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Kalaloch Lodge in Olympic National Park
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Gone downhill
User: Noelle5921 from:
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Aug, 2, 2020
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2020
Rating: 1
Unfortunately the Kalaloch lodge has gone downhill. We won’t be returning. My husband and I stayed here a few years ago and couldn’t wait to get back. This stay was extremely different and very disappointing. We arrived early, Prior to check in, but I was told if our cabin was ready earlier, we could get in, so to check back. We were fine with waiting. It was a beautiful day and the main thing Kalaloch has going for it is it’s beach location. We checked back multiple times and were told they were still working on our cabin. No problem. The official check in time is 4pm according to their information page, but I was told that check in wasn’t until 4:30. At 4:30, our cabin still wasn’t ready, but I did find out which cabin we were going to be staying in. We walked over to find its location and the next door cabin had a huge party of people spilling into our cabins yard. I told the front desk that was not acceptable and I would like to be assigned a cabin not next to that many people. I was told by the front staff that no one was assigned to that cabin next to us. To which I informed them that clearly there was since the door was wide open and tons of people were going in and out as well as tons of people in the front yards. Mind you, the cabins are at the most 10 feet apart with doors facing each other. By this time it was around 5pm. Still no cabin. The staff became rude and it was an issue and seemed very confusing for the front staff to figure out how to change our cabin. We finally were moved and got into our cabin after 5pm. Maintenance brought us a broken small grill, which they charged me for, with no prior mention of the charge. So ultimately I was charged over $350 for less than 6 hours with access to the cabin. (About 5:30pm-11am which was “check out”) we checked out early and will be staying somewhere else in the future.

Poor maintenance and upkeep
User: SunInHawaii from: Bellevue, Washington
Published Date: Jul, 30, 2020
Travel Date: Jul, 1, 2020
Rating: 2
There's not much competition in the area, and it really shows. Very little effort is given to making the place look reasonable. Only the absolute basics in ground keeping is done (i.e. lawns are mowed, but big piles of grass are left out). Paid far too much for what it is. Also the rooms weren't ready when they were supposed to be (4:30 pm, which is already quite late).

Third time visit
User: RobertELeeMo from: Anderson Island, Washington
Published Date: Jul, 17, 2020
Travel Date: Jul, 1, 2020
Rating: 4
Very nice cabins, but take the back cabins unless you want to pay a very high price for an ocean view. Comes with firewood and starter stuff. Nice beds. They really should put pads under the metal table chairs though. Well maintained and cleaned cabins. The food is currently take-out so you eat in your room or in the dining room or outside - out of styrofoam containers. I had a pricey crab sandwich that was so spicy I had indigestion that night. The clam chowder was really excellent, however. The beach was wonderful, just a staircase away at low tide. Additional firewood will cost you $8.50+ at the small store on site. No place for food except the little store and the take-out dining room July, 2020. Still love this place.

I was very disappointed in the Kalaloch Lodge.
User: Jackinbama from: Massillon, Ohio
Published Date: Jul, 2, 2020
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2020
Rating: 2
We stayed two nights in a duplex cabin. The cabin was not very clean. Cobwebs on the ceiling and mold on the bottom of the shower door. Not a little bit of mold a lot of mold suggesting that deep cleaning was not often done. The property in general was poorly kept. The grass was not mown very well. Little or no trimming. Flower boxes on the cabins had no flowers, etc, etc.. while touring the park we visited several other lodges and found them to be polished and well kept. Paid too much for this cabin to settle for this level of maintenance and housekeeping. I would not go back.

Depressing cabin for a very high price!
User: jennyeT9317ZD from: Olympia, Washington
Published Date: Jul, 1, 2020
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2020
Rating: 1
We paid $300 a night for a very "rustic" cabin with a partial view of the ocean. Although I give them high marks for cleanliness, the place was lacking in any kind of charm or comfort. It felt like we were staying in a high end prison. Super depressing. Not sure how this lodge gets such good ratings...I guess people are so charmed by the beach that they are blinded. We stayed on a rainy day, just not fun.

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