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Lake Quinault Lodge
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating: 2089 reviews
User: b1ube11e from: wales
Trip Type: Solo travel
Published Date: Jan, 10, 2020
Travel Date: May, 1, 2019
Rating: 5
Stayed as part of a bus tour for 1 night. Stunning location, stayed in the newer building which had a balcony to watch the sunset. Relaxing location and great food at the onsite restaurant. A few nice walks from the hotel

Under-maintained & Over-priced
User: Michael W from: Brisbane, Australia
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Jan, 9, 2020
Travel Date: Jan, 1, 2020
Rating: 3
We had high hopes for this lodge, for our recent brief stay. Based on price and location, we expected a great place. Sadly, disappointment was the result. The weather was not in their control, so that is excluded from this review. But maintenance and quality of the accommodation is their task - that is just ignored. The front parlour and exterior looks nice, but don’t judge a book by its cover! We like that the rooms don’t have all the latest gadgets (phone, tv) - that’s part of the lodge experience. But crumbling curtains, rotting bathtub, mouldy windows and a room that is largely unrefurbushed since built circa 1930s is NOT part of a higher price lodge experience. Maybe we missed out on the deals, but this was among the most expensive accommodation in our month long trip around 5 states, yet was the poorest quality. This lodge needs new management. To finish on a bright note, the restaurant was of a high standard, with good and well prepared food and wines, and great service. Interesting to note it seems to be a separate business from the lodge, clearly with better management! Stay elsewhere to experience this amazing area.

Fantastic place - Horrible beds
User: DMKing18 from: Washington
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Jan, 2, 2020
Travel Date: Jan, 1, 2020
Rating: 2
I am staying in the lodge right now with my family. We stayed here 3 yrs ago in one of the lake rooms and loved every minute of it from the cozy lobby full of fun family games, reading or knitting by the fire to the local trails and the food. This time, however, we are staying in one of the lodge rooms and the beds are a disaster. I was up most of the night last night and was hoping to get more sleep tonight. Alas, it is not happening on these beds (we have a room with 2 dbls and they are both way subpar). The slightest twitch and the beds squeak enough to raise the dead, forget actual rolling over. The pillows are small and uncomfortable. The mattress sags leaving every joint aching. I would complain about their lousy blankets as well but we brought our own. I have no idea how they can consider these beds worthy of any guest. I don't remember loving the lake view room bed but it was certainly better than this. It is a shame because otherwise the place is fantastic. The pool is extra extra warm which we love. They got rid of the pool table (bummer) but have ping pong and shuffle board and foosball which we loved playing. There is nothing better than just hanging out in the oversized couches or chairs with the family in front of the fireplace. We play cards or read or sit and talk. We take turns playing on their historic piano and enjoy a drink from the bar. The views and the trails are WA at its best. But none of that matters if the beds are unusable. It is 11pm now. And I doubt we will ever return. It is a shame because there is so much to love. But with beds like this, all you get is tired, achy, and grumpy.

Aramark's corporate culture
User: johnaL5654PY from:
Published Date: Jan, 2, 2020
Travel Date: Dec, 1, 2019
Rating: 1
I have been visiting Lake Quinault since the 1970's but will avoid the Lodge should I visit the area again. The Lodge is beautiful and sits in a beautiful setting. As a base from which to explore the Park's rainforest the Lodge should be perfect. However, wherever I turned during my 3 day stay I was met with Aramark's determination to extract maximum profit; to make a quick buck. Like the barber who charges $50 for a haircut; he will see me the once but for the fair price of $25, he'll see me every month. The housekeeping was poor, both in the room and throughout the lodge with dirty glasses and cups left on mantles and under sofas for the duration of my stay. Food quality was good but very, very expensive; Following a sampling of breakfast and dinner we ate elsewhere during our stay. The lodge was far from fully occupied and given its incredible potential should be full continually. If Aramark would pay more attention to its clients, real and potential, Lake Quinault Lodge could become one of the premiere lodge destinations in the land. Such a pity.

Old world charm
User: Kevin R from:
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Dec, 29, 2019
Travel Date: Dec, 1, 2019
Rating: 5
Been coming here for a while now. Needless to say we love the place. The only real complaint is the bed. It seems like we fall into a valley together. But that is it for the negativity, all else is nothing but positive. Charm, ambiance, cleanliness, friendliness, all in a sense of where this place is. A very special place. Food has never faltered while we stayed. What more could you ask for? Pricey, yes, but...

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