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The Ahwahnee
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Go for the view, and not the hotel experience
User: BruceFitz1 from: Los Altos, California
Published Date: Jan, 22, 2022
Travel Date: Jan, 1, 2022
Rating: 2
We have been visiting the Ahwahnee for literally generations. I know it is difficult to manage during the pandemic, but things are really different. No table service for dinner in the iconic dining room ... a 20 minute line in the lobby bar to get a drink ... bath towels that feel they belong in a Motel 6 and not a $600/night hotel. In a place where there should be joy with gathering the family, I was just sad that things have fallen so far.

It was okay…
User: Tulip0506 from: Tustin, California
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Jan, 21, 2022
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2021
Rating: 3
I had not been to Yosemite since I was young so I was so excited for the opportunity to go with a bunch of my family members for a celebration of life! Having worked in Hospitality for many years, I have heard a lot about the Awahnee and was also excited to get to stay there! I gave it a 3 for the following reasons: 1) My first impression of the hotel, after seeing its beauty, was a very surly, older bellman, who did not smile or greet me but snapped at me when I asked if I could borrow the luggage cart. He snapped that “We don’t loan these out” and kept walking. He eventually was the one who helped us upstairs with our luggage and seemed very put out that we had two rooms, a couple of doors down from each other. He dropped our luggage in each room but didn’t offer any information about the amenities at the hotel or anything. With Covid, I know there are loot of changes but having worked in a couple of hotels in my career, I understand the importance of at least giving guests SOME information about the operations going on at the property at that time! 2) We spent the afternoon outside at the tables, over looking the grass area and so that the kids could swim and we could see them. We’d brought some snacks with us but when we decided to order drinks from the bar, we were told we had to go in and order from the bartender then wait for the drink. This should have been one of the things the bellman (or a desk clerk) informed us about so we’d be prepared! There were quite a few of us so we took turns going inside but the lines were pretty long, all evening, since all the guests had to do the same thing. The next shock was when we wanted to order from the bar menu, we had to do the exact same thing, go in, order from the bartender and then wait to be called! Obviously, we understand that with Covid, the hotel was probably short staffed but, again, being notified in advance to this would have been a good thing!! We would have know to maybe order food earlier than we did since it did take awhile!! There was a man and a woman bringing food out and calling out our names but then seemed to be very ragged and weren’t moving very quickly to move the food out! Again, we were very aware of the COVID restrictions but it really seems that the hotel could have implemented a different system! 3) We were NOT made aware that the restaurant was only serving a buffet for breakfast so imagine my surprise when I went down and simply wanted a bowl of cereal or a bagel and had to spend $32 on the buffet, most of which I did not eat! 4) For the celebration of life, our group was scheduled to have dinner all together on the last night, and AGAIN, my cousin who had organized everything WAS NOT notified that dinner was only being served as a buffet. This should have been something that when she made the reservation, it was CLEAR that it was a buffet….she was unaware of this until we were waiting to be seated then put in line to order. My cousin was horrified as it was not what she expected but it was what it was, so we sat down to enjoy or meal! The food was only subpar. There was garlic polenta which had no garlic flavor at all; the chicken was dry; everyone that took some salad only each ate about a bite or two before pushing it aside and the only saving Grace was the roast beef whatever it was because it had gravy. The desserts were all petit fours, with the exception of a pie, I think it was apple. Once again, we understand all of the regulations and changes that have needed to be made due to COVID HOWEVER, the food and beverage people might have been able to figure out a way to seat people at different times or something to ensure that the service was still good! 5) The bar, with bar food, did not open until 2:00 p.m which was a bummer because we would have like to have some snack food earlier in the day. The bar maybe didn’t need to open but a good option would have been nice! The good about the hotel, and don’t get me wrong, we enjoyed our stay, especially since the majority of us had not been there before, are as follows: 1) The other staff I encountered, with the exception of the first Bellman, we’re friendly and working hard to ensure that we were having a good stay. 2) The rooms are a good size and quite comfortable. I like that there were electrical plugs and charging areas on the nightstands since I didn’t have to hunt for a plug! I had a king bed and a sofa bed in my room. My mom and stepfather had a king bed with a table and 2 chairs in it so there was a nice variety. 3) The property is fairly well kept, but there are things that were noticeable that probably the lack of employees had to do with! I would like to go back and stay again sometime but so would like to see the management have more information about what is available or not available later check in, on their website or with reservations if you are calling in to book! It’s not fair to have people arrive thinking they would be getting one thing, only to be disappointed when it has been changed but they were not told in advance!

It's very expensive, but we had a beautiful view
User: Anne P from: Santa Barbara, California
Published Date: Jan, 20, 2022
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2021
Rating: 3
We camped for 5 days in Upper Pines and splurged 1 night here to end our Yosemite adventure with a hot shower and a bit of luxury. I was excited for the pool, that was a big disappointment. It's tiny and uninviting. Like it's an afterthought from 1970 that needs to be updated. Due to Covid, the dining experience is unfortunately very lackluster due to names being called on a loud speaker, minimal wait staff interaction which is too bad b/c they were all incredibly friendly and professional as well. We ate lunch, dinner and another meal in the bar. The historic building itself is really interesting and cozy. I am sure when it is colder and the fires are on it lends to the atmosphere of a beautiful lodge. Our room was special! It was very small BUT we had a huge balcony!! HUGE! We had a perfect view of Half Dome...including the moon rise around 11pm. That was incredible. That was the highlight of our visit to this hotel. Valet and front desk staff were great, very friendly and helplful.

VERY disappointed
User: Climber03586303301 from: Maui, Hawaii
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Jan, 3, 2022
Travel Date: Jan, 1, 2022
Rating: 2
The “classic “room with a view for $700.+ a night was small, smelly, in poor condition and NO view. When complained of the smell they brought in a ionizer for an hour but it was still musty and smelled of cigarettes and mold. Hot water after 5 min

Ain’t what it used to be
User: Katymill2014 from: Oxford, United Kingdom
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Dec, 29, 2021
Travel Date: Dec, 1, 2021
Rating: 3
The Ahwahnee charges first class prices ($600 for a cottage, $100 for dinner) but provides third class service. This historic hotel which used to be the peak of mountain elegance now feels like a faded summer camp. Our cottage was freezing cold, there was no maid service, and the bed was ancient and lumpy with no blanket. No where to put wet boots. Old decor. Thin towels. Non-working coffee pot. The hotel is still making the excuse that they are short staffed due to Covid but the reality is they are cutting costs by skimping on service and still charging high prices. The dinner buffet is overpriced and is the dining room is longer providing waiter service. The breakfast buffet costs $30 and espresso is extra. Yosemite’s scenery is beautiful and the historic aspects of the Ahwahnee are still impressive. But it’s sad to see this treasure be so mismanaged-the concessionaire ought to be ashamed.

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