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Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort
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Believe the bad reviews
User: mazatlanbound from: Portland, Oregon
Published Date: May, 30, 2023
Travel Date: May, 1, 2023
Rating: 2
Believe the negative reviews. We went with an open mind knowing everyone’s expecting of places and events are different. The cabin itself is actually pretty ok if the price was about $100 less a night. Way way over priced. Beds and linens were nice and the room was clean and seems freshly updated. Toiletries provided but poor quality annd the towels anre far from plush. Our room came with a Keurig coffee maker and about six coffee pods even tho when we called to ask were told there was nothing like that provided. We packed our own and didn’t need it. Beds, table, small table and a small loveseat. No refer or microwave. Picnic bench in the grass in front of the unit and small wooden swing bench on the porch. The room was good just too expensive and bad communication on what was provided. So the pools…so so disappointing. The check in is unorganized and kind of dismissive when we asked any questions about hours etc of the pools. So many people are allowed in at one time it’s ridiculous. I think we were in shock when we walked in and saw so many people in all of the pools. Yes it was a holiday weekend but the problem is there are no hours at all for guests actually staying at the resort and apparently they sell as many day passes as people show up. No designated hours for overnight guests, no reserved parking resort guests, not even in front of the rented cabins. Any day use cars can park wherever they want. No management of the facilities at all that we could see other than making sure everyone paid. It was frustrating and infuriating that we paid so much money to basically fend for ourselves for checking and parking and anything else that came up. They didn’t seem to care one bit that it was a challenge to even find parking to get to our cabin or find a seat in the over filled pools. It was crazy busy full and seems like it would be a health code voilation to have so many people in the pools at one time. The sulfur smell is very very strong(not their fault just a fact) and the pools themselves don’t really seem made for comfortable relaxing once you do find a couple of inches to squeeze in and sit. The pool grounds are man made cement and even tho surrounded by trees and greenery it’s not relaxing or restful. Kids treating the small hot springs pools like swimming pools rather than relaxing pools even tho there is a big (be it cold) actual swimming pool at one end that could be used for play. And it was loud! So loud. Not the sort of atmosphere we are looking for when wanting the health benefits of mineral spring water and the forest. Also they don’t really advertise that an additional National parks fee of $30.00 has to be paid to even get in to the place. We knew and bought the year pass which is the same price in advance on the National Parks page as the seven day pass at the gate. Which doesn’t seemed to be monitored in any way at the resort. I am sure a lot of people don’t know this and are shocked and upset when they pull up and have to pay even more than the way to high price they are already paying to stay there. This review is way to long but it was overall a very disappointing mini vaca that we had been wanting to do for a very long time. It was always booked and we couldn’t get in. It really seems like Aramark who manages the resort is really just sucking every penny out every pocket and place they can. Many people may be ok with crowds of people crammed together and paying double or triple what things should cost but we are not. This is not a relaxing setting in the woods to chill and rejuvenate. We honestly wouldn’t even go back if it were free. Its just not worth the time or effort to get there for us. Believe the bad reviews. We went with an open mind and found out the hard way they are true.

Not worth it
User: Rachel W from: Vancouver, Canada
Published Date: Apr, 20, 2023
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2022
Rating: 2
We stayed in RV 010 at their resort campground. Honestly it is not a great place to stay. We thought we would be in the campsite but this was very crammed and in a dusty parking lot. The hot springs were nice to enjoy but there was a lot of dead skin in the water and it could have used a good clean. We felt kind of dirty. Very expensive to enter the hot springs. You also have to pay a National Park Entry fee. If I had known all the above, I would have skipped and just spent more time in Port Townsend. We did enjoy the Sol Duc Waterfall hike. Very beautiful

