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Chisos Mining Company Motel
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Great Place to Stay
User: Kirk M from: Richardson, Texas
Published Date: Nov, 19, 2020
Travel Date: Nov, 1, 2020
Rating: 5
We rented a funky cabin that was perfect for our needs: 2 double beds and a twin bed, bathroom with a shower, window air conditioner unit, kitchenette with a full size refrigerator/freezer, stove, microwave oven, sink, dishes, pots and pans, glasses, silverware, etc. The cabin was very clean and the staff were helpful and accommodating. The motel is in Terlingua, just outside Big Bend National Park. I will stay there again if I need lodging in that area.

Nice place to stay in Terlingua
User: TGH56003 from: Houston, Texas
Published Date: Oct, 29, 2020
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2020
Rating: 4
This is a clean, pleasant motel with a comfortable bed and excellent hot water in the shower. The location is convenient to all local activities. The management was very helpful and friendly. It is a good place if you are planning to use it as a base for hiking or outdoor activities. Be aware that there is no TV in the room and the internet is spotty. There is no coffee or food available at the motel.

Basic but adequate
User: janendtx from: Carthage, Texas
Published Date: Oct, 25, 2020
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2020
Rating: 3
The motel is very basic, a little shabby, but we knew what we were getting. It was clean. The bathroom was tiny with a slightly mushy floor. Toilet paper goes in a covered can instead of toilet. Three channels on the tv and wi-fi only worked well while sitting outside. I wouldn't dream of paying that price for this anywhere else, but it's Terlingua. We will probably try to find something else for our next trip, but would stay again if we had to.

This was one of the nicest places we stayed in on a 6-week road trip through Southern USA
User: 135evah from: London, United Kingdom
Published Date: Oct, 13, 2020
Travel Date: Mar, 1, 2020
Rating: 5
We stayed there in March, before covid-19, so non of the regulations would have applied. Anyway, it was very clean. The staff were very friendly and helpful. The room was basic but clean and comfortable. There were tables and chairs outside our room, where we had our breakfast. You feel like you're out in the desert, frontier country, which we loved. Big Bend NP is an easy drive away, the Starlight Restaurant is near by. If I ever make it to the Big Bend area again, that's were i'll stay.

