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The Ahwahnee
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Exorbitantly Overpriced
User: David33408 from: Greenwood Village, Colorado
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Sep, 16, 2021
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2021
Rating: 1
Nice, historic hotel in beautiful Yosemite Valley. I should have followed other Trip Advisor reviews that the Ahwahnee is not worth the price. We stayed 3 nights at almost $700 per night. Dinner for two was $165, breakfast for one was $50. It is definitely worth a visit but definitely not worth a stay. The dining room is magnificent but food is average. Like the hotel itself, worth a visit but the meal is not worth it. So called wifi is so slow it is unusable, even for simple email. Need to go to other parts of the Valley for cell service. Next visit we will try the Valley Lodge at less than half the price or Curry Village for even less.

You do not "get what you pay for" at the Ahwahnee - save your money!
User: tamaralynnegrace from: Los Angeles, California
Published Date: Sep, 7, 2021
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2021
Rating: 2
I wrote a long statement in response to the survey the Ahwahnee sent me but a max of 2000 characters wasn't enough for my review. Yes the setting is beautiful but I've been to Yosemite many times so this is about the hotel alone. In response to the Ahwahnee's survey, we stayed at the Ahwahnee Hotel (arrival Sat 9/4 and departure Mon 9/6). We had a king sized bed with a balcony accommodation. After paying $1,304.72 for only two nights, I expected much more from the hotel. To say that I was disappointed in our stay would be an understatement. First of all, I understand and appreciate the hotel and restaurant industry are going through changes and tough times, due to COVID. However, I felt that the Ahwahnee took it to an extreme in using it as an excuse for substandard service. My three major complaints are (a) the dining room, (b) no housekeeping, and (c) no room service. First complaint – dining room: When we walked into the dining room and were told we had to pay for our meals and order our drinks first, I felt like we were at McDonald’s or some fast food restaurant. Honestly, it set the tone for the entire meal and we had four meals there (two dinners and two breakfasts). Asking us to leave a tip on our bill before we had service was extremely disappointing. I worked in the restaurant industry for many years and know that when everyone shares tips there is no incentive to provide anything other than standard service. We ended up double tipping Nicola on Sunday morning because we wanted to make sure she knew we appreciated her. Second complaint – dining room: On Sunday morning, after breakfast, I asked for a to-go container. I have a medical condition (a colostomy) and couldn't eat all my food. I wanted to take my leftovers to my room. I asked the woman at the pastry station for a container and she said she couldn’t give me one (yet I saw other containers being given out on Sunday and Monday morning). I went to the woman whose job it is to seat the guests and I asked her for one and she said she would have to call the captain. By now I’m getting upset. The captain (dark haired woman) comes over and I explain that I couldn’t finish my breakfast and that I would like to take it up to my room, since I’ve already paid for it. She walked me over to my table to actually assess what was remaining on my plate (half of my scrambled eggs, potatoes, and one slice of bacon). My husband, and the two friends we were dining with asked what was going on. We were all shocked and by now I’m really angry. She walked away and brought me a small container and left. I was incensed. Third complaint – dining room: On Monday morning, we arrived for breakfast early around 8:00 a.m., before the breakfast rush. The room was very quiet. I understand that the tables are being spaced out, again due to COVID. There were two lovely tables for two open on the side of the dining room (parallel to the buffet stations and against the wall). Instead, she took us to the back room, where there were already two parties and she tried to seat us immediately next to this other party. I politely declined as it was only 1-2 feet away from the other table. Again, there were two open two-tops against the wall. However, she said she could only seat us at this table behind the patio in the corner. What the heck? There are no food servers so it wasn’t like we were going to fill someone’s station. Again, I’m feeling like a second class citizen and it didn’t feel very good. Fourth complaint – no housekeeping/room service: No housekeeping or room service (both blamed on COVID). Really? We stayed at the Fairmont in Wailea, Maui, in June, and they had both housekeeping and room service without a problem. Fifth complaint – pool area: Not enough lounge chairs or towels at the pool. We had to call for towels and my husband had to sit in a chair while the three of scrounged for lounge chairs. Sixth complaint – upstairs women’s restroom (first floor): During dinner on Sunday evening (around 6:30 pm) I had to go to the restroom. The restroom trashcan was literally overflowing with trash and there was used paper towel litter all over the floors. I would expect this at a Los Angeles County beach public restroom, not at the Ahwahnee. Compliments: Nicola, by the way, is the only person in the dining room that I would like to single out and compliment. She was exceptional and lovely. Our porter/bellman, Beauregard, was also very personable and lovely. The staff at the front desk, sweet shop and gift shop were nice also. There is a saying that “you get what you pay for.” Sadly, we did not get what we paid for at the Ahwahnee and I would never stay there again. Nor would I ever recommend it to my friends. I was super excited to fulfill a wish on my bucket list and was disappointed over and over again. In hindsight, I’m glad we only stayed two nights there. Sincerely, Tamara G.

