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The Majestic Yosemite Hotel
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Beautiful but expensive
User: alyssaria from: San Francisco, California
Published Date: Mar, 21, 2019
Travel Date: Mar, 1, 2019
Rating: 4
This is definitely an old world historic feel hotel. It’s a good experience and staying in Yosemite is a huge plus. Our room had a view of a waterfall. The grounds are are literally in Yosemite park. Beds comfortable. Rooms clean. Liked that a fan was provided. However this was really expensive. Dinner had a dress code and was highly overpriced. Worth a splurge maybe one night for the experience but otherwise too pricey!

An overpriced used hotel abusing from its monopoly
User: Gabrieldesingap from: Singapore, Singapore
Trip Type: Friends getaway
Published Date: Mar, 16, 2019
Travel Date: Mar, 1, 2019
Rating: 1
We stayed at the Majestic as milestones during our California Roadtrip in March 2019. We picked the hotel because of its location, right inside the park and booked a cottage since we were 4 adults, we payed around 550 USD per night (excluding the breakfast...) We are used to stay in upscale hotel and for that price, we would expect a certain level of service; we were very disapointed ! In general, the staff is not helpful and hardly smiling. The cottage is a disaster (as good as a hostel who will charge 500 dollars less...): - cleaning was not done (the table in the living was still covered of crumbles; do not even think looking beneath the bed...) - the room was dead cold during winter (they provide you with 2 tiny mobile heater...) - the bathroom floor was frigid, we had to leave one of the heater turned on in the bathroom. - there is a mini coffee machine but no kettle, so either you drink coffee or nothing... The hotel is clearly trying to get as much $ as possible of their 15 years concession in the park... this is really a pity... the park is so nice, they could invest some of the money they overcharge to setup a outstanding location from where the guests could enjoy all that the park has to offer ! The food at the restaurant is average, nothing really fancy nor very local. When I gave my feedback to the receptionist, their excuse was that the hotel is 100 years old...well I told them back that USA is full of old buildings which with proper maintenance are outstanding place to stay (currently staying at the Fairmont in SFO... ;) !! Last thing: for a hotel in the heart of Yosemite, they do not orgamise with any guides for local tours and hiking.... not so smart if your main value is to be in the park ! Our mistake: book you tour and your guides will have plenty of lodges with 1/3 of the prices and triple the quality ! You will have to drive 30 mins to the parks daily but better this than a shower in a cold bathroom after a long days of hiking in the snow !

Amazing historical place
User: UltimateFamilyTravel from: Deurne, The Netherlands
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Mar, 12, 2019
Travel Date: Mar, 1, 2019
Rating: 3
Well not much to say about the hotel itself, it's simply an amazing place, wonderful, rooms are spacious and clean, staff is helpful. The hotel is a real gem, it look amazing. It's easy to reach, follow your navigator and it is going to be fine, free parking of the right side of it, or you can use the valet parking by driving under the porch. room service was decent, but the order itself was missing items, the dinner was missing the salad and the breakfast was missing the fruit, considering the prices was really unexpected and sad, not to mention a lost of money

