floor. The food was ridiculous and far away from description on website. We spent an ridiculous amount of money per night - organized tours were partly double paid (after arguing I got a refund). The VIP was charged with approximately same amount as stay per night - still don't know what for since excursion were paid extra! From second day onwards we had all meals outside the camp (although everything included) - stay out!

Fun Adventure with our Boys!!!
User: taniatiarathompson from: Las Vegas, Nevada
Published Date: Nov, 11, 2018
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2018
Rating: 5
Two Mom's and their boys... we wanted to take a camping trip but didn't want to pitch a tent ;) This was a perfect way to take the boys camping and leave our husbands at home. The setting is spectacular and driving from Las Vegas meant a quick and easy trip with plenty of stops along the way. Before arriving the staff were super helpful so we could be prepared for this little overnight adventure. We arrived early and were able to check in right away and get out hiking. The check in was a breeze with plenty of info and surprising comfort for both day and night. There was a misting system for the warmth of the day and warm cozy beds for the chilly nights. I suggest turning the misting system off if you are away from your tent as we left ours on and the floors got wet ...ooops. The facility was great with games and relaxation areas. The food was also good however if you need to order a picnic lunch it has to be done the night before. The kitchen area is very small and can't handle too many people. Night time was beautiful and they put on a fire pit with smores which our boys enjoyed tremendously before the played in the dirt by our tent under the night sky. We had a full moon so not so great for stargazing- we'll plan that better next time. My only complaint was the coffee....ughhhh should have bought my own coffee machine that was extremely disappointing. Otherwise well run, comfortable, great staff and plenty to do and see.

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