Do not waste you money!
User: jen28097 from: Slatersville, Rhode Island
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Sep, 1, 2021
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2020
Rating: 1
Do not book with the National Park service, had to cancel due to covid in April 2020. They charged me a night and said we could rebook and use this cost at anytime in future. Just tried to rebook and they state I had to use by April 2021 that is not what I was told and that is not what it states in my cancellation email! What a rip off, it was a global pandemic and they are taking advantage of customers! I was charged $285.25 and that’s not chump change, it’s disgusting! I will never book with park service again!

If you can ignore the prices, you will love the experience
User: MollyG1054 from:
Published Date: Aug, 31, 2021
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2021
Rating: 5
We stayed on a family trip in June, right when California's covid restrictions were lifting. The hotel itself is stunningly beautiful and has amazing architectural features. Its location within in the park only accentuates the beauty of the hotel. In our experience, the staff was nothing but helpful in every single encounter. Everyone that worked there, from the bellmen, the front desk clerks, the bar staff, the waitstaff and the concierge employees, were professional, courteous, and generally falling all over themselves to be of assistance. The food in the main dining room for dinner was of the quality you would expect at a similarly priced restaurant outside the park - my husband said that the prime rib was the best he'd ever had at a restaurant. Even the wine selection was impressive. One evening we ate at the bar and honestly the food there was good too. We had drinks and a charcuterie board one afternoon while the kids swam in the pool and we were surprised how well done it was. The rooms had refrigerators, so generally we had breakfast items in the room. It was easier to get out hiking in the morning than to wait for breakfast service to start. (Our east coast bodies woke up earlier than the Pacific Time clocks). Which brings me to the main benefit to staying here... the LOCATION. You absolutely cannot beat staying in the park here. Save yourself the 30 - 40 minutes in the morning and 30 - 40 minutes in the evening of driving in and out of the park. With the parking pass for the hotel, you can drive to whatever parking lot or trailhead you want in the park and then come back when you've finished. The convenience factor cannot be overstated. It's worth it. Some things to remember if you stay here. It's expensive. Like if you are at all concerned about price, everything will be shockingly expensive ... the room, the food, the gift shop, the sweet shop, everything. I feel like some reviewers were expecting it to be a modern boutique hotel, which it is not. It is a historic hotel, built in the 20s. The rooms are small, like they were in hotels built in that time period. The decor isn't so much 'dated' as it is reflective of the period that it opened, and it's charm is not lost on me. Also, bearing in mind that it is technically 'in-park' lodging, it is significantly above the level that one generally finds while staying inside a National Park. It is definitely an amazing option: a lovely hotel, exceptional staff, delicious food, and a great place to relax in between sight seeing, all while being inside the park so you pack your day full of hiking and whatever else you're looking to do.

Hotel great but Presidential suite misses the mark
User: Laura D from: San Francisco
Published Date: Aug, 22, 2021
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2021
Rating: 4
The hotel was dealing well with the demands of COVID-19 requirements. The meal reservation system worked great. Our meals were prompt, hot, and flavorful. There was a good assortment of vegetarian options and fish as well for pescatarians. Yay! The front desk staff was very polite and helpful. The pool was warm and not overcrowded. It wouldn't hurt to bring your own beach towels since the pool towels were rather small. There were long lines to order at the bar but the beer selections are top notch. The views from the huge balcony connected to the presidential suite are amazing. The balcony furniture is very comfortable. There is even a fire pit or 2. There is also a covered picnic table so you can eat your meals outside. Please note that the balcony is a shared balcony with the room next door. You can kind of divide the balcony in half with a little divider that the hotel provides but you don't have a private balcony unless you reserve both both sleeping rooms along with the living room suite in between the 2 rooms. The actual living room suite was suite was rather shabby. The furniture needs an update. There aren't any curtains on the doors leading to the balcony on either side of the living room so you don't have any privacy from the neighbor who shares the balcony with you. This is particularly a problem in the early morning or late in the evening if you want to sit in your nightgown in the living room. The air conditioning sounds like a freight train is running through the room, but it does work very effectively and keeps you cool. There used to be a TV above the mantle but instead there was just a couple of wires sticking out of the wall and a basket they leaned against the mantle to try to hide some of the wires. The Wi-Fi was nearly non existent and it was clear that the internet access point in the room was very old and damaged. We asked for the access point to be replaced multiple times but nothing ever happened. It is worth noting that due to the virus they don't come and empty the garbage cans so you have to remove any food leftovers from your room daily to avoid a stinky garbage situation. The bed did not have any real blankets on it, only a sheet and a light coverlet. We had to pull a second sheet off of the pull out bed from the sofa in order to stay warm. The rooms smell strongly of smoke. The balcony door from the bedroom does not secure properly.

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