Terrible Accusations
User: AceM66 from:
Trip Type: Friends getaway
Published Date: Sep, 22, 2020
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2020
Rating: 1
Easter Egg Valley Motel At Chisos Mining Co. (Review) I have enjoyed this page so much and have posted some great photos and stories about my time spent as a kid in my parents hometown of Marfa Texas and other stories just recently. However, what I am posting is a situation that has occured recently after a weekend stay in Terlingua. I am not sure if this is allowed here or not but as I see several people ask for lodging recommendation's, I would hope its ok to place reviews here even if not so good. If it goes against your policies, I apologize in advance for that. It us unfortunate that I rate this place so low because of the fact that we enjoyed it twice before and both times we appreciated it because it was exactly what we were looking for in our getaway from Houston. I and two friends stayed here in 2018 in cabin #17 and this year, for our Labor Day getaway, we rented out 4 cabins and had 13 guests join us. We wanted them to experience the simplicity of this place and even though we only had basic necessities (no TV or phone) it suited us perfectly. We stayed 4 days and while plumbing and septic issues did occur such as the drain from the kitchen sink in cabin #19 would overflow into the tub making showering a bit difficult or the stench of methane gas from the septic tank overwhelming the air in cabin #17. We opened doors and made sure not to wash dishes if someone was taking a shower so did not find it necessary to complain to the office because they were minor. One of our guests owns a septic company in Alvin and advised us the smell was in fact methane gas coming from a tank that probably hadn't been used in while. It may have been the hot water from the shower hitting a dry pan causing the steam to develop and therefore methane gas to come up. He said it was safe but only open the door to let smell go out and sure enough, about 20 min later, all was well. During our stay we had an incredible time star gazing and taking scenic drives thru BBNP, Lajitas to Presidio and to Marfa and the mystery lights viewing center. My folks are from Marfa so I was especially excited to show them that quaint little town. We all checked in on Sept 4th and checked out Monday Labor day, Monday Sept 7th. We cleaned our units, threw away our trash at the front office dumpster the way we were supposed too, left room keys in drop box and left back home to Houston. On our ride home, several friends kept saying we should come back for the chili cookoff next year so on Saturday, September 12th, I called back and spoke to John the manager, I mentioned everyone had a great time and he said " yes, everything seemed fine"! We got on the subject of the chili cookoff and he advised me that there were actually two of them. He did say however to "call back in July 2021" to check availability because this property is usually reserved for judges and competitors of the cookoffs. I said "great, we will do that" and hung up. It was the following week that several friends and I that travel together were making tentative plans in case our cruise we have scheduled for November gets cancelled. I mentioned why don't we go back to Terlingua for that week and enjoy cooler weather and the same resort again. Being the leader of most of our travel plans, I called back to Easter Egg motel and again John answered the phone. I said "hello John, its Adam again calling from Houston and I wanted to inquire about possibly staying at your property this coming November". He asked me for the dates and I gave them to him and he said "yes, the cabins you are requesting are available but there is an issue". I said "oh, ok what would that be"? He then said that the cleaning ladies upon entering our cabins, claimed there was an "overwhelming stench of urine coming from inside that it practically blew them away"! My first thought was "oh wow, the toilets overflowed" but then he said the problem was in both cabins #17 & 20! That was my cabin #20 (pink) where it was 4 of us in there and my friend Kathy along with her sister and brother in law were in #17 (green). I still couldn't grasp what he was telling me, it wouldn't register so i asked him to please explain what he meant. He said "someone in these rooms urinated all over the walls, the beds, the carpet and the futon in the rooms"! Again I was floored because now I heard what he said but it was so disturbing that I stayed silent for a moment. I then repeated to him what he told me and he said "yes, that's what happened and they had to deep clean the carpets, steam the futon and wash the walls down"! I was stunned! I still couldn't believe what he was telling me but then he proceeded to say "but yes, they are available". I said "I am not going to apologize for any of what you said happened because first of all, we are not that kind of people. We are all over 50 years old, we have two retired educators, 3 small business owners and 1 energy company executive that was with us during this weekend! We are professionals and would never even think to do anything as disgusting as this"! John went on to say "well that's what happened and I was meaning to take issue with you on it". Really? When? When I called you 5 days later to inquire about the chili cookoff or did you decide to wait until the following Tuesday when again I called you back asking for rates and availability for November? And when I spoke to him on Saturday after we checked out, why hadn't he said something to me then? 5 days later! When in fact did the cleaning crew go in to clean up the "mess" he said we left behind? When I asked him about our Saturday conversation and that I said "we had a great time" and he said "yes, everything seemed fine", he then said "oh well I didn't go into the cabins myself, the cleaning ladies did"! Ok but when? How many days after we left? Because had it been the same day or Tuesday the next day, you should have informed me of this situation on Saturday when we spoke! He said "well the issue is fixed, your more than welcome to reserve if you like for November" and I said "No, why would I want to stay here now after you've made these claims that are so disgusting about our character"! I then even asked him why if he had our contact info, credit card info was nothing