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Lake Crescent Lodge
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I hope the Washington State Park Service takes Action!
User: Karen W from: Arizona
Published Date: Oct, 20, 2019
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2019
Rating: 3
We love the beautiful Lake Crescent and the historic lodge but.......each time we've been there over this past summer it's been overrun with people, dogs and children, The lobby of the lodge has been turned into an annex of the dining room. I can't imagine the diners enjoy being bumped into by visitors passing by them as they wedge their way thru the tables to go to go to the restrooms and the gift shop. They've decided to open up every available space in order to bring in revenue from food and drink orders so it no longer has any ambiance for the diners or visitors. When you walk into the lobby It smells of food and you see dirty dishes on the tables. Surely, the sunroom can be reserved for dining only instead of the lobby. We found it hard to find a picnic table, a parking spot or outdoor lake seating so maybe it's time to limit the number of visitors before this wonderful natural park setting becomes ruined and rundown.

An old lodge with motel style rooms next to a beautiful lake
User: Irv B from: Seattle, Washington
Published Date: Oct, 15, 2019
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2019
Rating: 5
We enjoyed our stay at Lake Crescent Lodge. In order to have a private bath we stayed in the motel style rooms across the parking lot from the lodge. Our room was comfortable with two queen size beds, an old fashioned bathroom with shower, and doors on either side, one leading to the a parking area, and the other to the lake. Chairs were located on the porch outside so one could sit and enjoy the lake view. The lodge itself has a nice old lobby with large fireplace and a number of couches and chairs in which to relax. The internet is available in the lodge, not the rooms. AT&T is only available out on the dock, or at some point I never found in the parking lot.

Roosevelt cabin at Lake Crescent
User: Airbear777 from: Bainbridge Island, Washington
Trip Type: Friends getaway
Published Date: Oct, 13, 2019
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2019
Rating: 4
The Lake is stunningly beautiful. Incredible shades of blue and teal. Canoes and kayaks were available to rent. The restaurant in the lodge was great, servers friendly and food good. Things are a bit pricey in the Natl Parks so go into it knowing that. We booked a Roosevelt cabin with fireplace on the lake shore. The views were incredible. Having the fire was really nice. Wood is supplied. They are however fairly rustic. But the access to the lake, the views and the fireplace totally make up for lack of modern conveniences. I would definitely book again.

As close to natural as you can get...including the room!
User: ctssm5 from: Black Diamond, Washington
Published Date: Oct, 12, 2019
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2019
Rating: 2
The Lake is simply magnificent. Clean and deep, up to 600 feet in fact. So clear you can see the bottom from quite deep. The surrounding scenery is extraordinary. 500 year old trees in a pure natural setting. The room and lodge however, would be better off burned down! Yes, rustic is great, but the mattress is like sleeping under the stars, or at least the hard ground. Hard to believe anyone would ever visit a second time. If you compare Semiahmoo, Lake Quinalt, and Lake Crescent lodge, in terms of value and rest there is no comparison. The undisputed heaby weight champ is Semiahmoo in a large landslide. Next is Lake Quinalt.

Middling Experience for the Cost
User: lazyfives from:
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Oct, 12, 2019
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2019
Rating: 2
First time here even though I’ve lived in Washington a couple of decades. Stunning, peaceful locale. The lodge is comfy and quaint. We stayed in the Marymere and Storm King rooms. I understand this is a national park property so I expected rustic. No TV is great. Rooms seemed clean. That’s all the good. The bad... The furnishings are overdue for a trip to a thrift store. The lamps are janky and the electrical outlets won’t hold a USB charger in place due to the years of use. The bedspreads had some discomfiting stains on them. I could deal with some of these issues but not for $250/night. The staff were all very nice and professional in the lodge and bar/restaurant. The food I’d rate as mediocre, particularly for the price. The lack of culinary expertise was apparent. Might pay this for food half the price, but $20 for a burger or omelet that would be the grocery store taste equivalent of canned soup. I think they might flourish if they jettisoned Aramark, the company that provides food and services for them. Until then, we have no interest in returning.

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