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The Ahwahnee
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Amazing View - Terrible Beds!
User: johnnL3197OJ from:
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Jan, 19, 2020
Travel Date: Jan, 1, 2020
Rating: 1
I didn't booked in advance because i like to get to the place, observe the initial customer service and view and what's around to sure i will like it. I went to the front ask and ask what they available i wanted 2 queens because it was me my fiance and 2 kids. And wow i got 2 full size beds. I didn't pay to much attention because we were out most of time. When night came and i tried to sleep it was the most uncomfortable bed ever, I've never paid $500 for an unforfertable bed, that's how much the room cost which i get it had awesome views landmark around the hotel but i don't think is worth the stay. I woke up with a bad back pain and i wasn't able to sleep. I was not offer a king size bed i was told it was not worth it. Maybe the price? I don't know. I wasn't even given the chance and i guess I didn't decide to ask my self. I decided to go and see the front desk about it and I spoke to a gentlemen name Juan and i told him my concern. I was told they would be queen or at least in my head i remember being told queen because that's what i asked for but a misunderstand which i can understand but Juan all he did was tell me that they do not offer queen only twins and kings. Not once did i receive an apology and that maybe it was a most understanding or maybe let me call out the manager that are trained to deal with the matters to that is very unprofessional coming from one of the most expensive hotels in Yosemite. I would don't mind paying whatever it is just give me good service and treat me well, i didn't just book a $100 hotel. Now i will be moving to another hotel the experience here was not the best. You may see a lot of other reviews which are great but if you care about comfort this is the wrong place. Look into RBNB or Expedia for better deals than this place. Don't waste your time and just i am one in a 100 that's unhappy, nope is not about that. Also at night time when you are trying to sleep you hear the other rooms conversations specialty if you are trying to sleep you won't be happy with that. Wifi feedback- Terrible which is understandable because of the elevation so don't expect good wifi. Also Phones don't work well out here. I will add photos later.

Grand Dame No More........
User: thomasj89 from: Pleasanton, California
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Jan, 11, 2020
Travel Date: Jan, 1, 2020
Rating: 1
We have been staying at the Awahnee Lodge in Yosemite for many years. We are avid hikers and love the valley, but only splurge on the Ahwahnee once a year. What a disappointment this year. From the scratchy "Holiday Inn Express" towels, to the lack of hot water, to the space heaters in the room (main heat not working) Aramark just seems to have no clue as to how to run a 5 star iconic hotel (former, recently downgraded...surprise!) property. The clients who shell out $400-$600 night for a hotel room have high expectations. Yesterday, despite the beautiful setting and legendary hotel history.... the management has penny pinched this gem of a property and destroyed the reputation by delivering bad food, demotivated staff, and sub-standard services. I could list ten things from lousy WiFi to bathroom scales that don't work and on and on. Probably blame the Feds and Park Service for taking low bid and not holding Aramark accountable for doing a poor job. Find an operator who can provide the type of food, service and hospitality the beautiful Ahwahnee deserves!! Sorry, but will backpack and sleep in my tent in the future and skip the Ahwahnee....Shame

historical, but standard rooms overpriced
User: Susie A from: Orange, United States
Published Date: Jan, 9, 2020
Travel Date: Jul, 1, 2019
Rating: 3
This is a beautiful historical place, and I visit Yosemite every year. But I feel the standard rooms are overpriced, simply due to the location and majesty of this hotel It's nice to be able to roam around the entire property and enjoy the views and wildlife

Deplorable room and inconsistent service for $600 on a Thursday night in late September
User: tammybI4492AD from:
Published Date: Jan, 8, 2020
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2019
Rating: 2
I stayed in a double room at the Awahnee with my sister and friend in September 2019. We paid more than $600 for a Thursday night and were utterly disappointed at the deplorable standard of the room, the inconsistent guest services and the awful food in the casual dining restaurant. The concierge was rude and unhelpful when we asked about the best viewing area for taking photos of El Capitan and he mocked us stating "you can see El Capitan on your drive here... didn't you see it?" We asked a few more questions and he was very dismissive as if we were wasting his time. The young women at the front desk weren't surprised that the concierge was rude (he must have a bad reputation among the staff) and they went out of their way to be kind, courteous and helpful. The room was in a terrible condition. The pullout sofa mattress was really thin with springs poking through, impossible to sleep on. We had to order a separate rollaway bed and the made the already small room cramped. The bathroom had a mesh insert at the bottom of the door so there was little privacy with all the smells and sounds wafting into the bedroom. You cannot dine in the main restaurant wearing jeans, sneakers or a t-shirt but this wasn't mentioned in our booking confirmation email. When you come to Yosemite you pack hiking clothes not formal dining attire. We were relegated to the overcrowded casual dining cafe and had to wait close to 45 minutes for a table. When we finally were seated in these ridiculous high back chairs the waitress told us there was no cooked menu items available only pre-prepared soups, salads, sandwiches, pizza and nachos. It was a lunch menu served at dinner time and not tasty! The building and grounds are stunning but that doesn't make up for the ridiculous price for such a shabby room and inconsistent service.

Winter stay at the Awahnee
User: TanisM42 from:
Published Date: Jan, 7, 2020
Travel Date: Jan, 1, 2020
Rating: 3
Just finished our annual winter stay at the Awahnee where we have stayed for a number of years. What a disappointment. First of all I love Yosemite and I love the Awahnee. But the service, especially food service was so disappointing. Have always accepted that it is an old hotel with older rooms. But the services always made up for it. The food was stellar and worth the price. The desk people were great and friendly. Booking could be done by talking to friendly people. No longer. Food is second rate and service isn’t much better. Even the Awahnee dishes that have returned bear only a faint resemblance to what they were and worse aren’t even made in America. Will really have to think hard about going back. Just makes me sad.

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