Could be better
User: nationalbiscuit from: Seattle, Washington
Published Date: Apr, 18, 2023
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2023
Rating: 3
It's clear they are understaffed but the staff were very kind and doing their best. Its overall a weird vibe. The hot springs themselves are awkwardly laid out with very little room for the amount of people they allow in at a time. It would be cool if the resort was geared toward adults. It's a small space to have so much energy and excitement. There could be more ambiance in general (music, lighting). The dining area is also small and understaffed. For what a stay costs, I would expect it to be a bit more enjoyable than the reality. Maybe its obvious, but there is no wifi or cell phone service here, we didn't realize this beforehand but it makes sense. Relying on the dining room was not ideal...only one person working and too expensive. Honestly, if you're looking for a quiet, device-free getaway as a solo or small group trip-this place has some perks. If you’re camping or have a good travel set-up this may be a relaxing spot for you too. I’m glad I had the experience with my family but I don’t think it was worth the price.

Location perfect, Hot Springs resort is hot mess
User: MarneyGtrRN from: Florida
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Apr, 16, 2023
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2023
Rating: 2
1. The Hot Springs Pool (resort will be #2): Pros: it’s hot. Temp is great. Has potential. Cons: Wasted potential- Over 100 ppl in the largest pool.We counted. Standing room only. Water is dirty, bugs, hair, floating skin particles. Diapered children in the hot tubs. Nasty. Not enough towel hooks outside. Locker rooms and tiled hallways full of floating, dirty water. Locker room no privacy with nasty showers and toilets. We thought they were cleaning and moppeding every 90 mins when pool closed for 30 minutes. Clearly not. Staffing- long lines and limited staff for a weekend. No signs relaying vital info about restaurant seating, check out, room keys, etc. 1 towel per day at pool. Stiff ratty Towels with holes. #2- Cabins. Cabin 108 for two days. Spent over $950 because it is only place in Sol Duc área. I knew bldg would be old and rustic because it’s a NP, however the controllable conditions and repairs have long been surrendered. Carpet in a cabin from a rainforest area makes no sense. My socks were dirty just from walking on flooring. There are water resistant floorings now that can be easily cleaned. Beds must be over 30 years old and pillows are literal clumps of stuffing. Blanket and towels had holes and were clearly very old and over used. For the price, I expect my towel to be better than a pair of 50 year old men’s underwear. Layers of dust and various colored long curly hair on lampshade (my hair is short and straight). Every drawer, knob, cabinet felt sticky and gross. The sample bottles of toiletries had mold on the plastic where they rubbed sink backsplash corner. Peeling paneling and paint. Bathroom window wouldn’t to ventilate. Discolored plastics and tween woven curtains makes me think nothing has been remodeled or touched up since the 1970’s-1980’s. The sink sponge was also already opened and cut in half. For the money, we expect basic cleanliness. Whole place smelled weird and bad. Pathways to the cabin from lodge were not smoothed over , uneven, very lumpy and unsafe. Water pooling in big potholes in parking lot. Fall hazard. For what we are paying, it’s a cheap repair. Many cabins have bright spotlights on outside (in addition to dim porch light). The unnecessary light pollution destroyed gorgeous park ambiance. The location couldn’t be better! Highly recommend this area for easy acccess to Sol Duc Falls trail or the beaches near Forks.

Huge disappointment
User: marypoppins913 from: San Francisco, California
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Apr, 7, 2023
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2023
Rating: 1
We arrived with a reservation and though we timed our trip to check in at 4 our room wasn’t ready. At 4:30 it still wasn’t ready. We were so disappointed that they had decided to eliminate the lounge area and instead filled the space with foreign made junk. Imagine having no seating and no guaranteed time when our room would be ready. The same thing had happened the day before at another Arawak lodge where we couldn’t check in til 6. We decided to leave but we’re hugely disappointed and had to scramble find another place to sleep in Port Angeles. The employees told us they were short staffed but my question was why do they accept bookings if they can’t accommodate you? They charge quite a bit and deliver poorly. Save yourself a huge disappointment and go elsewhere. Our National Parks deserve better!

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