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The View Hotel
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User: stivmac from: Monrovia, California
Published Date: Nov, 28, 2022
Travel Date: Nov, 1, 2022
Rating: 1
Well, we had PLANNED to go. Then we got COVID the week before. I contacted and finally the hotel and they (unlike the other 7 hotels on our itinerary, REFUSED TO GIVE US ANY KIND OF REFUND! Even after I had sent them and proof that indeed, we had tested positive. Just a flat out no! AND, IT SEEMS THEY'VE MANAGED TO LET THE ROOM OUT IN THE MEANTIME, SO THEY AREN'T OUT ANYTHING! WHAT A BUNCH OF GREEDY JERKS!

Excellent location and cabins; great breakfast, ok dinner, staff disorganized
User: M6167DWstevef from:
Published Date: Nov, 28, 2022
Travel Date: Nov, 1, 2022
Rating: 4
We stayed three nights in the premium cabins with four people. The cabin was excellent (great porch for sitting to watch the amazing valley throughout the day and night, warm inside, pull-out couch up front with large windows to view the valley, two loft twin beds, kitchenette with microwave, sink, refrigerator although no dishes, queen size bed in back for parents, one shower bathroom). The main hotel with the restaurant and gift shop is about a 10-minute walk from the cabins (or a very short drive on a dirt-rock road). The cabins are also a close walk to two nice hiking trails and the 17-mile valley drive. They should also put in a couple hiking paths from the cabins to Wildcat Trail. As it is, too many people were trampling all over the place and ruining the delicate landscape because they were too lazy to walk down the road a few minutes to the actual trailhead. Do not count on Wi-Fi or TV at the cabins (internet would have been nice in the evenings). The Wi-Fi signal strength was as strong as possible, but we could never connect except for when at the restaurant. The error message was that our phones couldn't get an IP address, which suggests not enough capacity since the signal was as strong as it gets (seems like an easy solution). The hotel is not electric vehicle (EV) friendly, which was frustrating and disappointing given the tribe has generally good environmental behaviors. There is not EV infrastructure in the area that we could find, and the closest Tesla supercharger was out of the way in either Blanding, UT or Page, AZ. So, before we even booked the trip, we made sure with the reservations staff that we could plug into an outdoor outlet when there. We re-confirmed upon check-in only to find that, while the cabins do have an outside outlet, they are in the back, and you'd need a 75-100 feet extension cord to reach the car in the parking lot (and the row of cabins closer to the valley would need maybe 200-feet which is impractical for a heavy-duty EV cord). We only had a 50-foot extension cord, and it would have been very helpful had the staff been more aware of EV customers' needs (they "thought" there were outlets somewhere outside the cabin, or that there were outlets if you had "a long enough cord"...precision matters when you are this far from infrastructure). We ended up having to pull up on the sidewalk for the cord to reach. The next morning, a maintenance worker asked us politely to move, but then after 30-45 minutes fussing with his proposed solution, we discovered the outlets in the panel in front of the cabins didn't actually work. So, we pulled back onto the sidewalk. Then later the maintenance manager came around and asked us to least this time he was both nice and knowledgeable and set us up with an outlet in the maintenance shed of cabin 7. I'm writing all this detail for future EV travelers that they know to only talk to the maintenance manager about where to park and plug in. We got a lot of run-around until we got the "right" person to help. The lack of staff being on the same page was a general theme of the trip and got to be pretty annoying (the staff would say one thing, then another member would act like you were an idiot for not knowing the other thing). They need better training and to be held accountable to knowing the same answers to the frequently asked questions. With that said, the location, cabins, and views are excellent, so if they could improve the staff experience and dinner food, they would get five stars.

The name says it!
User: SawrubT from: New Delhi, India
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Nov, 22, 2022
Travel Date: May, 1, 2022
Rating: 5
The view from The View Hotel, oh my! Definitely get one of the rooms with the front-row uninterrupted view of the mittens - it's worth the premium. The rooms are quite nice, and the breakfast is perfectly fine - not fancy, but just enough. The trading post is crazily overpriced, so I wouldn't bother purchasing anything there, but overall a good experience being at The View Hotel! Monument Valley is a gem of a destination.

Stay here for the VIEW
User: Traveler445841 from:
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Nov, 21, 2022
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2022
Rating: 4
The hotel is worth a stay simply because you can see the view at all times from sunrise to sunset. Apart from driving through the valley (which you must do!!) the view is exceptional at all times. The rooms (make sure you book a valley view room) are comfortable and clean while the free breakfast supplied and the evening meal choices are reasonable. Staff were warm and welcoming.

Gorgeous View
User: 267suzannej from:
Trip Type: Friends getaway
Published Date: Nov, 20, 2022
Travel Date: Nov, 1, 2022
Rating: 4
Monument Valley is beautiful. We stayed in a cabin just down from the Hotel. Be aware the larger cabins are behind the smaller cabins ...which impeads the view a bit. But being able to see sunrise from the room was breath taking. The room was comfortable enough, but it gets completely dark before 6 pm in Nov. and there are no TV's in the cabins. We looked at the stars, but it was soooo cold outside. I would suggest you bring a deck of cards haha. Definitely a gorgeous Hotel, and really the only option right there in Monument Valley. I would suggest bringing food, as the restraunt did not offer much more than gas station quality meals. And no alcohol is permitted. Still worth it for that stunning VIEW .

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