Feature Cottage review - cottage 714
User: Geoff E from: Los Gatos, United States
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Mar, 8, 2019
Travel Date: Mar, 1, 2019
Rating: 4
Stayed here one night last week. Wanted to respond to some of the comments and criticisms posted by others related to the cottages. Note - we had five people in the largest cottage ("Feature" or "Featured" Cottage - they use both words on the website to describe this room). There are two of these cottages (#714 and #719) - we stayed in #714. These are middle units in a five-plex arranged in an "H" pattern. The Feature Cottages are the cross bar in the "H." Search the web and you'll find images of the property map and see where these units are located in the overall cottages area. 1) All the cottages are close to the main hotel - maybe 150 yards at most. If anyone is complaining about this distance then maybe a national park that features walking as the primary activity is not best place to visit. 2) The Majestic is extremely expensive - especially considering how average the rooms and cottages are. But it's definitely comfortable, clean and OK. Yes, if this hotel were not in an amazing national park and didn't have a monopoly then these rooms would only be able to command maybe $150 to $200 per night tops. But if you want to stay in the best location in the Valley in reasonable comfort and some luxury (common grounds / spaces only) then this is the only option. So be prepared to pay $700 (winter) to over $1300 (peak summer) per night for this cottage. If this is out of one's budget, or if this is considered wasteful (it certainly is no matter how wealthy one is), then book outside the park in one of the perfectly reasonable 3-start places on the river 30 minutes outside of the Valley (I recommend the Yosemite View Lodge on 140). Otherwise pay the Majestic's price and revel in the wonderful location and truly beautiful hotel. 3) This particular cabin was initially cold. It has two relatively noisy wall heaters - one worked quite well and the other was pretty weak (but equally noisy). The cabin took about two hours to heat up (it was 37 degrees outside and raining during the day so the cold went through everything) and then was fine. 4) The bathroom is quite cold and the floors are truly frigid. Solution = leave the door open, put a towel down on the tile and if you need more plug the space heater on in the bathroom or right outside the door in the small anteroom leading to the bathroom. 5) The fireplace is like any other wood-burning unit: if you don't crack a window to avoid the vacuum caused by the heat trying to escape then you will quickly have a smokey room. Solution = open one of the two windows one to two inches and then you have a wonderful fire that will give you as much heat as you want without any smoke. Should the hotel have a placard that includes a note to do this? Answer = yes - because the sooty stain all the way up the wall and onto the ceiling confirms that many guests don't know that this is how to use a fire. Will the hotel do this? Answer = unlikely as this is Aramark's cash-cow and without any competition they are leaving this property on autopilot from what I can tell. 6) Patio - yes they are shared with other units in your complex. In this case I think three of the five units share this patio. There are two tables with six or eight chairs so could get cozy. In winter not a problem as too cold and too much snow to use (at least this year - let's hope the drought years don't return for a long time). 7) Hot water: we never had a problem with it running out and we were five people. The water was hotter than you'd want at maximum setting. 8) If you are very modest then yes, you'll want to close your blinds if you are changing or doing private things. We just left them open and changed in the bathroom or small anteroom connecting to the bathroom. People walk by but they are about 30 feet away and not really a problem. 9) Service was fine if you don't ask for something complex or non-standard. We asked for five wine glasses and a bottle opener and they brought two wine glasses and no bottle opener. We asked for more firewood and it came - but took about 45 minutes (the hotel was about 85% occupied according to the front desk). But service was provided with a smile and seemed sincere and earnest. 10) There was a wedding this weekend - which was completely fine. However the pool was mysteriously closed around 2 PM. When we asked why we were told "possible lightning." While this is technically possible, we were outside all day and never saw any lightning or heard any thunder. All the weather reports we checked made no mention of lightning or anything other than rain. It almost never lightnings in the winter in CA so we did not believe management and this was the only really big disappointment. We had gone for an eight mile run and were so ready for the 85 degree water. I understand the whole safety-first thing but this seemed like shenanigans to us. 11) The space heater in our room was tiny and it didn't work. It lit up but the fan and heating element just didn't work. Again this was OK as the wall heaters worked after a while and the fireplace worked great (again only if you crack a window). If you bring your own space heater the power to the room doesn't seem to support much else. I.e. if you're going to power a hair dryer then turn the space heater off. We didn't blow our circuit but it truly seemed like it'd be very easy to do. 12) Dinner. Even with a wedding going on (other wing/section of the hotel), the dinner was great. No poorly cooked food, everything tasted great, no slow service or late food and our server (Nancy) was knowledgeable, friendly, polite, efficient and attentive. The wine list has some bottles that are over-priced and others that are OK (i.e. 2.25x to 2.5x mark-up). Considering the distance that food and consumables have to travel to get here the prices were reasonable. If you are going to have alcohol you are almost certainly looking at over $100 per head. But the dining room is beautiful and worth it if your budget will allow. 13) Parking: every time we stay here we ALWAYS forget things in our cars. So we always try and do self-parking. It's faster and still close enough to the hotel entrance. But the self-parking always seems full (even in the off season) so if you get a spot just leave your car and walk/run/bike/bus to wherever you are going in the park. Overall we will definitely stay here again and almost certainly in some cabin (versus in a Majestic hotel room) for any special occasion in Yosemite Valley. But for most trips we'll stay in El Portal (for ~$150 per night) and drive 30 minutes to the Valley or we will stay in the 2.5-star Yosemite Lodge for ~$325 per night.

Most beautiful park in the United States
User: John M from: San Francisco, California
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Mar, 2, 2019
Travel Date: Feb, 1, 2019
Rating: 5
Situated on the floor of Yosemite Valley steps away from some of the most spectacular vistas in the United States. Truly awe-inspiring. The hotel is historic, so things remain as they were in 1927 when the hotel opened. Amazing dining room. Food was very good. Met two servers who respectively have worked there 38 and 42 years, so someone is doing something right. Rooms are very modest, again historic, but can have fantastic outlooks. This is the place to stay in Yosemite, unless you are camping.

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