charged for cleaning or a phone call made on their behalf? He said nothing! I told him its ok, we would find lodging elsewhere but because we have really enjoyed this place for what it had offered us, it was really sad and unfortunate we wouldn't return. After my phone call with him I called my friend Kathy who stayed in #17 and in explaining the story to her, she too was upset and wanted to get a better understanding of what happened. We called John back but Steve the asst manager said he was gone for the day and would be out for 4 days. In that time, I called all of our friends who stayed with us to explain what had happened and each person was also in disbelief of what was said we supposedly did to the property at Easter Egg motel. Kathy and I decided we would call back when John returned so she could speak to him to get a clearer understanding of what he said to me. We called back today, Monday Sept 21 and Steve answered. At first he said John wasn't there (in my error, I thought John's name was "Mike"). So when both Kathy and I were on the phone with Steve, he too was aware of the situation and said "oh yes, there was major issues with your cabins and how filthy you left them"! Wow! Kathy then began to explain the plumbing and methane gas situation and he said "yes" we've been aware of the plumbing in #19 for some time now and just finally got it fixed after you all left. However there was red stain in the tub from something we drained down the pipes". I told him yes, that was excess chili liquid we made and drained down the kitchen sink. It came up thru the tub and wouldn't go down as it had been doing for the two days my sisters were in that cabin". He said "yes well you shouldn't pour that down the sink" and I explained had I put it in a plastic bag, it probably would have punctured and gotten all over the outdoor area and that's there's no sign saying do not pour liquid down the sink, only one saying if you didn't eat it, don't flush it"! It was then he said "well it seems the kids may have done this damage" and I replied "there were no kids in those two cabins"! There were two 9 year old twins in #19 and they are the ones who told us the chili liquid was coming up from the tub! They were screaming saying it was "blood coming out"! Just then Steve said "Oh! You didn't have kids in there? Maybe it was someone else that got in between the time you checked out"! Kathy then said "you know, your cabins aren't very secure to begin with. We locked our room key inside and used a credit card to open the door". He said "yes, we understand they're not too secure". He then said "its not me you want to talk too, it should be John or the owner who both happen to be here". We heard him put the phone down and explain to John and a female that we were on the phone wanting to discuss this issue with them. Right then and there, Kathy and I heard John say " I already spoke to them,what else do they want"? and then the female said "you tell them to go somewhere else, we don't want them here, there's another places they can stay but not here"! WOW again! Kathy told Steve to put the owner on the phone. She picked up the phone and said "hello, my name is Barbara and I am one of the owners here, I want you to know it was a mess what you all left behind and it took me having to pay extra people to clean up. I had to pay them by the hour and I am resigned to not want you all at my property any more in the future. You have been put on a "no rent list" so you're welcome to come back to Terlingua and enjoy what we have here, just not with us"! Kathy then informed her of the baseless accusations she was putting on us and that whether or not she allowed us to stay there again was not our issue. We just wanted to let them know that whoever did this malicious and offensive thing was not us. Even her own guy was not sure who was in our cabin and he's the one that checked us in! She said it seemed we were at an "impasse" so there was not much else to discuss. We did however inform her for what its worth, we had enjoyed her property and therefore was the reason I had called back twice to inquire about staying there again. However for me, I needed her to clearly explain to me and answer my only question I have had since first being told all of this. I asked her "Barbara, so you are saying that the guests in cabins #17 and #20 literally stood over the beds and urinated on them and deliberately washed the the walls down with urine as well as on the carpet enough to stain them and on the futon"? She said "yes"! Again I was disgusted not just by the visual of who would do something like that but by the unjustified and vile accusation that she placed upon us. She said "the futon had to be washed down before being put back inside"! Why would you place urinated bedding and furniture back inside??? We ended our conversation with a pleasant goodbye resigned to have not gotten loud and boisterous or disrespectful no matter what they claimed we had done to their property. This is a long review, one I did not want to make and in fairness we advised Barbara we would be writing one. She also said she would reply back and that's fine! Just so everyone is clear, simply because we come from Houston does not mean we are without morals and hold exceptional value to the blessings we are all fortunate to enjoy. One of the most wonderful things we as a group do is travel together and have enjoyed many wonderful places, not just here but around the world. We hold dear the respect that each individual deserves and along with it, the respect our hosts and new friends at the places we visit deserve. It is very unfortunate that we have been red flagged for something we did not do and without even given the opportunity to have our accusers believe us of our own explanations. This however will NOT stop us but make us more aware of when to speak up about lodging issues before they become a problem. The only thing Ms. Barbara was right about was that will will be back to this beautiful part of Texas where my folks are from. We will enjoy the beauty of all God has placed before us and whether or not someone feels we are not worthy to stay at their place is unimportant. As long as we find good people to surround ourselves with, that will suffice against any unsubstantiated accusations anyone may put forth before us!

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