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The Ahwahnee
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Great Stay
User: 861caseyf from: Pasadena, California
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: May, 6, 2021
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2021
Rating: 5
I will say as a disclaimer, the Ahwahnee hotel is located inside a national park, you stay outside of the park you spend 1.5-2 hours driving to and from the park. So you pay for the location, to be able to simply walk out of the lobby and find yourself in the middle of nature. Your also paying for the history of the hotel. If you go while the pandemic rages on, your paying a premium to keep all of this running. Could the wifi be better, yes, do I want the wifi to be better, my gut says no. Use the concierges, everyone we spoke with was knowledgeable and incredibly helpful and we felt bad that they spend a great deal of time trying to explain to people that this is a national park and not a amusement park. It can be frustrating, but I didn’t drive all the way to Yosemite to worry about my email, I went to break my body hiking up to half dome (there is cell service up near the base of sub dome, it is 8 miles from the hotel, up hill). Then I will mention the dining, it’s important to note that the majority of the employees at the hotel are lodged in the park, due to Covid they can only have half the amount of staff, which makes running a hotel tough, not saying it is ideal, I feel like they could still have room service, but at the same time fully understand the situation, understand the staff is doing what they can and help given the unprecedented events. Then do everything you can to ensure a safe and sustainable end. Now some actual helpful information, we had to get multiple reservations as the hotel was vey busy, so we stayed in 3 types of rooms, and of all of them the cabins were the best, they are slightly away from the hotel, but are amazing and are as close to camping without actually being in a tent. I feel like I have other things to say, but i don’t, just keep in mind, you are staying at a hotel in one of the most amazing national parks in the country. Plus I watched a man fight a squirrel with a fork which was worth the price of admission

User: gratitude13 from: San Diego, California
Trip Type: Solo travel
Published Date: Apr, 29, 2021
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2021
Rating: 2
I have stayed at many nice hotels for a lot less money! This hotel is WAY overpriced and they take advantage of what they charge because of the location in the park, but what you get for what you pay is outrageous and truly not worth it. The room is can hear noises from the pipes all night long (I even turned off the heat and could still hear the gurgling of the pipes nonstop)...there is nothing in the room that says 4 stars at all. Also, when I called to make a reservation you go through the company that owns the property, not the property itself. I had an awful experience and it’s very difficult to get through to someone, terrible customer service. My recommendation would be to go and see the lobby, have lunch or dinner and stay elsewhere. The Ahwahnee should be ashamed of the prices they are charging per night, it’s total rip off.

Covid profiteering
User: fred49546 from: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Published Date: Apr, 26, 2021
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2021
Rating: 3
Because of Covid they severely reduced services. All dining was take out, although you could sit in the dining room. However, the prices were the same and had the same gratuity as if you were receiving a full service meal. So basically you paid well over $100 for a dinner for 2 and had to eat off of a paper plate with plastic utensils. The paper plates were also cheep. Toward the end of your meal you were eating the paper that was coming lose from the bottom of the plate. No wait staff or dish washers but still the same gratuity was charged. They had a lot of empty space and they could have easily provided socially distanced dining like most other restaurants in California. However, why would they when they charged the same amount for no service. Also, they did not clean your room daily. Someone would need to explain to me why cleaning a room when no one is in it is a Covid risk, especially after the CDC said that there is minimal risk from getting Covid from service. Again, why would they clean your room daily when they can charge the same rate for not cleaning it. They used safety as an excuse, this is simply Covid profiteering. However, the location is great and I would stay there again at any price. I hope that some of the excess profits that they are steeling from us goes to the national Park Service and is not kept by the hotel operator.

Historical place with full yet limited self service
User: 923ilkkan from: San Jose, California
Published Date: Apr, 25, 2021
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2021
Rating: 2
On positive side the location is withing a walking distance from the Yosemite Falls and Mist trail to Vernal Falls. We decided to return back to Bay Area due to inadequate, inappropriate and non-safe service level at Ahwahnee Hotel. We chose to return back and give away already paid second night stay. We chose not to stay in lines to get boxed lukewarm dish, not to do food court style table hunting, not to eat with paper and plastic dining ware in a prestigious historical dining room. Not safe, not appropriate and not enjoyable! Lunch time ends 2pm with long lines cut short. Lines move to bar area with limited food choices. It took us over an hour to wait in lines and get food after morning hike. Starving and not feeling safe! Housekeeping stuff is cut to bare minimum. Front desk employees are very brave to face not-so-happy customers awaiting their rooms to be ready for check-in. Again. people are wandering in lobby area, not safe, not happy! It took us one hour past the formal check-in time to get our room. Wasted hours and missed the planned outdoor activities on Friday afternoon.

Ah-mazing! Best Place to stay in Yosemite
User: W6Raven from:
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Apr, 10, 2021
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2021
Rating: 5
So glad I booked the Ahwahnee. Keep checking if your date is sold out- we got lucky and were able to get in just 2 weeks before our visit. It is worth it! The absolute best location in the valley especially if you are traveling with kids. I was worried our room wouldn’t be ready based on previous reviews but before we were even all out of the car, the bellman confirmed our room was ready. We had a room on the 4th floor with a balcony and an amazing view of Yosemite falls. I was shocked at how reasonable the prices were at the Sweet shop in the lobby. Get your snacks and drinks here and not at the lobby bar ($1.49 for a soda vs $6.25). Based on previous reviews, I was also worried about the dining room situation and wait for food/where to eat. This was not a problem at all. At check-in we were given a menu for the dining room and asked what time we wanted to eat. I filled out the card with our choices and preferred time and that was it! When we were out longer than anticipated, I was even able to change the pick up time with no issues. The food was always ready at the requested time with zero wait. We never had a problem finding a table in the dining room for breakfast, and at dinner only waited 5 or 10 min so the staff had a chance to clear a table- just keep your eyes out for who is finishing up. There is a separate line for all pick up orders so if you have pre-ordered don’t wait on line- just enter to the left of the line and go right to the main pick up station by the water coolers- they call your name at the time you specified. The hotel is beautiful inside and out and the location is incredible. It’s right on the Valley loop trail so hikes to Yosemite Falls, El Capitan and Mirror Lake are steps from the lobby. When you have kids, you don’t want to be in a car driving to a trail head- especially when the park gets packed! We hiked to Mirror Lake and found our 1st waterfall 5 minutes from the hotel. The Valley Store, where you can get every essential you would need, is a 5 min walk from the hotel. The service is outstanding and we found all the staff very friendly and helpful. The concierge helped with multiple requests on kid friendly hikes, suggestions, maps etc. Will definitely stay here when we return.

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